Friday, May 30, 2008

Another HUGE Comics Week + D&D 4th Edition!! (6-4-08)

Abe Sapien: The Drowning #5 (OF 5)
All New Atom #24
Amazing Spider-Man #561
American Dream #3 (OF 5)
Amory Wars II #1 (OF 5)
Astonishing X-Men Sketchbook
Avengers/Invaders #2 (OF 12)
Batman: Death Mask #3 (OF 4)
Battlestar Galactica Origins #6
Bionicle vol 1 GN
Boys #19
Buddha: Story of Enlightenment #3
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #15
Cable #4 DWS
D&D 4th Ed: Dungeon Master’s Guide
D&D 4th Ed: Monster Manual
D&D 4th Ed: Player’s Handbook

Dark Tower: Long Road Home #4 (OF 5)
DC Special: Raven #4 (OF 5)
Detective Comics #845
Devi #20
Dragonlance Chronicles vol 3 #12 (OF 12)
Dynamo 5 vol 1 TP: Post Nuclear Family
Evil Dead #4 (OF 4)
Fables vol 10 TP: The Good Prince
Grimm Fairy Tales #27
Haunt of Horror: Lovecraft #1 (OF 3)
Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword Premiere HC

House of Mystery #2
Indiana Jones Omnibus vol 2 TP
Infinity Inc #10
Invincible Iron Man #2
Justice League Unlimited #46
JSA #16
JSA #16 Variant – S/O #71
Lobster Johnson vol 1 TP: Iron Prometheus
Manhunter #31
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #40
Marvel Spotlight: Secret Invasion
Midnighter #20
Mummy Movie Prequel: Rise & Fall of Xangos Ax #1 – S/O #64
New Battlestar Galactica Season Zero #9
Nightwing #145
Noble Causes #34
Nodame Cantabile vol 11 GN – S/O #35
Nova #14
Omega the Unknown #9 (OF 10)
Punisher War Journal #20
Rann/Thanagar: Holy War #2 (OF 8)
Red Robin #34
Robin/Spoiler Special #1
Secret Invasion #3 (OF 8)

Secret Invasion #3 (OF 8) – McNiven Variant – S/O # 71
Serenity Lunch Box – S/O #99
Spider-Man Family #9
Star Trek: Assignment Earth #2
Star Trek: New Frontier #3
Supergirl #30
Tales from Wonderland: Mad Hatter #1
Tales of TMNT #46
Tall Tales of Vishnu Sharma Panchatantra #5 (OF 5)
Tor #2 (OF 6)
Transformers Movie Sequel: Reign of Starscream #2
Trinity #1
Ultimate Origins #1 (OF 5)
Ultimate Origins #1 (OF 5) Turner Variant – S/O #14
War That Time Forgot #2 (OF 12)
Wolverine: Dangerous Game
Young X-Men #3 DWS

Amory Wars II #1 (OF 5) - Trapped in space, Coheed and Cambria use their new-found abilities to face off against the awesome power of Admiral Vielar Crom; the Prise make a terrible sacrifice; and Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan reveals the secret behind his plans to power the ultimate weapon. Jumping out of the exciting events of the first epic mini-series, the final details of the star-spanning saga of 'The Second Stage Turbine Blade' come to light.

Avengers/Invaders #2 (OF 12) - The cross-time team-up of the year continues with the award winning team behind EARTH X, Justice and Project: Superpowers! With World War II's greatest heroes mysteriously transported to 2008, it takes the Mighty Avengers to bring them in before the world realizes that the Invaders are back - including the original Captain America. But will Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. have enough firepower to hold them - or do the Invaders have everyone just where they want them?

D&D 4th Ed: Player’s Handbook – 4th Edition hits the streets this week, and we’ve got a few copies of the player’s handbook coming in, along with a copy of the Monster Manual and the DM’s Guide. Worldwide D&D Game Day is THIS Saturday, June 7, so plan on coming out and picking up your new player’s handbook and playing in your first 4th edition adventure at Haven!

Haunt of Horror: Lovecraft #1 (OF 3) – Horror comics legend RICHARD CORBEN (HAUNT OF HORROR: EDGAR ALLAN POE) brings you a new 3-issue limited series that offers eerie new spins on the poems and short stories of H.P. Lovecraft. Each issue features three adaptations-beautifully rendered in black and white with gray tones as only Corben can do it-along with a printing of the original source text by H.P. Lovecraft. In issue #1, Corben brings you 'Dagon,' 'Recognition,' and 'A Memory.' It's classic creepy Lovecraft with a new twist!

Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword Premiere HC – The long-awaited sequel to HEDGE KNIGHT tells the story of the adventures of Ser Duncan and his squire one year after their initial meeting at the tournament in Ashford. After traveling the land in search of the puppeteer girl Tanselle, Dunk and Egg find themselves in the charge of Ser Eustace, an aged knight who has accepted Dunk as his sworn sword. But Ser Eustace has another knight in his service who is nothing but trouble, and he will make Dunk's life far more difficult when he rashly attacks a peasant and causes grief to a local noble, the Lady Rohanne Webber. But the Lady Rohanne has problems of her own - and she knows the truth about Ser Eustace and the side he took in the battle of Redgrass Field.

Robin/Spoiler Special #1 – From the rooftops in Robin to Gotham Underground, Spoiler's identity has remained a mystery - until now. All is revealed in this special when Robin and Spoiler team up to take down a kidnapping ring, hit up an illegal warehouse party and finish Tim's algebra homework; just another day in the life of a teenaged vigilante super-hero! Plus, even more Robin doesn't know: Spoiler's secret identity in another country, in another life - one she can never leave behind.

Secret Invasion #3 (OF 8) – The blockbuster event continues. Its Avenger versus Avenger. Hero versus hero! Norman Osborn versus Captain Marvel??The Initiative versus an army of Super-Skrulls? Is Tony Stark really a- -? And who's that guy with an eye patch coming to save the day?? And, oh man, who did he bring with him?

Trinity #1 – DC's new weekly series TRINITY explodes in an extra-sized debut issue featuring art by fan-favorite Mark Bagley (Ultimate Spider-Man) & Art Thibert with lead stories and dialogue by Kurt Busiek (SUPERMAN, ASTRO CITY)! The lead feature explores the unusual bond - and importance - of DC's top three characters, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, as a mysterious dream links them together and may prophesy important changes in their trinity! Plus, a co-feature in issue #1 explores the mysterious connection between several villains who are watching the Trinity -as well as the near future for these characters and their surrounding world!

Ultimate Origins #1 (OF 5) – This is it! The story that finally reveals the conspiracies behind the entire Ultimate Universe! When they first met, Bruce Banner mysteriously warned Spider-Man that 'Everything is connected.' Now it's time to discover the jaw-dropping secrets that men have fought and died to protect. From the dark days of World War II to the frightening present, journey through history to learn what's really behind the Super Soldier and Weapon X programs-and how heroes such as Captain America, Nick Fury and Wolverine have more in common than codenames and costumes. The dream team of Brian Michael Bendis and Butch Guice (CAPTAIN AMERICA, IRON MAN) unite for the first time for the Ultimate series of the year that is a must-read lead-in to ULTIMATUM!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It is time once again for that fantastic celebration which you all know and love as Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day ( For you newbies out there, Worldwide D&D Game Day is a day of international D&D game events supported by Wizards of the Coast. This year, Game Day is scheduled to coincide with the launch of the new 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It will be held on June 7th at two locations in the Huntsville area:

Haven Comics
1871-S Slaughter Rd.
Madison, AL
(256) 430-0505


HobbyTown USA
930 Old Monrovia Rd. NW
Suite #4
Huntsville, AL
(256) 489-5242

All attendees will receive free promotional items from Wizards of the Coast (while supplies last). Additionally, attendees may participate in a 4th Edition D&D adventure, Into the Shadowhaunt. (And honestly, could there be a better way to learn about the new edition???) The adventure may support up to five players and between the two locations, there will be five game sessions played; allowing up to 25 players that day! The gaming schedule for the locations is:
  • START TIME: Noon
    NUM. OF GAMES: 1
    LOCATION: HobbyTown USA

  • START TIME: 1:00 PM
    NUM. OF GAMES: 3
    LOCATION: Haven Comics

  • START TIME: 2:00 PM
    NUM. OF GAMES: 1
    LOCATION: HobbyTown USA
The games are first come, first seated, so be sure to arrive a little early if you want to play.

