Friday, June 16, 2006

GIANT Comics Shipment This Week! (6-21-06)

This week is one of the biggest comics weeks in recent memory. We haven’t had a shipment this big in at least a year. Make sure you come in next week and pick up all these awesome titles before they’re gone!

52 Week #7
All Star Superman #4
Annihilation: Nova #3 (OF 4)
Astonishing X-Men #15
Birds of Prey #95
Black Coat: Call to Arms #3 (OF 4)
Captain America #19
Casanova #1
Claw: The Unconquered #1
Conan #29
Conan: Book of Thoth #4 (OF 4)
Criminal Macabre: Feat of Clay (1 Shot)
Dork Tower #34
Essential Moon Knight vol 1 TP
Essential X-Men vol 5 TP - for #26
Eternals #1 (OF 6)
Ex Machina #21
Fallen Angel #6
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1
GI Joe: Declassified #1 (OF 3)
Giant Size Hulk #1
Gold Digger: Tangent #1
Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allen Poe #2 (OF 3)
How to Self-Publish Comics #4 (OF 4)
Invincible vol 6: Different World TP
Iron Man #9
JSA Classified #13
Justice #6 (OF 12)
Knights of the Dinner Table #115
Lai Wan #1
Last Planet Standing #4 (OF 5)
Man-Bat #3 (OF 5)
Manhunter #23
Megatokyo vol 4
New Avengers #20
New Excalibur #8
Noble Causes #21
Origin TP
Red Sonja #11
Rising Stars: Untouchable #5 (OF 5)
Robin #151
Sgt Rock: The Prophecy #6 (OF 6)
Shadowpact #2
Star Wars: Legacy #1
Star Wars: Rebellion #3
Stardust Kid #4 (OF 5)
Supergirl: Power TP
Superman/Batman #27
Superman Returns: Lex Luthor
Testament #7
Tron #1 - reorder
Ultimate X-Men vol 10: Cry Wolf TP – for #65
Ultimate X-Men vol 11: Most Dangerous Game TP – for #65
Ultimate X-Men vol 12: Hard Lessons TP – for #65
Ultimates 2 #11
Uncanny X-Men #474
Uncanny X-Men Annual #1
Uncle Scrooge #355
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #670
X Isle #1 (OF 5)
X-Men: Fairy Tales #2 (OF 4)

All Star Superman #4 – This issue is a long time coming – seems like it’s continually shipping late – but it’s still a really good book, and everyone is still clamoring for it. If you’re not currently reading Grant Morrison’s take on the Man of Steel, you definitely need to check it out!

Astonishing X-Men #15 – In an interview several months back, Joss Whedon (series writer and long-time X-Men fan) said that this issue will feature one of the biggest events to ever happen to Wolverine. The man has read darn near every X-Men and Wolverine comic ever put out. If he’s saying that, this issue is going to be a very, very big deal. You will definitely want to read this one.

Essential Moon Knight vol 1 TP – If you’re reading the new series, but you feel woefully undereducated when it comes to Moon Knight, you are not alone. Moon Knight has had so many series and has been through so many different incarnations, it’s hard to figure out what exactly from his past “counts” in this new series. Fear no more! This Essential Moon Knight vol 1 TP will fill you in on all the important stuff.

Eternals #1 – Normally, I wouldn’t bother to highlight the Eternals, but this time around, they’re being written by Neil Gaiman; so I can’t let that slip under the radar. Neil Gaiman is one of the most talented writers out there; if anyone can, I think he can turn the Eternals into something worth reading and/or salivating over until the next issue comes out.

Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1 – The Flash is getting his own series again! This time, the big question that surrounds the scarlet speedster is this: Who the heck is he?! DC hasn’t yet revealed the identity of the latest incarnation of this classic character, but they’ve been dropping hints and conspiracy theories left and right…who could it be?! Much like the new Wonder Woman series that just kicked off a week or two back, this new series looks extremely promising. Definitely check this one out!

Ultimates 2 #11 – FINALLY!! This is one of the slowest shipping books on the face of the planet, but it’s been so good! What’s going to happen to the Ultimates now?! Black Widow has turned on them, and been put down by Iron Man. Hawk-Eye turned up alive when we all thought he was dead, and he did terrible things to the people we thought had killed him. What the heck is going to happen next?! I, for one, can’t wait to find out…

X-Men: Fairy Tales #2 – The first issue of this bizarre series sold out pretty fast, and we’re getting limited quantities of this issue; so expect this one to move fast too. This is the story of the X-Men, reinterpreted through the eyes of old Japanese folk/fairy tales. It’s a brilliant concept, and the characters are all interestingly rendered in the new setting. Very cool!

See you at Haven!

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