Friday, February 29, 2008

Lots of Cool NEW Series This Week!! (3-5-08)

All New Atom #21
Amazing Spider-Man #551 BND
Amazing Spider-Man #552
Amazing Spider-Man #552 Granov Variant
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter #9 (OF 12)
Army of Darkness #7
Black Summer Auxiliary #4 (OF 7)
Boys #16
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #12
Cable #1 DWS
Captain America #34Shortage Replacement
Clandestine #2 (OF 5)
Countdown: Lord Havok & the Extremists #5 (OF 6)
Countdown to Adventure #7 (OF 8)
Countdown to Final Crisis 8
Dark Tower: Long Road Home #1 (OF 5)
DC Special: Raven #1 (OF 5)

Detective Comics #842
Dr. Who Magazine #392
Dynamo 5 #11
End League #2
Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall SC
Green Lantern #28
Hulk #2 Special Variant – S/O #3
Infinity Inc #7
Jonah Hex #29
Justice League: The New Frontier Special
Justice League Unlimited #43
Logan #1 (OF 3)
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #37
Marvel Spotlight: Hamilton/Martin
Marvel Zombies 2 #5 (OF 5)
Midnighter #17
Moon Knight #16
New Dynamix #1 (OF 5)
Nightwing #142
North Wind #3 (OF 5)
Northlanders #4
Omega the Unknown #6 (OF 10)
Pax Romana #2 (OF 4)
Penance Relentless #5 (OF 5)
Powers #28
Punisher War Journal #17
Secret Invasion Saga
Shark-Man #1 – S/O #64
Sisterhood #1 (OF 3)
Streets of Glory #4 (OF 6)
Supergirl #27
Teen Titans Year One #3 (OF 6)
Terry Moore’s Echo #1
Twelve #3 (OF 12)
Uncanny X-Men #496 DWS
X-Force #2 DWS
Young Liars #1

Cable #1 - A new ongoing series spinning out of the decade's biggest X-Men event! The future of mutantkind starts here! 'Messiah CompleX' changed the X-Men forever. But no one's world has been rocked as hard as Cable, the time-traveling mutant from the future. He's been charged with the one mission that could save all of mutantkind -- or, if he fails, damn it to extinction. And hot on his trail is a relentless enemy who won't stop until blood is spilled. No matter where…or when…Cable runs.

Dark Tower: Long Road Home #1 (of 7) - It's the return of the best-selling comic book series, inspired by Stephen King's epic The Dark Tower! Gunslinger Roland Deschain has seen the death of his lover Susan Delgado. And the Big Coffin Hunters who burned her at the stake are now in pursuit of Roland and his ka-tet Cuthbert and Alain. The friends are forced to flee into the desert with the deadly posse in hot pursuit….and Roland is in a coma! Don't miss this opening chapter starring the Gunslinger whose quest for the Dark Tower will shake the foundation of reality itself!

DC Special: Raven #1 - From Marv Wolfman, co-creator of Raven, and maverick penciller Damion Scott (BATGIRL) comes a 5-issue miniseries delving into Raven's past and giving her a new life - but first she must survive the horrors of high school! Can the Titan's empath endure the wave of teen angst at school, especially after someone begins killing students? Emotions are driven sky high thanks to the reappearance of the Psycho Pirate's Medusa mask, and there's no way anyone can contain it once it has fallen into the wrong hands. Titans fans new and old dare not miss this one!

Logan #1 - Superstar artist Eduardo Risso (100 Bullets) joins critically acclaimed writer Brian K. Vaughan (TV's LOST, Y: The Last Man) for a unique take on the man who's the best there is at what he does. Finally armed with long-lost memories from his past, Wolverine returns to one of his first battlefields to settle an old score in an all-new adventure with a shocking revelation about the man known as Logan.

