Monday, August 07, 2006

Items of Interest

In case you hadn’t seen them already, the US Postal Service now has 20 stamp sheets featuring classic and modern DC Comics superheroes and comic book covers. To see them, visit:


AP - Heath Ledger will play The Joker in the sequel to last year's "Batman Begins," Warner Bros. studio announced. "The Dark Knight" is set to begin production next year. (You might remember him from “A Knight’s Tale”, “The Patriot”, or, uh, “Brokeback Mountain”.)


Joe Quesada appeared on the Colbert Report, talking about Marvel’s “Civil War” series:

Videos are available online at the Comedy Central site - check them out!

His energy and enthusiasm came across very well. Quesada explained the concept for the “Civil War” storyline engagingly, and at a rapid pace.

As the "Report" went to commercial, a mock comic cover drawn by Quesada of "The Rampaging Colbert" in a most hulk-like form was flashed on the screen, with Colbert holding an American flag that's impaled a bear. Apparently this cover would have led to a discussion of Quesada's stand on bears in the Marvel Universe (Colbert is firmly against them), but the conversation between the duo went so well they never got to it.

As Quesada finished and the segment wrapped, Colbert offered up the following comment on "Civil War," "I look forward to the rest of the series. I loved the beginning of it." Can you get a better endorsement than that?

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