Monday, July 18, 2005

Abadazad panel at Comic-Con

Back when CrossGen was around, Haven had a lot of subscribers to its titles, so this news should be pleasing for a lot of you...
Asked about the possibilities of other former CrossGen properties returning, and if any returns would be contingent on the success of "Abadazad," Bowen said that future development of the collection of properties acquired by Disney would not be contingent upon this project at all, noting that "Way of the Rat" is optioned at Castle Rock, and "Ruse" is optioned at Beacon. Bowen also named "Meridian" as a property she felt would be worth a second... or third look in terms of future development. Along with saying that there are four to five other former CG properties she would like to explore, Bowen said that both Buena Vista Games and Jetix are interested in developing the CG properties as well, and Disney has been approached by comic book companies who are looking to license out the properties, both to reprint the older material, and to create new, ongoing series.

I'd love to see some of the series pick up where they left off, but if not that, at least finally collect the final issues in trade paperback format.

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