New Dynamix #1 - Where have all the heroes gone? That's what Lady Love - a Bay Area disc jockey - wants to know. Her alter ego, Love Rocket, is trying to keep her city from falling to pieces, but it's not easy. During a mission, her crime-fighting partner does such a good job attacking a hostage-taker that he puts a child's life in danger - while a TV news crew catches all the action. Their broadcast grabs a lot of attention from various people…including a WildStorm super-powered-being who's been out of commission for years. Will this shock him into action?

Terry Moore’s Echo #1 - Terry Moore is back with a new series, and this time he’s going nuclear! Julie Martin is taking photographs in the desert when she witnesses a massive explosion in the sky. Covered in the bizarre, metallic fallout, she races home to find a chunk of the mercury-like metal came with her. When the metal becomes attached to her skin, Julie is unaware that she is host to a new symbiotic technology: a living bomb!

Young Liars #1 - David Lapham hasn't embarked on a monthly series since STRAY BULLETS, his magnum opus that garnered industry awards and international acclaim. Now Lapham's back with YOUNG LIARS, his first full-color monthly series, about a group of misfits and their desperate attempt to salvage their crushed dreams. 'I haven't had this much fun since my Uncle Chuck took me on a crime spree in the fourth grade.' - David Lapham At the core of YOUNG LIARS is the disturbing relationship between Danny Noonan, a habitual liar and crap guitar player from Texas, and Sadie Dawkins, the object of his desire. Sadie was a poor little rich girl until a bullet lodged in her brain turned her into an adrenaline junkie who only listens to Danny. But who shot Sadie is only part of the mystery that drives YOUNG LIARS, from the twisted club scene of lower Manhattan to absurdist hijinx on the high seas. And from the hot shores of Ibiza to the haunted castles of Spain, Danny, Sadie and their entourage of losers will run from poorly disguised assassins, demented billionaires, and psychotic midgets - not to mention each other - in an absurd quest to get rich and famous. Or kill each other trying. YOUNG LIARS will provide relentless action, suspense, sex and murder in the way that only David Lapham can deliver.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Comic book reading recommendations

USA Today's Pop Candy blog has compiled a (thus far) fantastic 4-part "comics crash course."

Part one: 25 essential graphic novels
Part two: 25 family-friendly comics
Part three: 25 must-see series
Part four: (to be posted Feb. 27)

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Chronicle provides the same tired suggestions for "comic books to read before you die."

Dave Grohl - Joe Quesada - Cage Match!

Actually, it has nothing to do with Quesada, but Foo Fighters are suing Marvel.

You wouldn't like the Foo Fighters when they're mad. The band filed a copyright infringement suit last week against Marvel Comics, accusing the company of using two of its songs in an online trailer without permission.

The band's suit alleges that Marvel used substantial excerpts from the songs "Best of You" and "Free Me" from the 2005 album In Your Honor in a trailer for the new television series Wolverine and the X-Men. Roswell Records Inc., which owns the master recordings to the songs, was named as a co-plaintiff in the suit. Dave Grohl and Co. are seeking unspecified damages, attorneys' fees and an injunction to prevent Marvel from using their music again.

Wolverine and the X-Men producers First Serve International, Toonz Animation India and First Serve Toonz are also named as defendants in the suit. The disputed trailer has been removed from Marvel's website, and no premiere date for the series has been announced.

I guess the Fighters of Foo are DC fans.

Act cool when you say that you read the book first

If you liked Seven and Fight Club, you might want to check out the graphic novel Black Hole before David Fincher adapts it into a film.

David Fincher is attached to direct "Black Hole" for Paramount Pictures and MTV Films.

Plan B and producer Kevin Messick are developing the project that's based on Charles Burns' graphic novel. Burns wrote and illustrated the 12-issue series that became the graphic novel over a 10-year period.

Story kicks off when a sexually transmitted "bug" is passed from teenager to teenager.

Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman were tapped to adapt the screenplay in March 2006.

Alexandre Aja was previously attached to direct.

Monday, February 25, 2008

No golden statue for 'Persepolis'

In comics-related Oscar news, Persepolis walked away empty handed last night with the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature going to Ratatouille.

