Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Searching for comics in the heart of Boston

I mentioned yesterday that I was in Boston last week. One afternoon after sharing a bowl of clam chowder at Faneuil Hall, my daughter Emily and I walked a block or so to Newberry Comics in the heart of downtown.
As you can see from the sign, the place has been around since 1978. But while it was certainly a cool store, it wasn't very much a comics shop. They had all sorts of CDs and DVDs, but their new comics section wasn't much bigger than Haven's, and they didn't have any back issue stock that I could find. Their graphic novel selection was nice, but not much bigger than you'd see at Books-a-Million -- I've seen better (Legion Comics in Birmingham).

Anyway, we browsed the trades for a few minutes, and Emily told me she wanted to look at the pictures. When I looked down, she was holding a copy of the Daredevil Omnibus, and she said, "Daddy, can you read this to me?" It broke my heart to have to tell her no, but, for one thing, it's 816 pages; for another thing, it's Frank Miller.

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