Saturday, October 28, 2006

November's First Comics! (11-1-06)

52 Week #25 – Shortage Replacement
52 Week #26
Agents of Atlas #4 (OF 6)
All New Atom #5
Army of Darkness #11
Astonishing X-Men vol 1: Gifted TP
Athena Voltaire #2
Battler Britton #5 (OF 5)
Beyond #5 (OF 6)
Blue Beetle #8
Criminal #2
Detective Comics #825
Ex Machina #24
Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall HC
Fables vol 3: Storybook Love TP
Fables vol 5: The Mean Seasons TP

Fallen Angel #10
Fantastic Four: The End #1 (OF 6)
Fountain SC
Freshmen vol 2 #1
Gargoyles #1
Geronimo: Last Apache Warrior GN – S/O #8Gold Digger #78
Hellboy vol 1: Seed of Destruction TP - S/O #138
Incredible Hulk #100
Inquest Gamer #140
Irredeemable Ant-Man #2
Jonah Hex #13
Justice League of America #3
Justice League Unlimited #27
Kindaichi Case Files vol 14: Gentleman Thief GN
Looney Tunes #144
Manifest Eternity #6
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #21
Mickey Mouse Adventures vol 12 TP
Midnighter #1
Mystery in Space #3 (OF 8)
Next #5 (OF 6)
Ninja Scroll
NOTLD:Back From the Grave Head Shot Cvr – S/O #8
Outsiders #42
Pirate Tales #1
Seven Soldiers #1
Shrugged #3
Soulfire: Chaos Reign #2
Star Wars Legacy #5
Star Wars: Tag & Bink Were Here TP - S/O #74
Strangers in Paradise #85
Street Fighter Legends Sakura #3 (OF 4
Supergirl & the Legion of Superheroes #23
Superman Confidential #1
Trials of Shazam #3 (OF 12)
Uncanny X-Men #480
V for Vendetta TP
What If?! Avengers Disassembled
X-Men: Phoenix Warsong #3 (OF 5)

Friday, October 20, 2006


We have a TON of trades shipping this week; so catch up on some of the coolest titles out there with the trades! We've got Ex Machina, Fables, the Halo Graphic Novel, Runaways, and Samurai: Heaven & Earth all coming in. You can't ask for a better way to get some truly incredible stories!

Now, on to the comics:

52 Week #24 – Shortage Replacement
52 Week #25
Action Comics #844
All New Handbook of Marvel Universe A-Z #10
Authority #1
Black Panther #21
Bone vol 4: Dragonslayer Color Edition SC
Boys #4
Captain America #23 CW

Castle Waiting vol II #2
Civil War #2 (OF 7) – 3rd Ptg, McNiven Sketch Variant
Classic Battlestar Galactica #1
Claw the Unconquered #5
Conan & the Songs of the Dead #4 (OF 5)
Daredevil #90
Deathblow #1

Ex Machina vol 1: The First Hundred Days TP
Ex Machina vol 2: Tag TP
Ex Machina vol 3: Fact V Fiction TP

Exiles #87
Fables vol 1: Legends in Exile TP
Fables vol 2: Animal Farm TP
Fables vol 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers TP
Fables vol 6: Homelands TP

Forgotten Realms: Crystal Shard #2
Fountain SC
Gloomcookie #28
Halo Graphic Novel HC
Hawkgirl #57
Heroes for Hire #3 CW
Impaler #1 (OF 4)
Ion #7 (OF 12)
Jack of Fables #4
JSA Classified #18
Justice #8 (OF 12)
Killer #1 (OF 10)
Krypto the Super Dog #2 (OF 6) – Shortage Replacement
Marvel Previews #39 November 2006
Mickey Mouse Meets Blotman
Mouse Guard #5 (OF 6)
New Avengers #24 CW
New Excalibur #12
Nextwave: Agents of HATE #9
Night of the Living Dead – Back from the Grave
Planetary #26
Previews vol XVI #11
Ptolus, City by the Spire 2nd Ptg Variant #1 (OF 12)
Runaways vol 2: Teenage Wasteland TP
Samurai: Heaven & Earth TP
Secret Six #5 (OF 6)
Sensational Spider-Man #31
Shadowpact #6
Snakewoman #4
Star Trek: Deluxe Kirk AF & Capt Chair – S/O #69
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #9
Superman/Batman Annual #1
Swan vol 8
Teen Titans Go #36
Thunderbolts #107
Transformers Animated Movie Adaptation #1 (OF 4)
Trials of Shazam #3 (OF 12)
Ultimate Spider-Man #101
Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #4 (OF 8)
Uncle Scrooge #359
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #674
Warlord #9
Wetworks #2
Wizard Comics Magazine
X-Factor #12 – Shortage Replacement
X-Men #192
Xena #3
Zombie #2 (OF 4)

Authority #1 – Remember when Authority first came out and was one of the coolest comics on the market? Remember that? Well, it looks that Authority is back! Starting a new series, this gets away from the silliness that the book devolved into and gets back to the books roots. If you’ve got fond memories of a great comic, and you want to read something back on that level, pick this up and give it a whirl.