Persepolis - the movie
Perseoplis - the graphic novel

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Awesome Comics Week!! (2-27-08)

Action Comics #862
All Star Batman & Robin #9
All Star Batman & Robin #9 Variant
Amory Wars #5 (OF 5)
Ant Unleashed #3
Army @ Love #12
Authority Prime #5 (OF 6)
Barks/Rosa Collected TP vol 2: Donald’s Atom Bomb – S/O #43
Batman #674
Black Panther Annual #1
Black Summer Auxiliary #3 (OF 7)
Blue Beetle #24
Bone TP vol 1: Out from Boneville – S/O #7
Captain America #35
Countdown to Final Crisis 9
Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood #5 (OF 5)
Criminal 2 #1
Dan Dare #4 (OF 7)
Daredevil #105
Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born HC – S/O #11
Deadrider #2 (OF 4)
Dr. Who #1
Dragonlance Chronicles vol 3 #8 (OF 12)
Fables #70
Fall of Cthulhu #10
Gravel #1
Highlander: Way of the Sword #3
House of M: Avengers #5 (OF 5)
India Authentic #10: Parashuram
Jack of Fables #20
JLA Classified #53
JSA Classified #35
Justice Society of America #13
Justice Society of America #13 Variant – S/O #122
Legion of Superheroes #39
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #33
Marvel Illustrated: Picture of Dorian Grey #3 (OF 6)
Marvel Previews #55
Marvel Zombies 2 #5 (OF 5)
Megas #1 (OF 4)
Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 #3 (OF 6)
New Warriors #9
Nexus #100: Space Opera ACT 2 OF 4
Previews vol XVIII #3
Project Superpowers #1 (Of 6)
Sadhu: The Silent Ones #5
Samurai: Heaven & Earth vol 1 TP – S/O #11
Samurai: Heaven & Earth vol 2 TP – S/O #11
Secret History: Book Five
Shark-Man #2 – S/O #64
She-Hulk 2 #26
Sonic X #30
Spider-Man: With Great Power #2 (OF 5)
Spirit #14 – S/O #54
Star Trek Aliens Spotlight: Romulans
Star Wars Legacy #20
Stranded #2
Teen Titans #56
Teen Titans Go #52
Thor #6
Thunderbolts: International Incident

Transformers Devastation #6
Ultimate Fantastic Four #51
Ultimate Spider-Man #119

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #6 (OF 8)
Uncle Scrooge #373
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #688
Wizard Magazine #198
World War Hulk Aftersmash: Damage Control #2 (OF 3)
X-Men: First Class vol 2 #9
X-Men Legacy #208 DWS
Young Avengers Presents #2 (OF 6)
Zorro #11 copy S/O #102

Captain America #35 - THE NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA FIGHTS FOR THE HEART OF HIS COUNTRY IN A CITY GONE INSANE! Last issue was just the tip of the iceberg, as the Red Skull's master plan kicks into motion, and chaos begins to take hold of the US, with only one man to stand in its way, but is he up to the task?

Dr. Who #1 - The legendary Doctor Who is back, with the first-ever stories created exclusively for the US market. The Doctor is the last of the Time Lords, survivors of a Great Time War and, along with his loyal friend and companion Martha Jones from London, they stop oppression, darkness and evil spreading throughout the galaxies. They're also on the hunt for the best chocolate milkshakes in the cosmos… and while they track that down, someone else has the Doctor in their sights. As the very last Time Lord out there, he's highly collectable, to the right people... this debut miniseries comes to you courtesy of Doctor Who TV show story editor Gary Russell and artist Nick Roche (The Transformers).

