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Wednesday's Comics!! (7-11-07)

30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella #3
52 vol 1 TP – S/O #54
Amazing Spider-Girl #10
Amory Wars #2 (OF 5)
Anita Blake: First Death #1 (OF 2)
Annihilation Conquest: Wraith #1 (OF 4)
Astounding Wolf-Man #2
Batman Confidential #7
Blade #11
Blade of the Immortal #127
BPRD: Garden of Souls #5 (OF 5)
Brit: Cold Death (1-Shot)
Civil War Chronicles #1
Consumed #1 (OF 4)
Countdown 42
Dark Tower: Gun Slinger Born #6 (OF 7) Campbell Variant – S/O #17
Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Spectacular
DMZ #21
Dragonlance Chronicles vol 2: Dragons of Winter Night – S/O #65
Dragonlance Chronicles vol 3 #2 (OF 12)
Dungeon: August 2007 #149
Exiles #96
Fables #63
Fantastic Five #1 (OF 5)
Freshmen vol 2 #6
Gen 13 #10
Green Arrow: Year One #1 (OF 6)
Green Lantern #21
Grifter/Midnighter #5 (OF 6)
HALO Poster
Hedge Knight: Sworn Sword #2 (OF 6)
India Authentic: Indra #3
JLA Classified #40
JSA #7
Madman Atomic Comics #3
Martha Washington Dies (ONE SHOT)
Marvel Illustrated: Man in the Iron Mask #1 (OF 6)
New Avengers #32
New Excalibur #21
Nexus #99: Space Opera, Act 1 OF 4
Nova #4
Omega Flight #4 CWI (OF 5)
Punisher War Journal #9 CWI
Red Prophet: Tales of Alvin Maker #9 (OF 12)
Sadhu vol 1 TP
Shadowpact #15
Sonic the Hedgehog #177
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #20
Star Wars Legacy #14
Star Wars Rebellion #8
Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen #1 (OF 5)
Stormwatch PhD #9
Sub-Mariner #2 CWI (OF 6)
Super #1 – Retailer Preview Edition
Superman #664
Superman Confidential #5
Tick: Comic Con Extravaganza #1
Transmetropolitan vol 7: Spiders Thrash TP – S/O #11
Transmetropolitan vol 8: Dirge TP – S/O #11
Ultimate X-Men #84
Usagi Yojimbo vol 2 SC – S/O #98
Voodoo Child #1
World War Hulk #1 (OF 5) WWH - Reorder
World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1 (OF 4) WWH
World War Hulk: X-Men #1 (OF 3)
Shortage Replacement
X-Factor #21

Civil War Chronicles #1 – Okay, if Civil War and its myriad ancillary titles came out a little confusing for you because of the wacky order in which they were released, your troubles are over. Civil War Chronicles rereleases ALL of the Civil War titles that came out in last year’s titanic tale of the rise of fascism and the pain of betrayal, and they release them in…chronological order! What a concept! Maybe they should’ve released them that way the first time…

Green Arrow: Year One #1 (of 6) – Before there was Green Arrow, there was Oliver Queen…and Oliver Queen was a frivolous playboy with little care for anyone or anything — even himself. But when he's double-crossed and marooned on a desert island he finds that he does care about something... justice! That, and boxing glove arrows. Everyone cares about those.

Martha Washington Dies (1-Shot) - On Earth, the battle for freedom rages on. The year is 2095 and the day is the one-hundredth birthday of Martha Washington. She is the leader of a small, resolute band that will not forfeit the pursuit of liberty-no matter what the cost. Today, the cost will be high. Martha has seen much in her hundred years, from the triumphs and tragedies of the battlefront, to the deepest reaches of space. Today, she will finally see the truth. This all-new story by two of comics' legendary creators is the unprecedented conclusion to one woman's epic struggle for life's most valuable quality -freedom. Also, if you’re digging Frank Miller’s stuff, well, this is the place to pick up some more!

Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen #1 – The moment of truthiness has arrived, people. This is a fine comic, with a brilliant plot and only slightly exaggerated art. It’s Stephen Colbert, so get on it, Colbert Nation!! Comics rock – and that’s the word.

Voodoo Child #1 - In 1860, the plantation of Mason Moore—a known Unionist sympathizer—is burned to the ground by secessionists. In the battle, Moore’s illegitimate son is killed, but as he gasps his last breaths, a voodoo bokor places a spell upon the dying boy. Flash forward to 2005: four months after the worst natural disaster in its history, New Orleans is gripped by fear as young girls start to disappear from its streets while a brutal gang war rages. When Detective Robert Julien starts to investigate, he finds that there's something else out in the shadows: something that's neither dead nor alive. The Voodoo Child. But is it a possible ally or the darkest nightmare of all? Definitely check this out!

World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1 (of 4) – If you knew the Hulk might one day try to destroy the earth, what would you do? Most likely, you’d curl up in a ball and cry yourself into an existential crisis. But a supersecretbrilliant scientist thinks up this scenario, he tries to figure out what made the Hulk, well, the Hulk. Then he tries to figure out how to replicate the experiment. Once he figures that stuff out, he makes lots of pseudo-Hulks to save the world from the real deal. Sound fun yet? Definitely check this one out, people!!

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