Friday, January 13, 2006

Back in the Action with New Comics! (1-18-06)

Action Comics #835
All Star Superman #2
Batgirl #72
Batman: Gotham Knights #73
Birds of Prey #90
Blade of the Immortal #109
Conan #24
Courtney Crumrin vol 3: Twilight Kingdom TP
Devil’s Keeper #3
Ex Machina #17
Firestorm #21
Flash #230
Freshmen #5 (OF 6)
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4
Generation M #3 (OF 5)
Gold Digger Color Remix #1
Green Lantern #7
Haunted Mansion #2
Incredible Hulk #91
Infinite Crisis #4 (OF 7)
Iron Ghost #5 (OF 6)
Iron Man: The Inevitable #2 (OF 6)
JSA Classified #7
Legion of Super Heroes #13
Little Gloomy’s Super Scary Monster Show #3
Lucifer #70
Manhunter #18
Marvel Knights 4 #26
Marvel Knight’s Spider-Man #22
New Mangaverse #1 (OF 5)
Nightwing #116
Noble Causes #16
Planetary #24
Punisher vs Bullseye #3 (OF 5)
Red Sonja #4
Rex Mundi #16
Robotech: Prelude to Shadow Chronicles #5 (OF 5
Runaways #12
Sentinel Squad ONE #1 (OF 5)
Seven Soldiers: Mr. Miracle #3 (OF 4)
Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy #1 (OF 6)
Spider-Woman: Origin #2 (OF 5)
Strangers in Paradise #79
Teen Titans/Outsiders: Insiders TP
Testament #2
Transformers: Infiltration #
Uncanny X-Men #468
Vice #4
Walking Dead #25
X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #1 (OF 5)

All Star Superman #2 – Finally ships! One thing you can say about these All Star titles – you can always count on them being late! That said, the first issue of this Superman title rocked pretty hard. If the second issue continues in the footsteps of the first, it should be awesome. Superman has been weakened – he’s been humanized a little bit – let’s see where that takes him…

Generation M #3 – Who is killing off the few remaining mutants Justice-Is-Served style? That remains to be seen, but this story has been a fascinating ride so far, and I can’t wait to check this issue out as well. Hopefully, it’s no one we know, but I get the feeling we’re going to all be shocked when we find out who is behind this…

Infinite Crisis #4 – Are they going to undo the last 20 years of history in the DC Universe? With this issue, we come one step closer to finding out. Cross your fingers, everyone!

New Mangaverse #1 – Last time Marvel hit us with the ‘Mangaverse,’ it was wildly popular and sold like hot cakes. This time? I don’t know yet; the first issue hits the shelves next week; I guess we’ll find out then. If you liked the Spider Clan and all that stuff, you should really dig this; they’re supposedly doing it all up right this time around.

Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy #1 – Sgt. Rock is back and, since it wouldn’t be right any other way, the illustrious Joe Kubert is drawing it! That’s right; the artist known for transforming yet another war comic into something truly special is drawing this limited series. It’s going to be awesome! Make sure you grab a copy!

Spider-Woman: Origin #2 – In the first issue, we caught a glimpse of the most popular new member of the Avengers in her childhood days, and we saw the seeds planted that will make her grow into the person we know today. More than most super-heroes, Spider-Woman has taken some pretty odd detours to get where she is today, and she’s done a lot of questionable things. Check this book out and see how all this came to be…

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