Gravel #1 - Everyone thought that he was dead, including the Minor Seven, the secret enclave of Britain's Occult Detectives. But Combat Magician William Gravel is very much alive and looking for the answers to how and why his place in the Minor Seven was filled by another and what the secret society is doing with the Sigsand Manuscript, an ancient supernatural text of unparalleled power. In a quiet, country cottage, Gravel will find the first clues to the Sigsand's location and in the darkness of the cottage's basement, a disturbing, unnatural thing that slithered into our dimension by the power of the ancient tome... Brought here from somewhere that mortal man could not possibly comprehend. The kind of magic that can strip the skin from a screaming man's skull, or direct the path of a shrieking bullet through a maze of city streets, striking its target between the eyes with pin-point accuracy. This is not just magic... This is Combat Magic, wielded by Sergeant Major William Gravel.

Megas #1 (of 4) - Beautiful. Powerful. Better. They're everything you've ever wanted to be. But at the heart of this dystopic society lies a regime struggling for control over a populace that may just be tired of being inferior. Agent Jack Madison finds himself in the middle of a maelstrom as he struggles to solve a crime and come to terms with a truth he's not ready to face. Not to mention a mysterious symbol and the seeds of rebellion.

Project Superpowers #1 - Issue #1 weighs in at 40 pages, and includes Alex Ross sketchbook material and character designs! The entire story of the return of the SUPERPOWERS begins here (and will be told over the course of this 6 issue mini-series!)The story of SUPERPOWERS starts here! After the super-selling #0, Dynamite launches Alex Ross' SUPERPOWERS #1. Can the modern world can handle the greatest heroes ever lost to history!

Thunderbolts: International Incident - The Thunderbolts work for the American government...but the Radioactive Man and the Swordsman are foreign citizens. When a mission goes against the interests of their home countries, where will their loyalties lie -- with their team, their homeland...or themselves?

Zorro #1 – If you missed it last week, don’t make the same mistake twice!! This awesome new series, written and ‘directed’ by Matt Wagner, with art by Francesco Francovilla, is a must read if you’ve ever liked the character of Zorro even a little. This is great stuff!!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Garth Ennis hits it big with Preacher and The Boys!

- From Entertainment Weekly

Columbia Pictures has acquired film rights to the indie comic book The Boys and is teaming with producer Neal H. Moritz (I Am Legend, Prison Break) for a feature adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's Dynamite Entertainment series. The story is about a CIA squad known as ''the boys'' that keeps watch on the proliferation of superheroes and, if necessary, is assigned to intimidate or eliminate them. Ennis is also the co-creator of the comic series Preacher, which is being adapted for HBO.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Awesome Wednesday Comics!! (2-20-08)

Amazing Spider-Man #551 BND
Angel: After the Fall #4
Aspen Showcase: Grace #1
Avengers Classic #9
Batman & the Outsiders #4
Batman Confidential #13
Battlestar Galactica Origins #3
Birds of Prey #115
Bone vol 2 TP: The Great Cow Race – S/O #7
Boys vol 2 TP: Get Some
BPRD: 1946 #2 (OF 5)
Brave & the Bold #10
Cable/Deadpool #50
Catwoman #76
Checkmate #23
Conan #49
Countdown to Final Crisis 10
Death of the New Gods #6 (OF 8)
Ex Machina #34
Flash #237
Forgotten Realms: The Legacy #1 (OF 3)
Gold Digger #93
Gold Digger Sourcebook #14
Green Lantern vol 1 HC: The Sinestro Corps War
Grendel: Behold the Devil #4 (OF 8)
Grimm Fairy Tales #21
Grimm Fairy Tales: Return to Wonderland #6 (OF 6)
Hulk #2
Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall & the Green Mist of Death
Incredible Hercules #114
Iron Man #26
Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #1
JLA #18
Knights of the Dinner Table #136
Locke & Key #1
Madame Mirage #5
Marvel Adventures Avengers #21
Marvel Illustrated: Iliad #3 (OF 8)
Mighty Avengers #9
Order #8
Perhapanauts Annual #1
Red Sonja #30
Rex Mundi #10
Robin #171
Runaways #29
Scooby Doo #129
Serenity TP – S/O #7
Shadowpact #22
Spirit #14
Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection vol 12: Legacy
Star Wars: Dark Times #9
Superman/Batman #46
Superman Confidential #12
Terror, Inc. #5 (OF 5)
Ultimate Human #2 (OF 4)
Ultimate X-Men #91
Ultimates 3 #3 (OF 5)
Ultimates 3 #3 (OF 5) CHO VAR
Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #6 (OF 6)
Wildstorm Revelations #4 (OF 6)
Willow Creek #0 (OF 5)
Wolverine Origins #22
Wonder Girl #6 (OF 6)
World of Warcraft #4
World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound #3 (OF 5)
Youngblood #2
Zorro #1