Boys #4 – Does this book come out every other week or what?! This completely bizarre and horrifically graphic book is Garth Ennis at his finest. It’s rough, creepy, weird, and, at times, heart-wrenching. This is one of the most interesting books out there right now, and it kind of flew in under the radar; pick this book up if you liked Preacher or Transmetropolitan; you won’t regret it!

Daredevil #90 – After escaping from jail, Matt Murdock is on the run in Europe, which is an interesting change of scenery for everyone’s favorite radar-utilizing superhero. This story has been fantastic for months, and Ed Brubaker shows no signs of slowing down. If you like some good intrigue mixed in with your action, this is a book you absolutely ought to check out.

Deathblow #1 – With Wildstorm, uh, storming back into the marketplace, Deathblow joins the fray! Somehow, when the vast majority of the early ‘90s Image characters faded from the public consciousness, this guy managed to hang on and stick around. And now he’s back with a new series. If you liked the first issue of Wildcats last week, you’ll probably enjoy this one too. Give it a shot.

Halo Graphic Novel – Finally, Haven is getting our copies of this book. Several of you have been waiting on this for weeks, but it’s here now; so come and get it!

New Avengers #24 – Civil War continues in the pages of New Avengers! So far, all of the Civil War issues of this book have focused on an individual member of the group and has shown how things have transpired with that member and how they chose sides. This one looks to do more of the same; so pick up your dose of Civil War this week in the pages of the New Avengers…

Ultimate Spider-Man #101 – After the bizarre turn of events in USM #100, where the heck is this issue going?! What’s with all the Peter Parker clones and variations?! What’s going to happen to Mary Jane? Spidey’s dad?! Gwen Stacy?! Bendis is going nuts on this title, but it’s a fun ride; so hop on board and enjoy!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wednesday Hits Hard This Week!! (10-18-06)

Diamond missed us on a LOT of titles last week, but it looks like most of them are coming in on Wednesday; so don’t fret. Check out this week’s batch o’ Comics:

7 Brothers #1 - New Virgin Comics title by John Woo & Garth Ennis!
52 Week #24
Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mystery GN - S/O #8
Amazing Spider-Girl #1
Annihilation #3 (OF 6)
Authority #1
Batman & the Mad Monk #3 (OF 6)
Birds of Prey #99
Blade #2
BPRD: The Soul of Venice 1-Shot
BPRD: There’s Something Under My Bed 1-Shot
Catwoman #60
Checkmate #7
Civil War 3rd Printing McNiven Sketch Variant #2 (OF 7)
Civil War: X-Men #4 (OF 4)
Claw The Unconquered #5
Conan #33
Creeper #3 (OF 6)
Deadman #3
Desolation Jones #7
Donald Duck & Friends #345
Donald Duck Halloween Ashcan 2006
Elephantmen #4
Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall HC - AWESOME!!!
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #5
Ghost Rider #4
GI Joe: America’s Elite #16
GI Joe: Declassified #3 (OF 3)
Gold Digger Annual 2006
Hellgate: London #0 (OF 4)
Hellstorm #1 (OF 5)
Highlander #1
JLA vol 6: World War Three TP
Krypto: The Super Dog #2 (OF 6)
Lone Ranger #1 2nd Print Cassaday Variant
Lone Ranger #2
Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four #2 (OF 5)
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #17
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #20
Mickey Mouse & Friends #294
Ms Marvel #8 CW
Omega Men #1 (OF 6)
Queen & Country #31
Red Sonja #15
Rex Libris Statue
Rex Mundi #2
Robin #155
Runaways #21
Runaways vol 1: Pride & Joy TP
Runaways vol 2: Teenage Wasteland TP
Runaways vol 3: Good Die Young TP
Sam Noir, Samurai Detective #2
Sandman #1 Special Edition
Savage Dragon #129
Scooby Doo #113
Shadowpact #6
She-Hulk vol 2: Superhuman Law TP
Skye Runner #5
Sonic X #13
Testament #11
Testament vol 1: Akedah TP
Thunderbolts #107
Transformers Spotlight: Nightbat
Transformers: Stormbringer #4 (OF 4)
Ultimate Fantastic Four #35
Ultimate Fantastic Four vol 6: Frightful TP
Union Jack #2 (OF 4)
Watchmen TP
Wildcats #1 Wolverine #47 CW
Wolverine Origins Quesada Sketch Variant #7
X-Factor #12
X-Men: First Class #2 (OF 8)

I’m baaaaaaaack!! Unfortunately, I don’t have time for a big write-up of all the big titles hitting this week; so take a look at the highlighted titles up there and pay special attention to those; they’re the ones that stand out as this week’s big pick books!