HobbyTown USA is located across Old Monrovia Rd. from Madison Square Mall. Haven Comics is a bit harder to find; it is located in Heritage Plaza behind Heritage Florist & Gifts on Slaughter Rd. near University Drive. The entrance to Heritage Plaza is on the Wilson Lumber entrance road.

Hope to see you at Worldwide D&D Game Day!

Friday, May 23, 2008

MASSIVE Comics Week!!! (5-28-08)

Action Comics #865
All Star Superman #11
Angel: Revelations #1 (OF 5)
Anna Mercury #1 (OF 5) Auxiliary Edition
Army of Darkness/Xena: Why Not? #3 (OF 4)
Astounding Wolf-Man #6
Batman #677 RIP
Batman: Gotham After Midnight #1 (OF 12)
Beyond #1 (OF 5)

Blue Beetle #27
Dan Dare #6 (OF 7)
Daredevil #107
Dragonlance Chronicles vol 3 #11 (OF 12)
Fables #73
Fathom #0
Final Crisis #1 (OF 7)
GI Joe: America’s Elite #35
Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1
Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1 Variant – S/O #71
Green Lantern #31
Helen Killer #2 (OF 4)
Hellboy vol 8 TP: Darkness Calls
Heroes SC
Huntress: Year One #2 (OF 6)
Immortal Iron Fist #15
India Authentic #13 Lakshmi
Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull #2
JSA Classified #38
Judenhass GN
King Size Hulk #1

Legion of Superheroes #42
Marvel 1985 #1 (OF 6)
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #36
Marvel Comics Presents #9
Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick #4 (OF 6)
Marvel Illustrated Dorian Gray #6 (OF 6)
Marvel Previews June 2008
Ms Marvel #27 SI
Mummy Movie Prequel: Rise & Fall of Xangos Ax #2
New Avengers #41 SI
New Battlestar Galactica Season Zero #8
New Warriors #12
Northlanders #6
Previews vol XVIII #6
Shadow Hunter #3
Shadowpact #25
She-Hulk 2 #29
Snakewoman: Curse of the 68 #4 (OF 4)
Sonic X #33
Star Trek TNG: Intelligence Gathering #5 (OF 5)
Star Trek Year Four: Enterprise Experiment #2
Star Wars: Dark Times #11
Star Wars: Dark Times vol 1 TP: Path to Nowhere – S/O #46
Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic #29
Teen Titans #59
Teen Titans Go #55
Thor #9
Ultimate Spider-Man #122

Ultimate Spider-Man vol 6 TP: Venom – S/O #91
Ultimate X-Men vol 2 TP: Return to Weapon X – S/O #48
Ultimate X-Men vol 3 TP: World Tour – S/O #48
Uncanny X-Men #498 DWS
Usagi Yojimbo #112
Vargav One Shot
Wizard Magazine #201
Wolverine First Class #3
X-Force #4 DWS
X-Force #4 Bloody Variant – S/O #71
X-Men First Class vol 2 #12
X-Men Legacy #212 DWS

Angel: Revelations #1 (OF 5) – Warren Worthington III has it made. A senior at St. Joseph's Prep, he's smart, tall, handsome, and rich; a star both on the field and in the classroom. All the girls want to date him, all the guys want to be him. There's just one problem - Warren's changing. Something's happening to his body-humps have started to grow under his shoulder blades, and they're getting bigger and more painful every day. See the never-before-told origin of one of the X-Men's five founding members, and his first encounter with an unsolvable, unrelenting evil - the Hunter.

Batman #677 RIP - Continuing 'Batman R.I.P,' the epic story that will change the legend of the Dark Knight forever! As the life of Bruce Wayne takes an interesting turn with Jezebel Jet, the life of Batman falls into the ultimate downward spiral. Does anyone else have a terrible, terrible feeling about this whole story? Didn’t we already do this story in the mid-90s with Azrael and Bane?

Batman: Gotham After Midnight #1 (OF 12) - There are things that go 'bump' in the night. Be thankful that one of those things is on our side. When the full moon rises and casts its eerie glow over the land, the creatures of the night come out to hunt and feast and prey on the innocent citizens of Gotham City, and only one man stands in their way: The Batman. These are the bizarre and frightening case files of the Dark Knight Detective, featuring grave-robbers, men making monsters, night terrors, and the debut of an all-new moonlight monster known only as Midnight. In this fatal first issue by the creative team of Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, SIMON DARK) and Kelley Jones (BATMAN: RED RAIN), Batman will come face-to-face with the Master of Fear himself - but just what is the Scarecrow after? And what does it have to do with the Axeman? Could it be some elaborate scheme to trap the Bat? Be here at the beginning - and beware!

