Friday, June 29, 2007

Independence Day Comics!! (7-5-07)

Action Comics #851
Action Comics 3-D Variant #851

All New Atom #13
All Star Superman #5 – S/O #34
All Star Superman #6 – S/O #34
All Star Superman #7 – S/O #34
All Star Superman #8
Amazons Attack #3 (OF 6) – Shortage Replacement
Aquaman, Sword of Atlantis #53
Astounding Wolf-Man #2
Astounding Wolf-Man #1 Director’s Cut
Black Canary #1 (OF 4)
Captain America #25 Director’s Cut

Captain America: War & Remembrance TP
CMX 2007 Summer Mature Readers Sampler
CMX 2007 Summer Teen Sampler
Countdown 43
Countdown 50 – S/O #64
Countdown 51 – S/O #64
Danger Girl: Body Shots #4 (OF 4)
Daredevil: Battlin’ Jack Murdock #2 (OF 4)
Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born #6 (OF 7)
Detective Comics #834

Devi #12
Dynamo 5 #5
Faker #1 (OF 6)
Fallen Son: Death of Captain America – Iron Man
First Born/First Look
Garth Ennis’ Chronicles of Wormwood #5 (OF 6)
GI Joe: America’s Elite #25
Gold Digger #87
Haunted Mansion #6Reorder!!
Hulk: Planet Hulk HC – S/O #99
Incredible Hulk #107 WWH – Shortage Replacement
Inquest Gamer #148
Invincible vol 8: My Favorite Martian TP
Iron Man #19 WWH
Irredeemable Ant-Man #10 WWH
Jonah Hex #21
Justice League Unlimited #35
Kingdom Hearts II vol 1 GN (OF 5)
Loners #4 (OF 6)
Looney Tunes #152
Lord Crumwell’s Oddfellows Writers Collected PVC Set – S/O #3
Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #29
Marvel Illustrated: Last of the Mohicans #2 (OF 6)
Marvel Spotlight: Captain America Remembered
Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness #5 (OF 5)
Midnighter #9
Ms Marvel #17 CWI
New Avengers/Transformers #1 (OF 4)
New Warriors #2 CWI
Nightwing #134
Outsiders #49
Pirates vs Ninjas II: Up the Ante #1 (OF 3)
Punisher #49
Punisher Presents: Barracuda Max #5 (OF 5)
Runaways #27
Star Trek: Klingons, Blood Will Tell #3
Supergirl #19
Supernatural Origins #3
Thor #1
Ultimate Power #6 (OF 9)

Uncanny X-Men #488
Uncle Scrooge #367
Uncle Scrooge: Adventure Land Pygmy/War of the Wendigo
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #682
Who Wants to be a Superhero: Feedback (1-Shot)
Wizard Comics Magazine #190 – Shortage Replacement
Women of the DC Universe: Batgirl Bust
World War Hulk DCD 25th Anniversary Edition #1 (OF 5) – S/O #3
Y The Last Man #57

Black Canary #1 (of 4) - Black Canary takes flight in a 4-issue miniseries written by Tony Bedard (52, several CrossGen Titles, Exiles, etc.) with art by Paulo Sequiera (Birds of Prey, Gypsy) & Amilton Santos! The League of Assassins tracks Black Canary to Star City in an effort to liberate the child, Sin, they believe to be the DCU's next greatest assassin. Black Canary has other plans for Sin's abilities and future, so you know there’s going to be a showdown coming. Just think of this as Black Canary’s bachelorette party.

Faker #1 (of 6) – College, Freshman Year. Yep, more faking goes on in this year than just about any other of your life. You fake your way through your love life, through classes that are suddenly over your head, through your new fraternity friendships – everything. Add a bunch of ruthless people with hidden agendas to that, and the fakery takes on a little more sinister possibility. Have the whole thing written by Mike Carey (Ultimate FF, X-Men) and have it published by DC/Vertigo, and you’ve got a series worth picking up. So pick it up!!!

GI Joe: America’s Elite #25 – Issue #25 falls on the year of GI Joe’s 25th anniversary, so this issue is a major tribute to everyone’s favorite action figures, whether you were a fan of the 12” versions of the 3 ¾” versions. In any case, this series, for all you folks not reading it, is absolutely first rate, and this issue is the culmination of a story that’s been building for quite a while now, so it’s going to rock. If you’re a GI Joe fan, but you haven’t checked out the comic in a while, it’s definitely time to give it another chance; it’s been phenomenal.

Haunted Mansion #6 – I’ve got more of these bad boys on the way! Featuring great art and a fun story by two of Haven’s own – Andy and Alice Price – you definitely need to pick this up! You couldn’t ask for a better chance to support local comics creators and friends, so pick up your copy ASAP. They’ll be happy to sign it for you too!

New Warriors #2 CWI – In the first issue of this cool new iteration of the New Warriors title, someone is running around and taking out bad guys, in defiance of Iron Man’s initiative plan. As you can imagine, Iron Man is ticked off – not only because it’s happening, but because the perpetrator is leaving a calling card at the scene: an NW graffiti tag. At the end of the first issue, we see the perpetrator run into someone we all thought long gone: Night Thrasher! He started the New Warriors once, and he’s out to do it again. He wants to clear their name and prove to Tony Stark that you don’t have to a SHIELD agent to do some good in this world…and he wants to poke Tony Stark in the eye while he’s doing it. I’m all for that.

Thor #1 – He’s baaaaaaaaaaack! You can’t keep a good Norse god down, I guess. The Thunder God is back, courtesy of J. Michael Straczinski and Olivier Coipel, so you know you’re going to want to pick this up! Oh, and does anyone else find Thor’s timing interesting? Who else in the Marvel Universe, besides Sentry or Silver Surfer, has a chance at stopping the rampaging Hulk?!?! I’m betting there’s a big battle in the works!!

Who Wants to be a Superhero: Feedback – That’s right, true believers! The winner of Stan Lee’s goofy, yet fun reality show from last summer is getting a one-shot book from Dark Horse! If you enjoyed the on-screen earnestness of Feedback (I was more of a Major Victory fan, myself), then tune in for the comic and have a good lighthearted laugh. No, this ain’t The Watchmen, but it’s fun. Check it out.

See you at Haven!

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