Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy 4th of July Comics Weeks! (7-6-06)

52 Week #9
All New Atom #1
All Star Superman #4 - reorder
Archenemies #4 (OF 4)
Astro City: Life in the Big City TP
Batman Secrets #5 (OF 5)
Battler Britton #1 (OF 5)
Beyond #1 (OF 6)
Black Coat: Call to Arms #3 (OF 4)
BPRD: Universal Machine #4 (OF 5)
Clive Barker’s Great & Secret Show #4 (OF 12)
Conan & the Songs of the Dead #1 (OF 5)
Daredevil #86 - reorder
Dark Horse: 20 Years
Death Jr. vol 2 #1
Detective Comics #821
Devi #1
Donald Duck & Uncle Scrooge vol 1: Somewhere in Nowhere
Dragonlance Chronicles vol 2 #1 (OF 4)
Eternals #1 (OF 6) - reorder
Exalted #4
Fables vol 7: Arabian Nights & Days TP
Fantastic Four: First Family #5 (OF 6)
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1 - reorder
Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius: Super Summer Special
Fury: Peacemaker #6 (OF 6)
Goon #18
Grimm Fairy Tales #7
Incredible Hulk #96
Inquest Gamer #136
Jonah Hex #9
JSA #87
Justice League Unlimited #23
Last Planet Standing #5 (OF 5)
Manifest Eternity #2
Marvel Previews #35 JULY 2006 – shortage replacement
Marvel Team-Up #22
New Excalibur #9
Nextwave: Agents of HATE #6 – shortage replacement
Occult Crimes Task Force #1 (OF 4)
OMAC #1 (OF 8)
Outsiders #38
Punisher #35
Secret City #2 (OF 6)
Sin City vol 1: Hard Goodbye TP
Sin City: Hard Goodbye HC Retailer Thank You Edition
Supergirl #7
Superman Returns: The Movie Adaptation
Teen Titans #37
Thing #8
Tick: Days of Drama #6
Transformers Evolutions: Hearts of Steel #1
Ultimate Fantastic Four vol 2: Doom TP
Ultimate Fantastic Four vol 3: N-Zone TP
Ultimate Spider-Man vol 1: Power & Responsibility TP
Ultimate Spider-Man vol 2: Learning Curve TP
Ultimate X-Men vol 11: Most Dangerous Game TP
Ultimate X-Men vol 12: Hard Lessons TP
Ultimates vol 2: Homeland Security TP
Uncanny X-Men #475
Y The Last Man #47

All New Atom #1 – DC has revamped or replaced a lot of their heroes lately, and the Atom is the latest to get the new-guy-in-an-old-identity treatment. I don’t know who the new guy is, but DC is pushing pretty hard to promote him; so they’ve clearly got plans for this new character. Get in on the ground floor!

Astro City: Life in the Big City – Astro City doesn’t come out often, but you can always count on one thing when it does: it is awesome. This is an invariably cool comic, set in a really unusual world; it’s loaded with nostalgia for Silver Age superheroes, but Kurt Busiek still tells modern stories that are compelling to any comics fan, and the Brent Anderson/Alex Ross artwork is reliably excellent. Highly Recommended!

Dark Horse: 20 Years – This book is only a quarter but, like always, you’ll get a lot for that hard earned 25 cents. Dark Horse is celebrating 20 years in the business, a feat not accomplished by many comics companies, and they’re doing it by selling a compilation book of new stories featuring some of our favorite titles over the years: Hell Boy, Sin City, Usagi Yojimbo, Star Wars, etc. Support quality independent comics and check Dark Horse out – you can’t go wrong for only a quarter.

Devi #1 – Speaking of independent comics, there’s a new player on the scene: Virgin Comics. That’s right, this is the same billionaire who introduced Virgin Records to the world, is now running Virgin Airlines, and is getting into the comics biz. This is the first title to ship from the new label (other than last week’s free giveaway – we’ve still got some at the shop!); so pick it up and give it a shot; it’ll be worth checking out!

OMAC #1 – That’s right: stepping right out of the pages of Infinite Crisis, OMAC is getting its own series. OMAC kind of reminds me of Marvel’s Ultron, and you can imagine what a series featuring Ultron would be like. This series will no doubt be worth reading. Give it a look-see.

