Friday, January 06, 2006

Cool Comics Coming Out! (1-11-06)

100 Bullets #68
All Star Batman & Robin Variant Edition #3
Angel: Old Friends #2 (OF 5)
Ares #1 (OF 5)
Batman: Hush vol 1 TP
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #199
Batman Strikes #17
Book of Lost Souls #4
Captain Atom: Armageddon #4 (OF 9)
Danger Girl: Back in Black #3 (OF 4)
Daughters of the Dragon #1 (OF 6)
Desolation Jones #5
DMZ #3
Elfquest: The Discovery #1 (OF 4)
Exiles #75
Fables #45
Fantastic Four Special
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 2nd Ptg Variant #3
Ghost Rider #5 (OF 6)
GI Joe: America’s Elite #7
GI Joe: Sigma 6 #2
Gold Digger #71
Green Arrow #58
Hawkman #48
JLA #124
JLA Classified: Cold Steel #2 (OF 2)
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #8
New Thunderbolts #17
New X-Men #22
Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles #4 (OF 5)
Scooby Doo #104
She-Hulk 2 #4
Sins of the Fallen #2: The Nightstalker (OF 5)
Small Gods #12
Son of M #2 (OF 6)
Soulfire vol 1 HC
Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #5 (OF 6)
Star Wars Republic #81
Tales of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #18
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #25
Ultimate Extinction #1 (OF 5)
Ultimate X-Men #66
What If Thor?!
Wildcats Nemesis #5 (OF 9)
Wolverine #37
X-Men: The 198 #1 (OF 5)

DMZ #3 – This book is hard hitting and very, very sobering. The story is set in Manhattan, during a civil war. Things in the United States have fallen apart – terrorism is rampant, or is it? How much of this war can be laid at the feet of the media? Really interesting book.

Fables #45 – As always, Fables is EXCELLENT. This book is one of the real treasures out there right now. How can you not love fairy tale characters set in the ‘real’ world?! Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella get together every year to have a gripe session about their mutual ex-husband: Prince Charming. That’s funny! This book has been a crowd pleaser for 45 straight issues now; it’s time to get on this bandwagon, folks! Pick up the Trades and get caught up fast!

Son of M #2 – Hot on the heels of the first issue, now we get to find out a little more of how things are going for Quicksilver, the instigator of the whole House of M storyline, now that he’s moving at the same speed as the rest of us. In a desperate effort to regain his powers, he tries stepping into the Terragen Mists of the Inhumans – he figures, since he’s married to Crystal, that gives him special privileges. I think he’s about to find out he’s wrong on that point.

Ultimate Extinction #1 – Ultimate Gah Lak Tus is coming! No one is quite sure what exactly Galactus is in the Ultimate universe, but it’s a lot worse than a big, planet-eating guy in a purple hat, I can promise you. Following up on Ultimate Nightmare and Ultimate Secret, this book completes the Warren Ellis trifecta and, like those books, should be incredible. This one’s been a long time coming; I can’t wait to get into this!

X-Men: The 198 #1 - After House of M and Decimation, apparently the total number of mutants left on the planet is 198. There were millions, and now there are fewer than 200. That's bound to have some consequences, and we're going to find out what some of those are in this five-issue limited series. If you've been keeping up with the mutant world since House of M, you're definitely going to want this book...

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