Saturday, October 22, 2005

Haven's NEW HOME (10-17-05)

OK, folks, Haven has moved! We're in our new home, and I think you'll all be pleasantly surprised to discover that we're a scant quarter of a mile from our old home. Not far away at all.

Here's how to get there:

If you're in the parking lot, looking at the store location you're used to, turn to your left, and drive out (over the double speed bump) to the Slaughter Road exit from the shopping center.

Turn RIGHT onto Slaughter Road.

Turn LEFT just to the left of the Heritage Florist shopping center.

Turn RIGHT into the parking lot.

Haven is located at the far right side of the strip.

We've still got the same phone number, so if none of that makes any sense and you have any trouble finding the place, just give me a call at (256) 631-8062 and I'll try to clarify directions if I can. It's taking Knology a little while to get our regular phone line transferred to the new location, but we'll have the same phone number as usual - (256) 430-0505 - as soon as they can get that transferred over.

Anyway, we'll be getting our books on Wednesday as usual - I'll post the invoice below in just a few minutes - so come on by the store and pick up your comics at the new place and hang out with us a while. We look forward to seeing you!

See you at Haven!

Joshua Olive (aka Big Josh)


Anonymous said...
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Matt said...

What's up with this spam idiot? This is at least the third time he's hit us.

Piss off, anonymous!