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December Comics Craze! (12-13-06)

52 Week #32
Amazing Spider-Girl #3
Batman #660
Battle Pope #12
Blade #4
Blade of the Immortal #120
Bone: Stupid, Stupid Rat Tails TP – S/O #26
Bone vol 4: Dragonslayer Color Ed SC – S/O #26
Bullet Points #2 (OF 5)
Dark Tower Door Poster
Dark Tower Gunslinger Born Sketchbook
DCU Infinite Christmas Special
Devi #6
DMZ #14
Dork Tower #35
Escapists #6 (OF 6)
Ex Machina #25
Exiles Annual #1
Fables vol 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers TP – S/O #2
Fables vol 5: The Mean Seasons TP – S/O #2
Fallen Angel #11
Fantastic Four: The End #3 (OF 6)
Firestorm the Nuclear Man #32
Gargoyles #2
Gen 13 #3
Ghost Rider #6
Green Arrow #69
Green Lantern Corps #7
Hunter Killer #10
Incredible Hulk #98 – S/O #61
JLA Classified #30
Justice League of America #4
Martian Manhunter #5 (OF 8)
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #19
Medieval Lady Death #5 (OF 6)
New X-Men #33
OMAC #6 (OF 8)
Outer Orbit #1 (OF 4)
Robin #157
Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of Reason #1 (OF 5)
Sea of Red: No Grave but the Sea vol 1 TP – S/O #2
Smax TP – S/O #2
Sonic X #15
Spider Kiss Novel – S/O #2
Spirit #1
Stormwatch PHD #2
Street Fighter Legends: Sakura #4 (OF 4)
Tales of the Unexpected #3 (OF 8)
Testament vol 1: Akedah TP – S/O #2
Top 10: The Forty-Niners SC – S/O #2
Trials of Shazam #4 (OF 12)
Ultimate X-Men #77
Wolverine #49
Wonder Man #1 (OF 5)
X-23: Target X #1 (OF 6)
X-Factor #14
X-Men #193
X-Men: Phoenix War Song #4 (OF 5)
Y The Last Man vol 4: Safeword TP - S/O for #2
Y The Last Man vol 5: Ring of Truth TP - S/O for #2

Batman #660 – John Ostrander’s awesome fill-in story for Grant Morrison continues in this issue, and Ostrander always delivers a good story, especially when he gets to write Batman. If you’ve been reading the Morrison run, don’t stop picking the book up now; it’s still good, and Morrison will be back next issue!

Bullet Points #2 – The Elseworlds-esque story features some fantastic storytelling and beautiful art work. In this story, the super soldier serum never makes it into 98-lb weakling Steve Rogers’ system (as the creator of it and his bodyguard, a young Ben Parker, are both shot down just before Rogers can be given the injection and the formula is lost forever); so Steve Rogers enlists in another super soldier program, the Iron Man Initiative, and he becomes a WWII era Iron Man. Meanwhile, Peter Parker, growing up without the, er, responsible influence of Uncle Ben, becomes a bit of a thug and, since he and Aunt May live near the military base in the desert, he ends up on a gamma bomb test range, just before the bomb goes off. And that’s all just in the first issue! This is a great limited series – I highly recommend it!!

JLA #4 – The new JLA is coming together, slowly but surely, and things are starting to heat up as the group is already facing a pretty serious threat. If you’re a JLA fan of any stripe, you’re going to enjoy this series; so you may as well go ahead and pick it up now. You’ll be glad you did.

Outer Orbit #1 - In space, no one can hear you scream . . . or belch, or swear, or cry like a little girl when you're about to be taken down by merciless interstellar bounty hunters who want that mysterious idol you swiped from that hot chick who inexplicably gave you the tip of a lifetime (if you know what I mean) when you showed up at the wrong hotel room with the pizza delivery. This assumes that "you" are ne'er-do-well big-talker Quinn and explains-sort of-how "you" hooked up (not like that!) with a big, not-to-be-messed-with former galactic cop (and current mama's boy) by the name of Krunk, who is not your partner and not your buddy, got it? Oh, and by the way, the hot chick is hotter than ever (in the bad way) and she wants that idol back, and this time she's probably going to give you a different kind of gratuity, like with a laser ax or a plasma grenade or something. Try talking your way out of that one, spacehole!

Created by Zach Howard (Shaun of the Dead) and Sean Murphy (Scarecrow: Year One; Off Road), with screenwriter Reed Buccholz, Outer Orbit is outrageous, rude, hilarious space fantasy that takes the time-honored traditions of this beloved genre and leaves them face-down in a filthy alley in a pool of their own sick. Okay, that copy is straight from Dark Horse’s website, but I couldn’t help it; this book sounds hilarious.

Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of Reason #1 - A Vertigo classic returns — with a vengeance! The fertile mind of writer John Ney Rieber (BOOKS OF MAGIC, Captain America) and the dynamic pen of artist Eric Nguyen (Strange Girl) have created a Sandman tale that both honors the classic character and will stand as a classic in its own right. A new age of terror demands a new Sandman to quell its nightmares. This disturbing new miniseries follows the final days of Wesley Dodds and his lifelong love Dian Belmont as they encounter a harrowing fate while traveling in Afghanistan circa 1997. Ten years later, with American troops on the ground in that country, wartime photojournalist Kieran Marshall is forced to take on the mantle of Wesley's former alter-ego, the terrifying crimefighter known as The Sandman. You know you want to read this.

Spirit #1 – Will Eisner’s classic creation, the Spirit, is revived by Darwyn Cooke, and you just got a small taste of it in last week’s Batman/Spirit crossover. Now he’s back in his own series that maintains the "spirit" of Eisner's creation while bringing a new sensibility to the character. The Spirit, a.k.a. Denny Colt, joins Commissioner Dolan and his daughter Ellen in this go-for-broke, shoot-the-lights-out crime story! When ace television reporter Ginger Coffee is abducted by a crimelord she was about to run an exposé on, The Spirit is called in to investigate. Finding her is tough enough, but getting out alive is a whole other matter!

X-23 #1 – Okay, all you NYX and X-23 fans, here’s your shot to get your favorite new X-character her own series. This is starting out as a miniseries, but if it’s popular enough, Marvel says it will turn it into an on-going. This little Wolverine-like kid is learning how to be the best there is at what she does, and she’s already pretty darn good at it. Make sure you get in on this one early, because it’s going to sell fast!

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