Monday, November 14, 2005

Pre-Thanksgiving Comics! (11-16-05)

All Star Superman #1
Astonishing X-Men vol 2: Dangerous TP
Batman & the Monster Men #1 (OF 6)
Batman: Journey Into Knight #4 (OF 12)
Birds of Prey #88
Black Harvest #1 (OF 6)
Books of Doom #1 (OF 6)
Captain Universe X-23
Donald Duck & Friends #334
Fables #43
Fantastic Four #532
Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan #2 (OF 4)
Green Arrow #56
Green Lantern #5
Mad Kids #1
Manhunter #16
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20
Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone
Mickey Mouse & Friends #283
Mutopia X #5 (OF 5)
Powerpuff Girls #68
Red Star vol 1: Battle of Kar Dathra’s Gate TP
Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles #3 (OF 5)
Runaways #10
Sea of Red #6
Simpsons Comics #112
Sonic X #3 (OF 4)
Supergirl #3
Thing #1
Tomorrow Stories Special #1
Top 10: Beyond the Farthest Precinct #4 (OF 5)
Ultimate Spider-Man #86
Ultimate X-Men vol 12: Hard Lessons TP
Vampirella : Revelations #1
Weapon X: Days of Future Now #5 (OF 5)
Wizard Anime Insider #27
Wonder Woman: Identity Crisis Poster
X-Men #177
X-Men: Colossus, Bloodline #1 (OF 5)
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 (OF 6)

Okay, so there aren't a whole lot of titles this week - there are still some great reasons to come down to Haven and pick up your books, because there are some high quality titles shipping Wednesday, and you don't want to miss out!

All Star Superman #1 tries to do for Superman what All Star Batman & Robin is doing for the Dark Knight. You're definitely going to want to grab a copy of this book, which promises to be another smash hit for DC.

Speaking of DC smash hits, Supergirl #3 hits the shelves Wednesday, and if this issue is even remotely like the previous issues, we won't be able to keep it in stock for more than a couple of hours. This series is red hot, and it's moving fast.

Not to be left out in the cold, Marvel hits us with The Books of Doom #1, and we get to dig a little into Dr. Doom's twisted life. Usually these little series from Marvel - and I'm a lifelong Marvel fan - leave me a bit cold, but this one actually looks like it should be worth checking out - give it a shot.

Then there's X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 - In the aftermath of House of M, Deadly Genesis shows us what happens to the few mutants still left on the planet. Marvel is currently throwing Spider-Man under the bus with their The Other storyline (see me about this for my personal rant on the subject, or hunt the postings archives for my blog rant after Wizard World Chicago about this), but they're kicking some booty in the mutant world again, thank God. It's been a long time since the X-Men knocked me for a loop with a killer story, but House of M, Decimation, and now Deadly Genesis are hitting their stride, and I love it!

Come on out to Haven and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

See you at Haven!



Lindsey W said...

hey hot stuff. can you add some stuff to Landon's box for me if he didn't already?

Batman & the Monster Men #1 (OF 6)
Fables #43

xo, lindsey.
p.s. tell me you know who this is so i don't feel like a loser.

Matt said...

Hooray! A comment that isn't spam!

Sure we know who you are. You're Lindsey!

(psst... Josh, who's Lindsey?)

Josh said...

Yes, Lindsey, I know who you are. I put those books in Landon's box -

Hope you enjoy them!