Aspen Showcase: Grace #1 - This one-shot special highlights Grace’s journey throughout history, and her search for the return of a magical age forever lost to her. If you’re a fan of Michael Turner’s Aspen universe at all, you’ll definitely want to check this new title out!

Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall & the Green Mist of Death - Learn more about the pasts of the mysterious Prince and Orson Randall, Danny Rand’s predecessor as the Immortal Iron Fist. In keeping with the regular series, this charts the adventures of the increasingly popular Iron Fist of the Golden Age. This is awesome stuff, and you should absolutely take a look at this book.

Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #1 - A young, orphaned, beautiful woman attempts to make a life for herself in the big city. As she grapples with mundane problems like making rent and a creepy manager at work, something deeper brews; a nagging suspicion that her life is not her own. Seeking answers (not to mention extra cash) she enrolls in a past life regression experiment which seems to ignite visions of a demonic past that no one can explain.
Then comes the titillating and strangely dangerous power she's not sure she can control, and a mysterious guy with the sword who just won't leave her alone. It's one hell of a day for our heroine, especially when she discovers who her real father is – I’m betting it’s the devil or, possibly, Ron Jeremy.

Locke & Key #1 - “Locke & Key” is about three children who find themselves custodians of Keyhouse, a New England mansion filled with “impossible doors.” Explained Hill, “There’s a door that will turn you into a ghost when you walk through it. There’s a closet filled with different robes – an African robe, a Chinese robe, Indian furs – and by throwing on these cloaks you can change your race. Most of all, somewhere in the house, there’s a door that must never be opened, the black door. Naturally, there’s someone who wants to open it, a creature named Dodge, a kind of Peter Pan gone horribly wrong. Someone who takes the Lost Boys of the world and turns them Columbine.

Ultimate Human #2 (of 4) - Continuing the ultimate clash between Iron Man and the Hulk! The grey goliath is in full smash mode as he rampages through a Stark facility designed specifically to hold him—and all that stands between him and total destruction is the gleaming gladiator called Iron Man! Unfortunately, in the mad rush to stop the Hulk, Tony Stark has jumped into a suit of armor that happens to have no weapons systems! That’s bad news for Tony—and worse news for the world! The dream team of writer Warren Ellis and artist Cary Nord unleash the no-holds-barred fight between machine and monster!

Ultimates 3 #3 (of 5) - The true(?) origin of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch! What horrible secret have these two shared and how is it now exposed? Does it hold a clue to solving the murder at the Ultimates' mansion? This issue guest stars Wolverine and uncovers the past...marching us closer to ULTIMATUM!

Willow Creek #0 (of 5) - The legend of Bigfoot brings many people to Willow Creek, including hunters, scientists and curiosity seekers. The Landis party got more than they bargained for when they entered the mysterious forest that surrounds the town, looking for evidence of the elusive beast. They discover that something is out there haunting the town and woods that surround it - only it's not Bigfoot but something far more terrible and deadly.

