Sunday, August 20, 2006

H U G E Comics Week!!! (8-23-06)

Okay, if you’re expecting a special order, chances are good it’s in this week’s shipment. We’ve also got a ton of Civil War reorders coming in; so if you’ve missed any of these books, it’s not too late to pick them up! This is an absolutely enormous comics order; so come down and check it out fast – we’ll probably sell out of a lot of these books quickly!

52 Week #16
Astonishing X-Men #16
Batman #656
Batman and the Mad Monk #1 (OF 6)
Batman: Hush vol 2 TP - S/O for #50
Battle Pope Color #10
Birds of Prey #97
Blue Beetle #6
Civil War #3 (OF 7) - Reorder
Civil War: Front Line #5 (OF 11) - Reorder
Civil War: X-Men #1 (OF 4) - Reorder
Civil War: X-Men #2 (OF 4) - Reorder
Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways #1 (OF 4) - Reorder
Claw the Unconquered #3
Daredevil #88
Devi #1
DMZ #10
Eberron: Eye of the Wolf
Elephantmen #2
Elseworlds Series 2: Gotham by Gaslight AF
Eternals #3 (OF 6)
Exiles #85
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #3
Force 51
Forgotten Realms: Crystal Shards #1
GI Joe: Declassified #2 (OF 3)
Hawkgirl #55
Hellboy vol 4: Right Hand of Doom TP – S/O for #17
Hellboy vol 5: Conqueror Worm TP – S/O for #17
Heroes for Hire #1 CW
Jack of Fables #2
JSA Classified #16
Justice League of America #1
Knights of the Dinner Table #117
New Avengers #23 CW
Nightmares & Fairy Tales #17
Red Sonja #13
Rex Libris #4 – S/O for #8
Rex Libris #5
Sandman: Endless Nights HC
Sin City vol 2: Dame to Kill For TP – S/O for #17
Sin City vol 3: Big Fat Kill TP – S/O for #17
Soulfire: Chaos Reign #1
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures 6 TP
Supergirl #9
Supergirl & the Legion of Superheroes #21
True Story, Swear to God #17
Ultimate Spider-Man #99
Ultimates Annual #2
Uncle Scrooge #357
UTF #1 (OF 3)
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #672
Wanted SC - S/O for #141
Warlord #7
Wolverine #45 CW
Wonder Woman #1
Wonder Woman #2
Wonder Woman Mini-Statue – S/O for #69
Xena #2

Batman #656 – Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert’s 2nd issue hits the stands. The first one absolutely flew off the shelves, and this one should do the same. If you’ve ever been a Batman fan of any kind, you definitely need to be reading this book now!

Devi #1 – We’ve got more copies of this first issue in from Virgin Comics (think Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines, you wackos!), and if you enjoyed CrossGen; you need to check out this universe ASAP! This book, like the rest of the Virgin Comics universe, is set in the realm of Indian mythology, and India has been around long enough to have some very cool myths and legends. Also, the stories and art are absolutely top notch. Try it!!

Heroes for Hire #1 – Misty Knight and company have made a living bringing in high powered villains for years; now they’re working for SHIELD, bringing in Civil War’s unregistered heroes too. This book will figure mightily in the Civil War story running amok in the Marvel universe. Hot on the heels of last year’s Daughter of the Dragon, this series should absolutely rock!

Jack of Fables #2 – Jack is in a desperate situation, and he’s plotting his escape. Will he make it?! Since this is only the second issue, probably not, but it’s a Fables book; so it will absolutely be worth the read.

Justice League of America #1 – Who will be in the new league with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman?!?! Hints have been dropped, but no one knows for sure. The early issues of this series should be thought-provoking, as the DC Trinity ponder the pros and cons of the heroes they’re considering for membership in the new JLA.

Ultimate Spider-Man #99 – One issue away from the big 100, and the Ultimate clone saga is a bizarre, stomach-churning, please-don’t-goof-this-up story arc. So far, it’s just been freaky. Don’t turn that dial as this book approaches its historic 100th issue!

Ultimates Annual #2 – All the Ultimates annuals have been well worth the money, and this one should be no exception. Since the Ultimates book is on a slow boat to China or something, this is also about the only way you’re going to get your Ultimates fix any time soon. Give it a whirl!!

Wonder Woman #2 – That’s right, the second issue is finally shipping. To commemorate this special occasion, we’ve also got a few more copies of #1 coming in, just in case you missed it the first time. If you’re a DC fan, this is a must-read!!

See you at Haven!

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