Beyond #1 (OF 5) – Acclaimed writer Ron Marz adapts Deepak Chopra's original story of an American businessman who is propelled across dimensions and into an adventure like no other. While traveling in India with his family, his wife disappears, he will stop at nothing - and go literally anywhere - to save her.

Final Crisis #1 (OF 7) – Witness the historic start of the final chapter in the Crisis trilogy that could only spring from the mind of Grant Morrison - Final Crisis, featuring stunning art by J.G. Jones (52 Covers)! Worlds will live and heroes will die in this epic tale spanning the beginning and end of the DC Universe! The entire Multiverse is threatened as the mysterious Libra assembles an army of the DCU's most terrifying super villains. But what is the ultimate plan, and who will live to find out?

Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1 – Too big to be contained in a normal issue, the grand finale of Joss Whedon (Buffy, Firefly) and John Cassaday's (CAPTAIN AMERICA, Planetary) landmark run is right here! The powerlords of Breakworld bring the fight to Earth. Can the X-Men stop them from destroying the whole planet? Will the Avengers join their fight? What we do know is this: one of the X-Men won't walk away from this fight.

Heroes SC – This stunning softcover edition collects the amazing online comics based on the smash-hit, Emmy Award-nominated NBC show HEROES! This volume - featuring two stunning covers by comics legends Jim Lee and Alex Ross - also includes an introduction by Masi Oka (Hiro), all 34 chapters of Season One, and Tim Sale's artwork as seen on the show. The comics included have been written and illustrated by some of comics' and television's top writers and artists, including Michael Turner, Phil Jimenez, Marcus To, and more!

Judenhass GN – by Dave Sim. An examination of the historical roots of the Holocaust through quotes from historical personage drawn in a photorealism style from period photographs.

King Size Hulk #1 – HULK vs. SHE-HULK! HULK vs. WENDIGO! HULK vs. ??????????? JEPH LOEB! ART ADAMS! FRANK CHO! TOO many SUPERSTARS to fit into a puny REGULAR-SIZED issue!!! We’re comin’ upside your head with a KING-SIZE spectacular with MORE smashing, bashing, trashing, and clashing than should be allowed by law!!! Three new tales that fill in the gaps of the best-selling HULK book, and set up NEW storylines! PLUS, classic tales including THE INCREDIBLE HULK 180 (the REAL 1st appearance of Wolverine!) and AVENGERS 83 (Lady Liberators, anyone?)! More? You want MORE!?!? How about a super-secret MYSTERY ARTIST…???

Marvel 1985 #1 (OF 6) – Before SECRET INVASION, before WORLD WAR HULK, before CIVIL WAR. The most powerful super-villains in the Marvel Universe gather their might to wreak havoc on the one place they've never before set foot-YOUR WORLD! As mankind's enemies cut a swath of destruction with unprecedented ferocity and ruthlessness, the fate of the planet rests in the hands of one person: Toby, a 13-year-old boy who holds the key to uniting his comic-book idols, the Marvel Heroes! Superstars Mark Millar (CIVIL WAR, FANTASTIC FOUR) and Tommy Lee Edwards (BULLET POINTS, The Question) deliver a Marvel Event the likes of which you've never seen!

Vargav One Shot - Vargav tells the tale of an immortal warrior living among humans in an attempt to lead a peaceful, anonymous life. But one day is he summoned by the Gods and told of a plan to bring about the extinction of man so the gods can create a more perfect race to inherit the earth. Infuriated, Vargav declares war against the gods and vows to defend humanity against the coming Armageddon.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wednesday's Comics!!! (5-21-08)

1001 Arabian Nights: Adv of Sinbad #1
Amazing Spider-Man #560
American Dream #2 (OF 5)
Avengers Classic #12
Avengers Initiative #13
Avengers Initiative #13 Skrully Variant
Batman & the Outsiders #7
Birds of Prey #118
Black Panther #36
Bomb Queen V #1 (OF 6)
Brave & the Bold #13
Brothers in Arms #1
Caliber #1

