Friday, March 30, 2007

April Fools' Comics! (4-4-07)

52 Week #48
All New Atom #10
American Virgin #13
Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus – Silver Surfer/Firelord
Avengers Initiative #1 CWI
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #2
Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born #3 (OF 7)
Death Dealer #1
Detective Comics #831
DMZ vol 1: On the Ground TP
Fables vol 1: Legends in Exile TP
Fables vol 2: Animal Farm TP – S/O #53
Fables vol 3: Storybook Love TP – S/O #53
Fables vol 4 : March of the Wooden Soldiers TP – S/O #53
Fall of Cthulhu #1
Fallen Angel #14
Fallen Son: Death of Captain America - Wolverine
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #19
Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears #3 (OF 6)
GI Joe: America’s Elite #22
Immortal Iron Fist #4

Incredible Hulk #105
Inquest Gamer #145
Irredeemable Ant-Man #7
Jack of Fables #9
Jack of Fables vol 1: Nearly Great Escape TP – S/O #66
Jonah Hex #18
JLA #7
Justice League Unlimited #32
Lone Ranger #1 – 2nd Printing
Looney Tunes #149
Madman Atomic Comics #1
Marvel Adventures Avengers # 11
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #26
Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness #2 (OF 5)
Midnighter #6
Ms Marvel #14 CWI
New Excalibur #18
Nightwing #131
Omega Flight #1 CWI (OF 5)
Painkiller Jane #0
Ptolus: City by the Spire #6 (OF 6)
Punisher #46
Raise the Dead #1
Runaways #25
Savage Tales #1
Scalped #4
Sonic X #18
Spider-Man Family #2
Star Trek TOS – Classic Enterprise 1701 - S/O # 69
Supergirl #16
Supergirl & the Legion of Superheroes #28
Superman #661
Superman/Batman #33
Thunderbolts Presents: Zemo, Born Better #3 (OF 4)
Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection vol 1
Usagi Yojimbo #101 – S/O #6
Welcome to Tranquility #5

Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus – Silver Surfer/Firelord – The cosmic characters have never been my thing, never liked them at all, so imagine my surprise when I glanced over the Annihilation story and LOVED it. If you like a good story and you’re even remotely a fan of these characters, you’re going to love this story.

Avengers: Initiative #1 – Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli (a great artist!) bring you a new Avengers title! Set in a post-Civil War Marvel Universe, this series focuses very tightly on the 50-State Initiative and how it affects, well, pretty much everyone. Originally slated to be a limited series, the popularity of Civil War, the New Avengers, and the strong debut of Mighty Avengers has led to the establishment of a new ongoing Avengers series. This is going to be hot!

Death Dealer #1 – Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer is one of those seminal images in fantasy art. He’s a muscle-bound barbarian on a black horse, and he carries a wicked looking axe, dripping with gore. Now, at long last, 30 years after this character first appeared, we get to find out who in the heck he is and how he became the deliverer of vengeance he is. This limited series should be awesome. Pick your copy up fast!!

Fallen Son: Death of Captain America – Wolverine – Marvel is paying tribute to Cap by telling a story through this Fallen Sons banner that is supposed to go through the five stages of mourning. Wolverine’s stage is denial. Wolverine doesn’t believe Captain America is really dead. He’s on a mission to verify the truth of that. He’s not a happy man.

Madman Atomic Comics #1 – Mike Allred’s series is back, chronicling the life of everyone’s favorite back-from-the-dead hitman Frank Einstein, AKA Madman. The series is fun, fresh and a true superhero romp. Old and new fans alike are going to be amazed at the twists and turns ahead for Frank! The first story, Jumping Silent Cars That Sleep At Traffic Lights, flips Madman’s world upside down!

Omega Flight #1 (of 5) – Since most of Canadian Superhero team Alpha Flight’s roster got wiped out in New Avengers before Civil War started, they now find themselves in need of a new team. Fresh from the pages of Civil War, Omega Flight moves North to serve as Canada’s new heroes. This book is going to rock, folks! Get in on it fast!

Painkiller Jane #0 – Jimmy Palmiotti’s new book hits the stands this week, and you can try it out for a quarter. What’s not to like? This hard-hitting femme fatale is going to be an ambitious multi-media experiment, with comics, a TV show, and a movie all set to debut within months of each other. Be the first kid on your block to get a copy!

Runaways #25 – Welcome aboard, Joss Whedon!! Do I need to say anymore? Joss is living the dream; this is his first issue of his Runaways run; so get on board, people!

Savage Tales #1 - March will see the return of a familiar name to the stands as Dynamite Entertainment launches Savage Tales, a new bi-monthly, 48-page ($4.99) series which will be a throwback, in a sense, to pulp anthology titles of the past. If the name rings a bell, especially among older fans, the last time anything Savage Tales was on the stands was in the early '70s, as a home for Conan while the Robert E. Howard property was at Marvel. While the title was revived briefly in the '80s, the name hasn't been seen since. The first issue of the new series will feature stories set in the world of Red Sonja, Cthulhu, and Atlantis, with covers by Arthur Suydam, Mel Rubi and Richard Isanove. Sweet!

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Josh, if it isn't too late can I get Avengers Initiative #1, Fall of Cthulu #1, and Omega Flight #1 (and add me to all of those) for 122? Oh, and Dark Tower.