Zorro #1 - Dynamite presents the return of yet another Legend as Matt Wagner unveils the all-new Zorro! Writer, Art Director and cover artist Matt Wagner is in command of this all-new "year one" Zorro comic book adventure. Similar in tone and scope to Dynamite's acclaimed Lone Ranger series, Zorro also features artist Francesco Francavilla who complements Wagner's pulp action writing!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Valentines' Comics!! (2-13-08)

Amazing Spider-Girl #17
Amazing Spider-Man #550 BND
Astro City: The Dark Age Special #2
Black Panther #34
Booster Gold #0
BPRD: 1946 #2 (OF 5)
Captain Marvel #3 (OF 5)
Civil War Chronicles #8
Clandestine Premiere Hardcover
Countdown 11
Dead of Night: Featuring Man-Thing #1 (OF 4)
DMZ #28
Fantastic Four #554
Fantastic Four: Lost Adventure
Gold Digger Source Book #11
Gen 13 #17
Ghost Rider #20
GI Joe: America’s Elite #32
Gotham Underground #5 (OF 9)
Green Arrow/Black Canary #5
Green Arrow/Black Canary #5 Variant
Green Lantern Corps #21
Indiana Jones Omnibus vol 1 TP
Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin #5 (OF 6)
Jack Staff #14
JLA Classified #52
John Woo’s Seven Brothers 2 #5
Legion of Superheroes in the 31st Century #11
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #36
Marvel Comics Presents #6
New Avengers #38 SII
New Exiles #2
Nova Annual #1
Punisher: Force of Nature
Punisher War Journal #16
Ramayan 3392 AD Reloaded #4
Salvation Run #4 (OF 7)
Simon Dark #5
Sonic the Hedgehog #185
Spider-Man Family #7
Spooks #1
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - S/O #23
Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag #6 (OF 8)
Superman #673
Tall Tales of Sharma Panchatantra #2 (OF 5)
Tiny Titans #1
Ultimate Iron Man II #3 (OF 4)
Uncle Scrooge #372
Walking Dead #46
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #687
Warhammer 40K: Blood & Thunder #3 (OF 5)
Wolverine #62 DWS
Wolverine TP: Evolution - S/O #7
Wonder Woman #17
X-Factor #28 DWS
X-Force #1
X-Force #1 Variant – S/O #71

Booster Gold #0 - An issue over ten years in the making! An official ZERO HOUR crossover kicks off the second time-traveling story arc of 'the greatest hero the world will never know' with 'Blue and Gold,' Part 1! Witness the secret origin of Booster Gold as he journeys through the time line, lost, in an attempt to return home...with a good friend in tow. But there's an evil out there waiting for him; one of the greatest villains of the DC Universe: Hal Jordan, a.k.a. Parallax!

Fantastic Four #554 - Who is Mrs. Fantastic? And how will her return into Reed's life rock comicdom's First Family? Also, get ready to meet the Invisible Woman's brand NEW super-team! This issue kicks off a year-long storyline that will make FANTASTIC FOUR 'The World's ULTIMATEST Comic Magazine!' Promise! Oh, and it’s by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, if that does anything for you.

Fantastic Four: Lost Adventure - COMIC BOOK EQUIVALENT OF A LOST BEATLES TRACK! Together, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby produced 102 consecutive issues of FANTASTIC FOUR. But there was a 103rd story they'd begun in 1970, but never finished-until now! Working from copies of Jack's penciled pages, Stan Lee and Joe Sinnott have reunited, to complete the work they started almost four decades ago! Plus, this super-sized issue includes reproductions of Kirby's un-inked penciled pages, with border notes and analysis by John Morrow, and a complete reprint of FANTASTIC FOUR #108 by Stan Lee and John Buscema, which incorporated some of the material from the lost story as a flashback.

Indiana Jones Omnibus vol 1 TP - Indiana Jones is back in this massive volume recounting three of the most important discoveries in the career of the twentieth century's most adventurous archaeologist! Containing the long-out-of-print stories, "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis," "Thunder in the Orient," and "Indiana Jones and the Arms of Gold," this substantial tome follows the intrepid Dr. Jones as he travels from Africa to Asia and nearly everywhere in between in a race against the Nazis for the world's greatest treasures. From lost cities, to ancient temples, to artifacts of legendary power, Indy will stop at nothing to preserve these prizes from the grasp of Adolf Hitler's evil minions.

