Thursday, August 31, 2006


Hullo all. This week has surprised me with some really great comics, and I'm kinda in the mood to spout opinions and see if anybody agrees with me. So without any more ado (who needs that stuff anyways?)....

X-Men #190
Wow, Mike Carey is reeeeeeeeally taking off now. The plot is fairly complex, especially for those of us (read: me) who aren't familiar with Aurora or Northstar. The first issue of Carey's arc was bogged down by obfuscating storytelling on the part of Chris Bachalo, and the same problem applies here, to a lesser degree. Bachalo is great with simple, still images. For example: the page of Mystique kissing Iceman is wonderful; I love Iceman being flesh, but with shards of ice sticking out. However, did I miss something? The cover would indicate they're trying to press this as some kind of romantic thing. Has this been set up before? Since when have Mystique and Iceman even interacted? Oh well, there's a great plot, some intriguing new villains (even if I can't keep the names straight), and some very original use of super powers. And Mike Carey gets the obscure comic knowledge award for remembering that Emma Frost's hair is not, in fact, naturally blonde.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #33
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another Mike Carey title. I've just recently caught up on UFF, and I love it. Plus, I remind Josh of Reed Richards, and I tend to agree with him. Anyways, if you like the currect arc of X-Men, give this a shot, and vice versa. Carey likes his new villians, and these are interesting, too. I'm doing a bit better with the names on this one (bonus points for naming one of them Magnificent Brute), but only because the characters repeat them an obnoxious number of times. It's difficult to strike a balance between introducing new characters' names and having them repeat them every sentence. I did like the almost-comprehensible techo-babble they spout. It's just the other side of understandable, which makes it very realistic (y'know, for extra-dimensional aliens from a world higher up in the "nested folds"). I love the idea of having dimensions stacked one on top of another, as was introduced in the excellent "N-Zone" arc (#13-18). The art is a bit inconsistent, but always imaginative, and definitely flows much better than Bachalo (think Niagara Falls compared to molasses). All in all, an ultimately fantastic start to a new arc. I will be eagerly, voraciously awaiting the next issue.

I guess that's it for now, those two were the real highlights, and I haven't had time to read the rest of my stack, what with school newly begun. I'm still looking at X-Factor, CW: YA&R, and X-Men: Fairy Tales. You guys give me some feedback with post replies, I want to see if anybody agrees with me. The reviews on definitely did not agree with me on UFF, and I want to know if I'm just crazy for loving this issue so much. I'll try to check back now and again amidst my schedule.


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