Saturday, September 09, 2006

New Fantastic Four Cartoon?

From Haven News Correspondent, Dan Thompson:

The Fantastic Four cartoon started Saturday, 2 September. I wasn't impressed with the first episode. The series is made by a French animation studio but it is very much influenced by Japanese anime, especially in the character design. Johnny Storm, especially, looks like he stepped right out of an anime samurai movie. I found it very annoying. The plot was okay but not as satisfying as I'd hoped. As for the characterizations of the FF themselves, Reed Richards was amazingly wimpy through the whole episode and Sue Storm alternated between fainting and full-out, unreasoned attacks (in other words, a stereotypical emotional female). Sue's depiction is a step back thirty years for female comic book characters. The only member of the team that came out of the episode with any kind of dignity was Ben Grimm. I'll keep watching it for awhile to see if it improves, but my expectations are low.

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