Friday, August 24, 2007

August's Last Comics! (8-29--07)

52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen #1 (OF 6)
Action Comics #854 (CD) – Shortage Replacement
Action Comics #855
Amazons Attack #6 (OF 6)
Amory Wars #3 (OF 5)
Avengers Initiative #5 CWI
Batman Annual #26: Head of the Demon
Batman: Batman & Son HC

Black Panther #30 CWI
Bomb Queen IV #1 (OF 4)
Cable/Deadpool #44 – Shortage Replacement
Catwoman: When in Rome TP – S/O #2
Catwoman: Wild Ride TP – S/O #2
Conan #43
Countdown 35
Countdown to Adventure #1 (OF 8)
Dr Who Special #17 - S/O #6, #107
Enigma Cypher #2 (OF 5)
Ex Machina Masquerade Special
Fall of Cthulhu #5
Fantastic Four #549 CWI
Forgotten Realms: Halfling’s Gem #1
Gamekeeper #4
Green Arrow: Year One #4 (OF 6) – Shortage Replacement
Hellboy: Darkness Calls #5 (OF 6)
KISS 4K #3
Knights of the Dinner Table #130
Last Fantastic Four Story
Marvel Previews #49: September 2007
Marvel Spotlight: Halo - S/O #48
Marvel Zombies MiniMates Box Set – S/O #64
Mice Templar #1
Nightmare Factory GN – S/O #28
Outsiders: Five of a Kind Week 5: Grace/Wonder Woman
Previews Vol XVII #9
Ramayan 3392 AD Reloaded #1
Same Difference & Other Stories GN – S/O #2
Silver Surfer Requiem #4 (OF 4)
Sonic the Hedgehog #179
Spider-Man: One More Day Sketchbook
Supergirl & the Legion of Superheroes #33 – S/O #54
Tales from the Crypt #2
Teen Titans #50
Teen Titans Go! #46
Transformers Spotlight: Optimus Prime
Ultimate Spider-Man vol 1: Power & Responsibility TP
Ultimate Spider-Man vol 2: Learning Curve TP – S/O #11
Ultimate Spider-Man vol 17: Clone Saga TP – S/O #2
Ultimates 2 vol 2: Grand Theft America TP – S/O #2
Usagi Yojimbo #105
Walking Dead #41
Warhammer 40K: Damnation Crusade #3 (OF 6)
Warhammer 40K: Forge of War #3 (OF 6)
Wetworks #12
Wizard Magazine
Wonder Woman #12 (AA)
Wonder Woman vol 4: Destiny Calling TP – S/O #2
World War Hulk: X-Men #3 (OF 3) WWH

52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen #1 (of 6) – The Four Horsemen of Dread Apokolips have returned, and now they have 52 worlds to ravage. Alright, DC Nation, time to check out this worlds shattering mini-series and see who manages to survive!

Batman Annual #26: Head of the Demon - Written by Peter Milligan Art by David Lopez & Alvaro Lopez Cover by Tim Sale. The definitive origin of Ra's al Ghul, Batman's greatest foe, is finally revealed in this annual. I’ve always wondered what his deal was – and now we’re about to find out!

Batman: Batman & Son HC – If you missed out on Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert’s first Batman story arc, it’s not too late! It’s all collected here for the first time, so take your opportunity and pick it up this time around. There are some great things going on in this story arc – definitely a good read.

Bomb Queen IV #1 (of 4) – Bomb Queen. What can you say? It’s a chick with an explosive power, running around in skimpy clothes that never last far into a fight, but it’s a fun book! This book definitely has a sense of humor and enjoys its flair for T&A without making a big issue out of it. If you’re up for something fun and risqué, you should give this book a shot.

Last Fantastic Four Story – The man (the one left anyway – RIP Jack Kirby), Stan Lee, teams up with John Romita Jr. to bring us the definitive end of the Fantastic Four. Is there anything else I need to say? Buy it already!

Mice Templar #1 – Following on the success of last year’s runaway surprise hit, Mouse Guard, we get a new tale of mice with sharp, pointy objects. This looks to be a more irreverent, funny look at a similar subject. If you liked Mouse Guard, give this a try; if you thought Mouse Guard was a little too somber, then this may be more your speed. Either way, check it out!

World War Hulk: X-Men #3 (of 3) – Of all the World War Hulk tie-in series, the one I’m most surprised by is this one. The Civil War: X-Men mini was terrible. Atrocious even. This book is freakin’ awesome! It’s got a great story, ties in well with the overall World War Hulk storyline, and has beautiful art. This one is most definitely worth checking out!

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