Friday, January 05, 2007

'07 Hits with a Bang! (1-10-07)

30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease #2 (OF 5)
52 Week #36
Agents of Atlas #6 (OF 6)
Amazing Spider-Girl #4
Batman #662
Batman Confidential #2

Blade #5 CW
Blade of the Immortal #121
Civil War Final Battle Poster
Fables vol 1: Legends in Exile TP
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #16
Gen 13 #4
GI Joe: America’s Elite #19
Green Arrow #70
Green Lantern Corps #8
Hellstorm #4 (OF 5)
JSA Classified #21
Justice League of America #2 - Reorder
Justice League of America #3 - Reorder
Justice League of America #4 - Reorder
Justice Society of America #2
Kare Kano vol 21 GN (OF 21)
Martian Manhunter #6 (OF 8)
Mythos: Ghost Rider
New Excalibur #15
New X-Men #34
OMAC #7 (OF 8)
Outsiders #44
Punisher #43
Runaways #23
Rush City #4 (OF 6)
Serenity TP
Shrugged #4
Spider-Man Blue HC
Squadron Supreme: Hyperion vs Nighthawk #1 (OF 4)
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adv vol 7 TP
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #12
Star Wars: Legacy #7
Stormwatch PHD #3
Superman/Batman: Aliens vs Predators #1 (OF 2)
Tales of the Unexpected #4 (OF 8)
Thunderbolts #110
Ultimate Secret #1 (OF 4) - Reorder
Ultimate Secret #3 (OF 4) - Reorder
Ultimate Secret #4 (OF 4) - Reorder
White Tiger #3 (OF 6)
Wolverine Origins #10

Agents of Atlas #6 – This is the final chapter of this awesome story, and I’m sad to see it go. This has been a great comic book, written in modern style and with modern story elements, but somehow still evoking that feeling the old comics used to have; you know the one, that feeling that of pure, unadulterated fun that comics used to have. This has been a great series – you MUST pick up the trade of this one when it comes out!

Batman #662 – John Ostrander’s 4-issue arc comes to a close in this issue as we find out what secret Dr. Franklin has been hiding and, hopefully, a little more about what happened to her brother that pushed him over the edge and turned him into the freak calling himself Grotesk. This fill-in run for Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert hasn’t been spectacular, but it’s been a good story with decent art, and that’s not too shabby. The covers have been gorgeous. Lookin’ forward to catching the end of this story arc.

Batman Confidential #2 – Okay, I thought the first issue of this book was going to be complete trash. The artwork certainly wasn’t doing anything to draw me in – Whilce Portacio knows how to wield a pencil, but he’s slipped in recent years and whoever they had inking him on this book apparently thought they were inking Klaus Janson, because the book just came out looking rough. But, and this is the saving grace of comics, there was a story in there too. And it was really, really, surprisingly, GOOD. I loved it. You better believe I’ll be reading the second issue. So should you!

Blade #5 – Highlighting Blade #5, eh? This must come as a total shock to you – it did to me. But, and here’s the rub, this issue is a Civil War tie-in! How, I don’t know, and I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you if I did, but if you’re picking up all the Civil War issues and tie-ins, here’s a surprise entry for your collection. I didn’t order a whole lot of these; so get yours fast!

Superman/Batman: Aliens vs Predator #1 (of 2) - Throw in the kitchen sink and that title will include everything! Not a whole lot else to tell other than what's included there - it's Superman; it's Batman; it's Aliens; and it's Predators. You know there is going to be some serious creepiness and some serious butt-kicking going on this 2-parter. This is a definite must-read!

Thunderbolts #110 – Warren Ellis is taking over Thunderbolts with this issue, and the team is now comprised of a whole new slew of freaks and high-profile villains. Venom?! Green Goblin?! What kind of superhero team does this make? And if you’re wondering who the creepy S&M looking new team member is, look no further than Civil War: Frontline #10 for his full origin. Talk about a complete personality reversal – freaky.

White Tiger #3 – Once again, if you haven’t picked this up, this mini-series has been fantastic. That’s right – this little off-shoot character from the pages of Daredevil has picked up the amulet and, subsequently, powers of an old B-List Marvel Hero, the White Tiger, and she’s running with it. Both story and art are great, and I’m really hoping she gets her own on-going series as a result of this. You should be reading this!

Wolverine Origins #10 – Now that Logan has his memories back as a result of House of M, there are a LOT of stories to tell to bridge the gap between the smash Origin mini-series of a couple of years ago and Logan’s first appearance in Incredible Hulk #181. I love the way Daniel Way is telling this story – things are happening in the here and now, and we get little glimpses back into Logan’s past. This is really good stuff!

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