Uncanny X-Men #475 – A new era for the Uncanny X-Men begins now! With a new creative team and a basic redirect to old-school X-Men, this series should make a mad dash right back to the top of the charts. This story picks up where the incredible X-Men: Deadly Genesis series left off. Cyclops and Havok have another brother, one they didn’t know about until just recently. The problem is, he’s off the chain. If you read that limited series, you know what’s going on; if not, just trust me – this is going to be good. You MUST pick this book up if you’re an X-Men fan whose been more than a little disappointed with the X titles in recent years; I think you’re going to like it again.

TRADES! TRADES! TRADES! As you can see in list up top, we’ve got a ton of trades shipping this week, especially of the Ultimate variety. If there are more trades that you need, just let me know and we’ll get them on order for you!

See you at Haven!

Friday, June 23, 2006

June Goes Out With A Bang! (6-28-06)

Back-to-back giant comics shipments! Once again, we’ve got a huge shipment of comics hitting the shelves this week. Make sure you come by early so you don’t miss out on anything!

52 Week #8
Action Comics #840
All New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #6
Amazing Spider-Man #533 CW
Annihilation: Ronan #3 (OF 4)
Ant #6
Batman #654
Black Panther #17
Blue Beetle #4
Catwoman #56
Civil War Front Line #2 (OF 10)
Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre #2 (OF 3)
Daredevil #86
DCU: Brave New World #1
Exiles #83
Fantastic Four #538 CW
Fathom #9
Forgotten Realms: Dark Elf - Sojourn #3
GI Joe vs Transformers vol 3: Art of War #4 (of 4)
Hawkgirl #53
Hellboy vol 1: Seed of Destruction TP
Ion #3 (OF 12)
JLA Classified #23
Loveless #8
Lucifer #75
Marvel Previews #35
Medieval Lady Death: War of the Winds #3
Moon Knight #3
Necromancer #6
New Avengers #20 – Shortage Replacement
New Avengers #21 CW
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #6
Nodwick #33
Origin TP
Previews vol XVI #7
Runaways #17
Savage Dragon #127
Sidekick #1 (OF 5)
Solo #11
Sonic X #10
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #6
Storm #5 (OF 6)
Supergirl & the Legion of Superheroes #19
Superman Returns: Lois Lane
Tales of TMNT #24
Teen Titans Go #32
Thunderbolt Jaxon #5 (OF 5)
Truth, Justin, and the American Way #3 (OF 5)
Ultimate Spider-Man #96
Ultimate X-Men vol 11: Most Dangerous Game TP – for #65
Ultimate X-Men vol 12: Hard Lessons TP – for #65
Uncanny X-Men #474 – Shortage Replacement
Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 – Shortage Replacement
Usagi Yojimbo #94
Warlord #5
Wizard Comics Magazine #178
Wolverine #43 CW
X-Factor #8 CW

X-Men #187
X-Men: Fairy Tales #2 (OF 4) – Shortage Replacement
Young Avengers #12

DCU: Brave New World #1 – When DC first kicked off Infinite Crisis, they released an 80-page book for $1.00 to set the stage for the event. This time around, they’re letting you catch a peek at six new titles starting up in the next couple of months, again in an 80-page book for $1.00. Can’t beat that! The titles previewed in Brave New World are:
Martian Manhunter - by AJ Lieberman & Al Barrionuevo
OMAC - by Bruce Jones & Renato Guedes
Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters - by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, & Daniel
The Creeper – by Steve Niles, Justiniano, & Walden Wong
The All-New Atom – by Gail Simone, John Byrne, & Trevor Scott
The Trials of SHAZAM – by Judd Winick & Howard Porter
Plus, this book features the return of a character we all thought we’d never see again – they’re not saying who it is, but they’re promising it’s someone good. Definitely check this book out – it’s only a buck! What have you got to lose?!

Moon Knight #3 – These issues read really fast, but they leave you wanting more too! Charlie Huston is really shining a light on the troubled past of Moon Knight’s character before bringing him back into action, and the result is an awesome book. It doesn’t hurt that David Finch’s artwork is absolutely gorgeous! If you’re not reading this book already, it’s not too late to start! This is one of the best new titles on the market.

New Avengers #21 – That’s right, #20 just shipped last week, but the Civil War is finally breaking into the New Avengers book, and you know it’s going to tear the book apart when the two men who founded this Avengers team are on different sides of this issue and, now, the law. In this issue, the team is fractured, possibly beyond healing, and Captain America is on the run with a handful of other superheroes who also defy the registration act. Expect tons of intense action in this book; New Avengers is the crux point of the whole Civil War, and it’s all building up to a huge conflict.