Captain America #38
Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow #1 (OF 6)
Catwoman #79
Checkmate #26
Civil War TP
Countdown to Mystery #8 (OF 8)
Dark Ivory #2 (OF 4)
DC Special: Cyborg #1 (OF 5)
DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar #2 (OF 6)
Doktor Sleepless Annual #1
Dynamo 5 #13
End League #3
Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall SC – S/O #48
Fables vol 2 TP: Animal Farm – S/O #48
Fables vol 3 TP: Storybook Love – S/O #48
Fall of Cthulhu #12
Fantastic Four #557
Flash #240
Ghost Rider #23
Hercules #1
House of Mystery #1
Igor Movie Prequel #1

Incredible Hercules #117 SI
Indiana Jones & the Kingdom O/T Crystal Skull #1
Indiana Jones & the Kingdom O/T Crystal Skull TP

Iron Man: Director of Shield #29
Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files #2 (OF 4)
JLA #21
JSA #15
JSA #15 Variant Edition
Knights of the Dinner Table #139
Madame Mirage #6
Marvel Adventures Avengers #24
Marvel Illustrated: Illiad #6 (OF 8)
Mighty Avengers #14 SI
Northlanders #5
Omega One #3
Pilot Season: Twilight Guardian
Project Kalki #1 (OF 4)
Robin #174
Scooby Doo #132
Secret Invasion #1 (OF 8) 2nd Printing Variant
Secret Invasion #2 (OF 8) SI – S/O #91
Soleil, Sky Doll #1 (OF 3)
Spider-Man vol 1 HC: Brand New Day – S/O #7
Spirit #17
Star Trek: Assignment Earth #1
Star Wars Legacy #24
Superfriends #3
Superman/Batman #48
Tangent: Superman’s Reign #3 (OF 12)
Terry Moore’s Echo #3
Ultimate Fantastic Four #54
Ultimate X-Men #94
Walking Dead: Special Ed #1
War is Hell: 1st Flight of the Phantom Eagle #3 (OF 3)
Wolverine Origins #25
Wolverine Origins #25 Skrully Variant
World of Warcraft #7
X-Factor #31 DWS
X-Men: Divided We Stand #2 (OF 2)

Brothers in Arms #1 - With its unprecedented combination of authenticity, compelling story and squad-based action, Brothers in Arms has established itself as a benchmark for military action video games, quickly becoming the highest rated WWII action franchise to date. Based on the true stories of the men who served their country so valiantly in World War II, Dynamite's all-new comic book series is being developed with game writers David Wohl and Mike Neumann, along with artist Davide Fabbri! Issue #1 will be 40 big pages (with 32 pages of story and art) of non-stop action, picking up with the squad in the events leading up to D-Day! Originally assigned to lead his squad on a mission to recapture the French village of Carentan, Sergeant Matthew Baker's plans unexpectedly change when his C-47 transport plane is hit by anti-aircraft fire and he's forced to jump prematurely, along with the rest of his men, who are now scattered across the landing zone. Now Baker must battle fatigue, the elements, and the overwhelming German army, to find his compatriots and continue on his mission to defeat the enemy and help win the war.

Caliber #1 – In the Old American West, Whitefeather is a half-Indian/half-French shaman with tormenting visions of an apocalyptic future where mankind has doomed itself after turning away from the law. He then has a further vision of mankind's salvation. He sees Arthur, the man who is destined to bring law to the world and the weapon that will bring about this change. A mystically-emblazoned gun, that can only be fired by one man, that will never miss and when aimed will bring down the heavens, firing thunder itself from its barrel. He sets out to find the legendary Caliber. An epic Western adventure like no other!

House of Mystery #1 – Matthew Sturges, writer of the Eisner-nominated JACK OF FABLES, and his JACK co-writer Bill Willingham, proudly unlock the doors to the HOUSE OF MYSTERY, a new ongoing series that reinvents a classic DC Comics concept. HOUSE OF MYSTERY focuses on five characters trapped in a supernatural bar, trying to solve the mystery of how and why they're imprisoned there. Each one has a terrible past they'd like to forget, and with no books, newspapers or TV allowed in the House, they face an eternity of boredom. But stories become the new currency, and fortunately, the House attracts only the finest storytellers.

