Saturday, August 12, 2006

First Post: IGN's best of DC and Marvel...

Hullo all. I'm Aerik, cousin of Josh, and frequenter of Haven. I'm always finding cool comics-related news or articles on the interwebs and sending them around in emails or whatnot, so Josh has given his permission for me to post to the Haven blog, and share with all. :) If all you're interested in is next week's batch of comics, feel free to completely ignore whatever I've posted; I won't mind, since I probly won't know, unless you tell, which would just be cruel. I would be very upset. Honestly, there could be tears. So for my first post, I'm throwing up links to a couple of IGN articles, one is their take on the best of DC, and the other their best of Marvel.

IGN's The Ten Best DC Comics:

...... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Marvel:

My thoughts... why are New Avengers and Ultimate Spidey not on the Marvel list? Oh well, I can concur with most of their picks. Not being much of a DC reader (*ducks thrown Batman action figure*), I'm not going to voice an opinion on which I would add to that list. :D


Anonymous said...

Anyone have any thoughts on the new Daniel Way GHOST RIDER title?

Josh said...

Hard to have much of an opinion after just the first issue; it was basically a rehash of the first issue of Garth Ennis' 6-issue limited series a year ago. It's the Ghost Rider trying to escape from Hell and being foiled at the last minute every time.

In Daniel Way's interpretation, Hell's head honcho seems a little more personally interested in making Ghost Rider miserable, but that's about it. Well, that and a character that looks like Doop from X-Statix.

The art was pretty well done - both Javier Salteres and Mark Texiera are experienced and accomplished comics artists, but this is definitely not the hyper-detailed, crystal-clear, CGI art style Clayton employed on that 6-issue limited series either.

I'll read the next issue to see where it goes, but I'm not just thrilled with it yet. We'll see.