Sidekick #1 – Paul Jenkins, one of the best writers in the business, is trying out some new territory: comedy. This new book from Dark Horse is about superhero sidekicks and how, as often as not, they do all the work and get none of the credit. It’s also about how they use their status and fame to score dates with hot chicks. Yeah, it’s that kind of funny. Give it a whirl and enjoy a good laugh!

Solo #11 – I haven’t cared for most of DC’s Solo books, where one creator tells a story and is responsible for the writing and the art. This time around, it’s different. This time around its Sergio Aragones, creator of the hilarious Groo the Wanderer! The hyper-busy backgrounds are enough to warrant their own comic when Sergio Aragones is involved! Definitely check this book out!

Wolverine #43 – Wolverine is hot on the trail of Nitro, the villain who kicked off the whole Civil War when he used his power to blow up a huge chunk of a small town, including an elementary school full of kids. For some reason, the government seems more focused on making sure Speedball, the only survivor of the New Warriors team who tracked Nitro and his other super villain friends down, takes the fall for the whole thing. Wolverine is out to make sure the devil gets his due – if you think Nitro isn’t going to pay, you don’t know Wolverine very well!

See you at Haven!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Reviewing some of this week's new comics!

Hey, guys! I decided to check out some of the new comics from this week and let you know about them.

Josh’s New Comics Review

Eternals #1 – Okay, in the ‘80s, the Eternals were, uh, LAME. Basic gist: the Celestials came to earth a loooooooong time ago, messed around with the primitive life forms that were around at the time, and created the Eternals (metahumans, basically) to lord it over the rest of the puny mortals. They were all jerks, and their book was pitiful. This time, Marvel tapped Neil Gaiman to write their book, and the first issue shows a little promise at least. I was interested to see what he decided to do with the story and, at the very least, I’m interested enough to read the next issue. I’m not thrilled with John Romita’s art work, but it’s definitely a better book for him than Spider-Man, but, again, I’ll come back and check out the next issue.

Lai Wan #1 - This new book from Moonstone is a creepy police detective book featuring Lai Wan, an Asian woman who has psychic and empathic abilities and has decided to help the police solve a serial killer case. I enjoyed the story a good bit, though it had some confusing moments – one ‘remembered’ scene just didn’t make any sense; why do kids get in trouble for playing baseball?! – and the artwork was good too. The pencils seemed to fare better than the inking and coloring, but it was nice to look at and a good read.

X Isle #1 – A weird fish/whale thing washes up on a beach in Hawaii. There are a lot of university professors and scientist studying the remains, but they don’t match up with any known species. They’re leaving for a deap-sea exploration trip the next day, and, on the way, they encounter a freak lightning storm, their instruments go haywire, and then the ship gets broken apart in the storm. A handful of survivors scramble aboard a lifeboat, where they drift for a couple of days before landing on an unknown island crawling with big and bizarre creatures. This book definitely caught my attention and anyone with even a passing interest in cryptozoology will enjoy it. It’s a great read and the artwork is a little old school, but it’s very good. Give it a try!

Friday, June 16, 2006

GIANT Comics Shipment This Week! (6-21-06)

This week is one of the biggest comics weeks in recent memory. We haven’t had a shipment this big in at least a year. Make sure you come in next week and pick up all these awesome titles before they’re gone!

52 Week #7
All Star Superman #4
Annihilation: Nova #3 (OF 4)
Astonishing X-Men #15
Birds of Prey #95
Black Coat: Call to Arms #3 (OF 4)
Captain America #19
Casanova #1
Claw: The Unconquered #1
Conan #29
Conan: Book of Thoth #4 (OF 4)
Criminal Macabre: Feat of Clay (1 Shot)
Dork Tower #34
Essential Moon Knight vol 1 TP
Essential X-Men vol 5 TP - for #26
Eternals #1 (OF 6)
Ex Machina #21
Fallen Angel #6
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1
GI Joe: Declassified #1 (OF 3)
Giant Size Hulk #1
Gold Digger: Tangent #1
Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allen Poe #2 (OF 3)
How to Self-Publish Comics #4 (OF 4)
Invincible vol 6: Different World TP
Iron Man #9
JSA Classified #13
Justice #6 (OF 12)
Knights of the Dinner Table #115
Lai Wan #1
Last Planet Standing #4 (OF 5)
Man-Bat #3 (OF 5)
Manhunter #23
Megatokyo vol 4
New Avengers #20
New Excalibur #8
Noble Causes #21
Origin TP
Red Sonja #11
Rising Stars: Untouchable #5 (OF 5)
Robin #151
Sgt Rock: The Prophecy #6 (OF 6)
Shadowpact #2
Star Wars: Legacy #1
Star Wars: Rebellion #3
Stardust Kid #4 (OF 5)
Supergirl: Power TP
Superman/Batman #27
Superman Returns: Lex Luthor
Testament #7
Tron #1 - reorder
Ultimate X-Men vol 10: Cry Wolf TP – for #65
Ultimate X-Men vol 11: Most Dangerous Game TP – for #65
Ultimate X-Men vol 12: Hard Lessons TP – for #65
Ultimates 2 #11
Uncanny X-Men #474
Uncanny X-Men Annual #1
Uncle Scrooge #355
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #670
X Isle #1 (OF 5)
X-Men: Fairy Tales #2 (OF 4)