Igor Movie Prequel #1 – The upcoming animated feature film IGOR will feature the voices of John Cleese, John Cusack, and Steve Buscemi, and this series of all-new, original stories will serve as a lead-in to the movie by introducing you to Igor, Scamper, Brain, and all the other delightfully twisted characters from the land of Malaria. In this debut issue, see how Igor came under the employ of the inept Dr. Glickenstein, much to the loveable hunchbacked assistant's dismay. Then, laugh your way through Igor's first failed evil science fair experiment as he befriends the demented lab rabbit, Scamper. And finally, Carl Cristall, Malaria's top-rated TV talk show host, profiles another famous evil scientist on his program. This can only end in utter chaos.

Indiana Jones & the Kingdom O/T Crystal Skull #1 – The man who single-handedly defined "adventure" for an entire generation returns--hat and all--in this action-packed adaptation of this summer's silver-screen megahit! Dr. Henry Jones Jr. is at it again, this time on the trail of a discovery unlike any in his illustrious career. Yet more than one player is out to win this game, and with stakes this high, not everyone is going to play fair! Will Indiana Jones's greatest adventure be his last?

Project Kalki #1 (OF 4) – The end of the world is upon us. War, famine, suffering. There's no end to the havoc that human beings can create. But in a small lab in India, lauded geneticist Dr. Shyama Bhalla has cloned the remains of what was once thought to be only a mythological figure and creates a 'human' being with the power to save the world - or end it.

Walking Dead: Special Ed #1 – In celebration of the release of the 50th issue of this groundbreaking series, Image Comics presents a special reprint edition the first issue. Complete with the full script, original series proposal and a pile of other bonus features.

See you at Haven!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

HUGE Comics Week - Lots of New Books! (5-14-08)

All New Iron Manual
Amazing Spider-Girl #20
Amazing Spider-Man #559
Anita Blake #11 (OF 12)
Army of Darkness #9
Batman #676 RIP
Batman Confidential #17
Batman Death Mask #2 (OF 4) – S/O #64
Batman: Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul HC - S/O #7
Booster Gold #9
BPRD 1946 #5 (OF 5)
Captain Britain & MI 13 #1 SI
Civil War Chronicles #11
Clandestine #4 (OF 5)
Cthulhu Tales #2
Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein: Prodiga #1 (OF 5)
Dr. Who #395
Gamekeeper 2 #3
Gen 13 #20
Genext #1 (OF 5)
Giant Size Incredible Hulk #1

Gotham Underground #7 (OF 9) – S/O #15
Gotham Underground #8 (OF 9)
Green Arrow/Black Canary #8
Green Lantern Corps #24
Guardians of the Galaxy #1
Hellboy vol 1 TP: Seed of Destruction
Huntress: Year One #1 (OF 6)

Iron Man: Legacy of Doom #2 (OF 4)
Kingdom Hearts II GN vol 2 (OF 5)
Last Defenders #3 (OF 6)
Legion of Superheroes in the 31st Century #14
Locke & Keye #4
Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs #1 (OF 4)
New Exiles #6
New Universal: Shockfront #1 (OF 6)
Project Superpowers #3 (OF 7)
Punisher #57
Red Sonja #33
Return of the Gremlins #3 (OF 3)
Secret Invasion #1 (OF 8) Blank Con Variant SI - S/O #91
Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1 (OF 3) SI
Serenity: Better Days #3 (OF 3)
Soleil Sky Doll #1 (OF 3)
Sonic the Hedgehog #188
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #28
Star Wars: Legacy vol 1 TP: Broken – S/O #13
Stranded #4
Superman #676
Thor #7
Thor vol 1 HC – S/O #48
Thunderbolts #120
Tiny Titans #4
Titans #2
Twelve #5 (OF 12)
Vertigo: First Cut TP – S/O #7
Walking Dead #49
Warhammer: Condemned by Fire #1 (OF 5)
Wolverine #65 DWS
Wolverine: Amazing, Immortal Man, Bloody Tales
Wonder Woman #20
X-Men Legacy #211 DWS
X-Men Legacy #211 Skrully Variant – S/O #71
X-Men Origin: Colossus
Young Liars #3
Zorro #3

Batman #676 RIP – Are you ready for 'Batman R.I.P.'? Beginning the epic story that will change the legend of the Dark Knight forever! Everything in Grant Morrison's groundbreaking run on Batman has been leading to this story, and nothing will ever be the same again. Who will live? Who will die? Who will be Batman? The answers are sure to shock you in 'Batman R.I.P.'