See you Wednesday!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

October Hits the Ground Running! (10-11-06)

52 Week #23
American Splendor #2 (of 4)
Annihilation #3 (of 6)
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #211
Battler Britton #4 (OF 5) – Shortage Replacement
Battlestar Galactica #2
Blade of the Immortal #118
Bomb Queen vol 2 #1
BPRD: The Soul of Venice (One-Shot)
BPRD: There’s Something Under My Bed (One-Shot)
Civil War #2 – 3rd Printing, McNiven Sketch Variant
Civil War #1 - Captain America Unleashed Variant
Civil War: Frontline #7 (of 11)
Desolation Jones TP – S/O #17
Devi #4
DMZ #12
DMZ vol 1: On the Ground TP
Dork #11
Escapists #4 (of 6)
Fables #54
Fables Special Edition #1
Fallen Angel vol 1 TP (IDW)
Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #30
Gen 13 #1
GI Joe: America’s Elite #16
Green Arrow #67
Green Lantern Corps #5
Grimm Fairy Tales #9
Invincible vol 7: Three’s Company TP
Irredeemable Ant-Man #1
JLA Classified #28
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories vol 1 GN
Knights of the Dinner Table #119
Martian Manhunter #3 (OF 8)
Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #17
Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #20 – Shortage Replacement
New X-Men #31
Next #4 (of 6)
Polly & the Pirates 1 TP
Powers #20
Punisher #39
Revelations TP
Sam Noir: Samurai Detective #2
Samurai: Heaven & Earth #1 (new printing)
Scott Pilgrim vol 1 TP
Spider-Man Blue TP
Stan Lee Meets Dr. Strange
Star Wars Legacy #4
Tales of the Unexpected #1 (of 8)
Testament vol 1: Akedah TP
Thunderbolts #107
Ultimate Power #1 (of 9)
Ultimate Spider-Man vol 16: Deadpool TP
Ultimate X-Men #75
Uncanny X-Men #479
Wolverine Origins #7
Worldstorm #1
X Isle #3 (of 5)

Civil War: Frontline #7 – If you ask me, the Frontline story is better than the primary story going on in the Civil War title. The threads with the two newspaper reporters have been handled extremely well, and Speedball’s legal case has been intriguing. Good stuff.

Fables #54 – Plans for the Adversary’s attack on Fabletown and the world of the Mundy’s continue to be revealed, and they ain’t pretty. Your favorite Fables are NOT going to have an easy time of it. As always, this book is at the top of the heap; Fables gets my highest recommendation!

Gen 13 #1 – Remember, back in the day, when Gen 13 first showed up and J. Scott Campbell’s artwork was brand spanking new? Well, happy days are here again if you remember that era in comics fondly! Gen 13 #1 more or less starts over with your favorite characters from the original series; give it a whirl if you feel like a little drive down Nostalgia Lane. And a lot more of the old Wildstorm Image books are coming back under the DC/Wildstorm label; keep your eyes peeled for Wildcats (written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Jim Lee!), Wetworks, Stormwatch, etc.

Irredeemable Ant-Man #1 – A bored and disgruntled SHIELD agent hijacks one of the now deceased Ant-Man’s suits of armor, replete with shrinking capability, and goes on a spree. This book is an irreverent, zap/pow/zing kind of romp; if you feel like a good laugh, you should definitely pick this book up!

Revelations TP – From Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos, this murder mystery set in the heart of the Vatican is a must read. Paul Jenkins almost always delivers, and this book is not one of the exceptions. Humberto Ramos’ highly stylized art seems out of place on a book like this at first blush, but actually suits the book perfectly. This is one heck of a story, containing the entire limited series. Check it out!

Tales of the Unexpected #1 – The Spectre, the instrument of God’s wrath, is unleashed on anyone and everyone who chooses evil over good. If you’re a DC fan and you want to watch some serious bad guy butt-kicking, you will definitely want to give this limited series a once over.

Ultimate Power #1 – What happens when Marvel’s Ultimate Universe and its Supreme Power Universe collide? Well, guessing from what we know of these two worlds, there’s going to be a mighty big turf war. Once again, in an effort to cure Ben Grimm, Reed Richards punches through to another universe – no zombies this time, thankfully! – and the men and women of Supreme Power are not happy about him popping in uninvited. Written by Bendis and featuring Greg Land’s art, this limited series is sure to knock your socks off. Definitely pick this one up!

Ultimate X-Men #75 – Introducing…the Ultimate Cable. And Marvel is telling us he’s not who we think. The critics are all jumping on the bandwagon with this issue though; so it must be something interesting, at least. Check it out and let me know what you think…

Wolverine Origins #7 – Logan’s past continues to affect his present, and now Omega Red is here to kick some butt and take some names. So far, this series has been a lot of fun; if you’re not getting your recommended daily allowance of adamantium, then pop a copy of this issue and – snikt! – you’ll be feeling better in no time.

See you at Haven!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Miss me?

For those of you who want to kick it old school, I'll be filling in at the store this coming Wednesday (Oct. 11).