All Star Superman #4 – This issue is a long time coming – seems like it’s continually shipping late – but it’s still a really good book, and everyone is still clamoring for it. If you’re not currently reading Grant Morrison’s take on the Man of Steel, you definitely need to check it out!

Astonishing X-Men #15 – In an interview several months back, Joss Whedon (series writer and long-time X-Men fan) said that this issue will feature one of the biggest events to ever happen to Wolverine. The man has read darn near every X-Men and Wolverine comic ever put out. If he’s saying that, this issue is going to be a very, very big deal. You will definitely want to read this one.

Essential Moon Knight vol 1 TP – If you’re reading the new series, but you feel woefully undereducated when it comes to Moon Knight, you are not alone. Moon Knight has had so many series and has been through so many different incarnations, it’s hard to figure out what exactly from his past “counts” in this new series. Fear no more! This Essential Moon Knight vol 1 TP will fill you in on all the important stuff.

Eternals #1 – Normally, I wouldn’t bother to highlight the Eternals, but this time around, they’re being written by Neil Gaiman; so I can’t let that slip under the radar. Neil Gaiman is one of the most talented writers out there; if anyone can, I think he can turn the Eternals into something worth reading and/or salivating over until the next issue comes out.

Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1 – The Flash is getting his own series again! This time, the big question that surrounds the scarlet speedster is this: Who the heck is he?! DC hasn’t yet revealed the identity of the latest incarnation of this classic character, but they’ve been dropping hints and conspiracy theories left and right…who could it be?! Much like the new Wonder Woman series that just kicked off a week or two back, this new series looks extremely promising. Definitely check this one out!

Ultimates 2 #11 – FINALLY!! This is one of the slowest shipping books on the face of the planet, but it’s been so good! What’s going to happen to the Ultimates now?! Black Widow has turned on them, and been put down by Iron Man. Hawk-Eye turned up alive when we all thought he was dead, and he did terrible things to the people we thought had killed him. What the heck is going to happen next?! I, for one, can’t wait to find out…

X-Men: Fairy Tales #2 – The first issue of this bizarre series sold out pretty fast, and we’re getting limited quantities of this issue; so expect this one to move fast too. This is the story of the X-Men, reinterpreted through the eyes of old Japanese folk/fairy tales. It’s a brilliant concept, and the characters are all interestingly rendered in the new setting. Very cool!

See you at Haven!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Big Comics Week!! (6-14-06)

52 Week #6
Abadazad Book 2: Dream Thief
Annihilation: Super Skrull #3 (OF 4)
Asterix and the Falling Sky HC
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #207
Battle Pope #8
Blade of the Immortal #114
Captain Atom: Armageddon #9 (OF 9)
Checkmate #3
Civil War #2 (OF 7)
Crisis Aftermath: Battle for Bludhaven #5 (OF 6)
DMZ #8
Donald Duck & Friends #341
Essential Moon Knight 1 TP
Essential X-Men vol 5 TP
Essential X-Men vol 7 TP
Ex Machina Special #2 (OF 2)
Exiles #82
Fables #50
Firestorm the Nuclear Man #
Four #30
GI Joe: America’s Elite #12
GI Joe: Declassified #1 (OF 3)
Green Arrow #63
Green Lantern Corps #1
JLA Classified #22
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #13
Mickey Mouse & Friends #290
Ms Marvel #4
Nightwing #121
Nightwolf #0
Red Sonja/Claw: Devil’s Hands #4 (OF 4)
Sensational Spider-Man #27
Shanda the Panda #45
Shrugged #1
Sonic the Hedgehog #163
Spider-Girl #99
Squadron Supreme #4
Superman #653
Superman/Batman #26
Superman Returns: Ma Kent
Teen Titans vol 1: A Kids Game TP
Thunderbolts #103
Toyfare #108
Ultimate Spider-Man vol 3: Double Trouble TP
Ultimate X-Men #71
Wolverine Origins #3
Wonderland #1

Civil War #2 – Marvel’s huge summer blockbuster slips into second gear, and rumor has it that this issue features a huge announcement – one that I personally dread. DON’T READ ON IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW. Spider-Man is going to take off his mask and reveal himself to the world. Man, I hope Marvel doesn’t do that. I’m keeping my fingers crossed until Wednesday!

