Thursday, June 22, 2006

Reviewing some of this week's new comics!

Hey, guys! I decided to check out some of the new comics from this week and let you know about them.

Josh’s New Comics Review

Eternals #1 – Okay, in the ‘80s, the Eternals were, uh, LAME. Basic gist: the Celestials came to earth a loooooooong time ago, messed around with the primitive life forms that were around at the time, and created the Eternals (metahumans, basically) to lord it over the rest of the puny mortals. They were all jerks, and their book was pitiful. This time, Marvel tapped Neil Gaiman to write their book, and the first issue shows a little promise at least. I was interested to see what he decided to do with the story and, at the very least, I’m interested enough to read the next issue. I’m not thrilled with John Romita’s art work, but it’s definitely a better book for him than Spider-Man, but, again, I’ll come back and check out the next issue.

Lai Wan #1 - This new book from Moonstone is a creepy police detective book featuring Lai Wan, an Asian woman who has psychic and empathic abilities and has decided to help the police solve a serial killer case. I enjoyed the story a good bit, though it had some confusing moments – one ‘remembered’ scene just didn’t make any sense; why do kids get in trouble for playing baseball?! – and the artwork was good too. The pencils seemed to fare better than the inking and coloring, but it was nice to look at and a good read.

X Isle #1 – A weird fish/whale thing washes up on a beach in Hawaii. There are a lot of university professors and scientist studying the remains, but they don’t match up with any known species. They’re leaving for a deap-sea exploration trip the next day, and, on the way, they encounter a freak lightning storm, their instruments go haywire, and then the ship gets broken apart in the storm. A handful of survivors scramble aboard a lifeboat, where they drift for a couple of days before landing on an unknown island crawling with big and bizarre creatures. This book definitely caught my attention and anyone with even a passing interest in cryptozoology will enjoy it. It’s a great read and the artwork is a little old school, but it’s very good. Give it a try!

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