Friday, June 22, 2007


300 HC – S/O #11
All Star Superman vol 1 HC – S/O #54
Amazons Attack #3 (OF 6)
Battlestar Galactica #11
Black Panther #28 CWI
Blue Beetle #16
Bone vol 1: Out From Boneville TP
Boys #8
Cable/Deadpool #42
Countdown 44
Countdown 46 – S/O #64
Countdown 47 – S/O #64
Countdown 48 – S/O #64
Countdown 49 – S/O #64
Countdown 50 – S/O #64
Crisis on Infinite Earths TP – S/O #54
Danger Girl: Body Shots #1 (OF 4) – S/O #59
Danger Girl: Body Shots #2 (OF 4) – S/O #59
Daredevil #98
Deadman #11
Death Dealer #3 (OF 6)
Disney Jr. vol 4: Pirates of the Caribbean GN
Dr. Who Magazine #383 – S/O #6, 107
Fables vol 1: Legends in Exile TP
Fables vol 2: Animal Farm TP – S/O #11
Fall of Cthulhu: Iron Orc Special Edition #0
Fantastic Four #547 CWI
Fathom Kiani #2
Fathom: Killian’s Vessel #1
Forgotten Realms: Streams Silver #3
Garth Ennis’ Streets of Glory Preview
GI Joe: Special Missions vol 1 TP
Gold Digger Peebo Tales Summer Fun Special #2
Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1
Grimm Fairy Tales #15
Grimm Fairy Tales: Return to Wonderland #1 (OF 7)
Haunted Mansion #6
Hedge Knight 2: Sworn Sword Sketch Variant #1 – S/O #3
Hellboy: Darkness Calls #3 (OF 6)
Identity Crisis TP – S/O #54
Immortal Iron Fist #6
Jack of Fables #12
JSA Classified #27
Justice League Unlimited #34
Kiss 4K #2 – S/O #77
Knights of the Dinner Table #128
Legion of Monsters: Satana
Marvel Adventures Avengers #14
Marvel Illustrated: Last of the Mohicans #2 (OF 6)
Marvel Previews #47
Mickey & Friends: Mickey Racer PX Figurine
Previews vol XVII #7
Serenity TP
She-Hulk 2 #19
Sheena #1 (OF 5)
Silent War #6 (OF 6)
Silver Surfer: Requiem #2 (OF 4)
Sin City vol 2: A Dame to Kill For
Sonic X #21
Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #2 (OF 4)
Supergirl & the Legion of Superheroes #31
Superman/Batman #37
Superman/Batman Variant Edition #37
Teen Titans #48 AA
Teen Titans Go! #44
Thunderbolts #115 CWI
Thunderbolts Bianchi Variant #115
S/O #14
Transformers Movie Adaptation #4 (OF 4)
Trials of Shazam vol 1 TP
Ultimate Fantastic Four #43
Ultimate Vision #4 (OF 5)

Ultimate X-Men #83
Ultimates 2 vol 2: Grand Theft America TP
Walking Dead #38
Wetworks #10
Wizard Magazine #190
Wolverine Origins #15
Wonder Woman #10
World War Hulk #1 (OF 5) WWH
World War Hulk: Frontline #1 (OF 6) WWH
World War Hulk: X-Men #1 (OF 3)
X-Factor #20
X-Men #200

X-Men: First Class 2 #1

Boys #8 – After a long hiatus, the Boys are back on track! DC told Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson they couldn’t continue to publish this book because it was just too twisted for them, so Ennis and Robertson took their red-headed step-child to Dynamite Entertainment. The 1st TP and issue #7 came out last month and, happily, issue #8 is right on schedule. If you want to check this series out, let me know and I’ll order the TP for you!

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1 – Hal Jordan has struggled to regain his reputation. Kyle Rayner has suffered great personal loss and reluctantly gained great power. Guy Gardner's trust in the Guardians is wavering. John Stewart's unbreakable loyalty soon will be tested. Together, these four men are the Green Lanterns of Earth…but why are so many Earthmen recruited into the Corps? What is their ultimate rolel in the future of the universe? And how will the secret of the rings' power threaten the Guardians and affect Hal Jordan's future? Sinestro was called the 'greatest' of the Green Lanterns; now the renegade has vowed to bring terror to the universe he once protected. The worst murderers, thieves and deviants in the universe have gathered into Sinestro's Corps for one purpose: to instill great fear. Armed with the truth behind Parallax, Sinestro's intergalactic insurgents strike hard and fast at the very heart of the Green Lantern Corps. The Sinestro Corps is about to change everything you know about the Green Lanterns. Fear them. Everyone else will. Plus, a 6-page backup story by Johns and Dave Gibbons – what more could you want?

Haunted Mansion #6 – Now, normally, I wouldn’t highlight issue #6 of a series that isn’t going to last much longer, but we’ve got good reason this time around: Andy Price, our resident professional comics artist, handles the art chores for one of the stories in this issue! Even better, the story was written by Andy’s infinitely better half, Alice! That’s right – you know these people! Come on out and buy a copy, then wait anxiously to get Andy and Alice to sign it for you! I bet they will…for a dollar. ;-)

Serenity TP – If you’re a fan of Joss Whedon’s shortlived but incredible Firefly TV show or of the follow-on movie, Serenity, and you haven’t read this story yet, get on the ball! This story bridges the gap between the TV show’s last episode and the movie. In other words, you NEED to read this!

Thunderbolts #115 – This is one of the most compelling comics out there right now. Warren Ellis manages to turn a bunch of low-level, B-grade superheroes into people you really care about, then he sets the government-controlled criminal team of the Thunderbolts on them and takes them down, all in the name of Superhero Registration. Iron Man would be proud. Give this series a chance; it is absolutely one of the best books Marvel is producing.

World War Hulk #1 (of 5) – If you missed World War Hulk #1 a couple of weeks ago, you get another shot at it! I managed to snag some more copies, and they are coming in this week. You DON’T want to miss this!

World War Hulk: Frontline #1 (of 7) – Just like Civil War: Frontline, this companion series follows the World War Hulk storyline from the perspective of two reporters, one embedded on each side of the controversy. In many ways, Frontline was a much better story than Civil War was last year, and this edition of Frontline is being written by Paul Jenkins again, so expect good things. Definitely pick this up!

World War Hulk: X-Men #1 (of 3) – Professor X is one of the Illuminati who launched Hulk into space in the first place, so you know he’s high on the list of people Hulk wants to take out. The X-Men aren’t real happy with Professor X right now, but they still don’t want someone else waltzing in and killing him, so this is going to be one heck of a fight.

X-Men #200 – Speaking of the X-Men, the adjectiveless series hits its landmark 200th issue this week. Even if you don’t read it anymore, you may well want to pick this book up for its gorgeous David Finch gatefold cover. This is poster-worthy material here.

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