Fables #50 – I can’t believe Fables is at 50 issues already! It seems like such a short time ago that I discovered this awesome book. If you’re not reading this series, I HIGHLY recommend that you pick it up in Trades and get on it. This is one of the smartest, most interesting, and entertaining reads out there.

GI Joe: Declassified #1 – Larry Hama is back on a GI Joe title! The Snake-Eyes Declassified story was awesome, and this series takes GI Joe back to their roots, back to their real origin story, and it’s written by none other than the creator of the awesome Marvel series so many of us grew up with. Rock on!

Green Lantern Corps #1 – If you’re a fan of Kilowog and all those guys, then this is the series for you. The Corps is back, so intergalactic bad buys beware!

Wolverine: Origins #3 – This awesome series by Daniel Way and Steve Dillon has really taken off. I’m enjoying the heck out of it, and so will you. Jump onboard now, if you haven’t already. Learn about Wolverine’s life before his ‘first’ appearance in the Incredible Hulk #181, before he joined the X-Men, and after the origin story we learned in the Origin limited series a few years ago. This is a great comic!

See you at Haven!

Friday, June 02, 2006

June's First Comics!

52 Week #5
Abadazad Book 1: Road to Inconceivable
Angel Spotlight: Wesley One-Shot
Annihilation: Silver Surfer #3 (OF 4)
Archenemies #3 (OF 4)
Astonishing X-Men vol 1: Gifted TP
Batman: Journey Into Knight #10 (OF 12)
Batman: Secrets #4 (OF 5)
BPRD: Universal Machine #3 (OF 5)
Civil War #1 (OF 7)
Civil War: Front Line #1 (OF 10)
Codename: Black Death #1 (OF 4)
Cyberforce #0
Detective Comics #820
DMZ vol 1: On the Ground TP
Essential Moon Knight vol 1 TP
Fantastic Four: First Family #4 (OF 6)
Final Destination: Spring Break #2 (OF 5)
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9
Fury: Peacemaker #5 (OF 6)
Grimm Fairy Tales #6
Inquest Gamer #135
Jonah Hex #8
JSA #86
Justice League Unlimited #22
Last Planet Standing #3 (OF 5)
Manifest Eternity #1
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #16
Marvel Team-Up #21
New Avengers vol 1: Breakout TP
New X-Men #27
Noble Causes #20
Outsiders #37
Punisher #34
Soulfire: Chaos Reign #0
Star Wars Legacy #0
Superman: Our Worlds at War (Complete Edition)
Superman Returns: Krypton to Earth
Tag #1 (OF 3)
Teen Titans/Outsiders: Insiders TP
Transformers: Generations #3
Transformers: Generations #4
Ultimate Spider-Man vol 2: Learning Curver TP
UTF #1
Walking Dead #28
Wonder Woman #1
X-Men, The End: Men and X-Men #6 (OF 6)
Y – The Last Man #46

Abadazad Book 1: Road to Inconceivable – That’s right, CrossGen Fans; one of their books is back! Disney actually bought the entire CrossGen catalogue of characters, and this is the first one to make it back to the marketplace. Check out this absurdist Beau Smith/Mike Ploog type cartoon action!

Civil War: Front Line #1 – Ben Urich of the Daily Bugle is on the front lines of this major crisis, reporting the news from both sides: the heroes who are open to the government’s idea and those who oppose it and are willing to fight for their beliefs. This should be a great one!

Essential Moon Knight vol 1 TP – If you’re loving the new series but feel like you need to know a little more about the character, this trade is for you! A compendium of many of the major stories and plot lines from Moon Knight’s past, this book will really help you get a handle on who this character is…

Wonder Woman #1 – She’s got her own series again, and the way DC is cranking out hit new series after Infinite Crisis, this one should definitely be a hit too. Everyone is going to want in on this one! Definitely pick it up and give it a read…

See you at Haven!