Spooks #1 - Spooks is the name of a secret branch of the government that guards humanity from things that go bump in the night, and when the king of all vampires allies with the deadliest of witches, it unleashes an invasion of classic monsters on Washington DC, in an all out battle for control of the Earth. Monster designs by R.A. Salvatore - Military characters designed by G.I. Joe legend, Larry Hama!

Tiny Titans #1 - See what life is like at Sidekick Elementary and meet the new staff! Follow the madness that ensues when Beast Boy gets a puppy friend! Witness what happens when the girls meet a pink stranger with a melted ice cream cone! Find out what makes Cassie such a trendsetter! All your favorite Titans, in their cutest possible form, are here and waiting for you!

X-Force #1 - There are lines that the X-Men have sworn never to cross. But after the shocking events of 'Messiah Complex,' Cyclops realizes that some enemies need to be dealt with permanently… and the X-Men can never know about it. Enter WOLVERINE, WARPATH, X-23 and WOLFSBANE…X-FORCE.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

February's First Comics! (2-6-08)

BOYS #15
TWELVE #2 (OF 12)

Abe Sapien: The Drowning #1 (of 5) - A century ago, paranormal investigator Edward Grey fought and destroyed a powerful warlock off the island of Saint Sebastian. In the early 1980s, the B.P.R.D.'s newest agent was sent to retrieve the warlock's remains. But Abe Sapien is ill prepared for the supernatural forces that block his way. Written by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, and featuring the haunting art of Jason Shawn Alexander (Damn Nation, The Secret, The Escapists), Abe Sapien: The Drowning's the story of Hellboy and B.P.R.D. mainstay Abe Sapien's first solo adventure.

Boys #15 - 'Good For The Soul,' Part 1. The most talked about comic of the year continues from Dynamite Entertainment, writer/co-creator Garth Ennis and artist/co-creator Darick Robertson! Hughie visits The Legend, determined to find out more about The Boys - their history, their personalities, and their mysterious hidden agenda! Meanwhile, Annie January (alias Starlight) has her own doubts about membership of The Seven. This storyline also reveals a little more about the other members of the team - beginning with Butcher, and his relationship with CIA director Susan Rayner!

Clandestine #1 (of 5) - Alan Davis' freaky family returns! They've existed, hidden among mankind for centuries, a mysterious bloodline of superhumans, eternal and apart. And all they've desired is to be left alone, to pursue their individual interests in peace. But now, the existence of their hidden clan is threatened with exposure by the activities of one of their youngest siblings, Rory Destine, who aspires to be the costumed crimefighter called the Crimson Crusader! And now that the cat's been let out of the bag, who or what is going to come calling at the Destine family's Ravenscroft doorway? This was the cream of the crop of the Marvel UK line during its brief run, and it was a flat-out awesome book. I don’t expect this run to be anything less than incredible.

Lords of Avalon: Sword of Darkness #1 (of 6) - In a world where Camelot is ruled by Lord Kerrigan, the peasant Seren has become a pawn between the rulers of light and the rulers of darkness. But the talented seamstress faces a dilemma after Lord Kerrigan kidnaps her: Is Kerrigan truly the demon others portray him to be, or is he her savior in disguise? Jump into this new twist on Arthurian legend, adapted from best-selling author Kinley MacGregor. MacGregor, known for her historical romance novels, is the pen-name of Sherrilyn Kenyon, the best-selling and award-winning American author known for her supernatural romance and vampire novels.

Scud: The Disposable Assassin #21 - After a decade of anticipation, Rob Schrab and Image Comics finally release SCUD: THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN #21, the beginning of the four-issue finale for his ever-popular death dealing robot.

"Even after all this time it's hard to say goodbye," writer/artist Rob Schrab said. "I was working on a thirty-two page conclusion to include in a collection of all the previous material, but it grew to well over a hundred pages. Image and I agreed this warranted its own release and it's for the better. The ending is now an entirely different beast, one I couldn't be any prouder about."