Thursday, May 03, 2007

Haven featured in Huntsville Times today

Check out today's Go section of The Huntsville Times for a 4-page spotlight on Spider-Man 3. Along with the movie's review and a commemorative poster, there are two articles that feature Haven.

Too many bad guys? Nah, comics fans keep the faith

Some die-hard comic book/"Spider-Man" fans are excited but also a little nervous about this weekend's opening of "Spider-Man 3," which could be the final installment in the series.

"Everyone is really looking forward to 'Spider-Man 3,' but with really mixed feelings this time around," said Josh Olive, owner of Haven Comics in Madison.

"The Batman franchise from the '90s made the mistake of trying to put too many villains into the later movies, and those movies became a clown car in an out-of-control circus.

" 'Spider-Man 3' features at least three villains (there are rumors flying around of a fourth), and by many fans' count, that's two or three villains too many."


"On the other hand, (director) Sam Raimi has successfully demonstrated with two Spidey movies that he knows what he's doing with the character, and that's really the crux of the issue," Olive said. "If he can tell Peter Parker stories well, then the 'Spider-Man' stuff will fall into place pretty naturally. And through the first two films, Raimi's characterization of Peter Parker has been dead-on.

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Wanna seem hip? Read comic book

With the release of "Spider-Man 3," comic book stores around the world are celebrating Free Comic Book Day on Saturday.

Local stores participating include ... Haven Comics at 1871 S. Slaughter Road in Madison.

Now in its sixth year, Free Comic Book Day has proven to be a smashing success.

"The wide array of comic books being published today ensures that readers of all ages - children, teens, and adults - can find something appropriate that will stir their imaginations," said Josh Olive, owner of Haven Comics. "Comic books and graphic novels are considered hip, hot and smart."

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