Thursday, August 10, 2006

Other Wizard World News

Oh, yeah - I forgot a few things:

Jeph Loeb and fan-favorite artist Michael Turner are tackling a new Ultimate Wolverine ongoing series. They've already clarified that there will be a lot of females running around in this book; so Michael Turner will still get a chance to draw those button-nosed, long-legged beauties he does so well.

What about Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk, you ask? According to Quesada, Damon Lindeloff, writer of both this series and a co-creator of Lost (the TV show everyone should be watching!), is on his way to completing the series. They will not, however, release issue #3 until all the scripts for issues #3-5 have been turned in. Don't hold your breath, folks; it'll be a while.

Some new book called Spider-Man: Reign is coming out. It's by Kaare Andrews. And the world shrugged. At this point, I've seen nothing to indicate that this is that big a deal.

New Avengers #26 will feature the return of the Scarlet Witch...and Hawkeye. Bendis had better know what he's doing - his stuff is starting to get stretched a little thin, and I think he's going to have a really hard time making all his widespread plotlines converge.

That's it for now - you guys are just wringing the information out of me.

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