Captain Britain & MI 13 #1 SI – SECRET INVASION TIE-IN! The Skrull Invasion isn't restricted to the US. When the Skrull Invasion hits England, only Captain Britain and MI: 13 stand in their way. Can they find out what the Skrulls are after before it's too late?

Genext #1 (OF 5) - You asked for it, X-Fans, and now, you got it! asked you what Chris Claremont's next project should be. You, the fans, said you wanted to know what today's new generation of X-Men would be like if the Marvel Universe aged in real-time! Who are the children of the X-Men? And what happened to the original team, Professor X, and Magneto after over 30 years of conflict, victories, and tragedies? Now, at last, the answers arrive as beloved X-Men scribe Chris Claremont reveals an all-new generation of mutant teens!

Giant Size Incredible Hulk #1 – The Hulk may be a misunderstood monster, but his former sidekick, Fred Sloan, is determined to set the record straight. He's traveling the country, finding stories of the Hulk touching people's lives, researching for his book, 'Hulk Encounter: A Survivor's Story.' But will he find the Hulk revered as a hero, or despised as a menace? Meanwhile, the green goliath himself is on the run, getting into trouble as he goes. Join classic Hulk writer Roger Stern for this look into the impact of Hulk's smashing!

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 – Launching out of ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST, Marvel's sci-fi heroes unite to protect the cosmos! Back-to-back Annihilation wars have weakened the boundaries of our universe. Dark gods and monsters are seeping through the cracks, reigning horror upon those still reeling from the recent calamities. In the face of terror, who stands to defend a desperate universe? Star-Lord and his squad of butt-kickers – the modern day Guardians of the Galaxy!

Huntress: Year One #1 (OF 6) – As the last survivor of a family eliminated by bloody rivalries among the mobs of Gotham, young Helena Bertinelli was sent overseas for her own safety - but began a quest for vengeance instead. Breakout writer Ivory Madison teams with Cliff Richards (WONDER WOMAN) for a continent-spanning story that reveals one woman's journey from hunted to Huntress! And in issue #2, shipping two weeks later, Helena Bertinelli's vow never to return to Gotham is tested by her vigilante fight to reclaim her inheritance from the Sicilian underworld - and by her unexpected feelings for the son of a Gotham kingpin!

New Universal: Shockfront #1 (OF 6) – Initially, there were four: A Starbrand. A Nightmask. A Justice. A Cipher. They are manifestations of god-like power on Earth, chosen by the Universe. In the wake of the cosmic phenomenon that empowered them, they have been threatened, hunted, and attacked. And now, they're about to discover that they're not alone. Acclaimed writer WARREN ELLIS (THUNDERBOLTS) and artist STEVE KURTH (LAST OF THE MOHICANS) bring you the return of this new universe: one experiencing superhuman power for the first time.

Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1 (OF 3) SI – Part 1 (of 3): 'Negative Energy' The invasion has started, and no one in the MU is safe, not even the First Family of Comicdom! Aware that some of the Earth's most advanced technology and weaponry is housed in the Baxter Building, the Skrulls have neutralized the building--by transporting it and its inhabitants straight to the Negative Zone!With one member of the Fantastic Four M.I.A. and another 'replaced,' it's up to the remaining family members--not to mention Franklin and Val-to get back to our dimension, Skrulls or no Skrulls. But are any of our heroes who they think they are?

Soleil Sky Doll #1 (OF 3) – The internationally acclaimed best-seller is now finally presented in English! Meet Noa, a so-called Sky Doll; a life-like female android without rights, who exists only to serve the State's needs and desires. But when Noa meets two so-called 'missionaries' who aid in her escape from her tyrannical master, all hell breaks loose for our cyborg siren as she uncovers clues that she may be much more than just a robotic toy. The first release in a new partnership between Marvel and cutting-edge French publisher Soleil!

Wolverine: Amazing, Immortal Man, Bloody Tales – Step right up, one and all! But be forewarned, the grisly specimens on display are not intended for the faint of heart or weak of constitution! Steel yourselves for the most astonishing, most awe-inspiring and most revolting of Mother Nature's rare mistakes! Three -- count them, ladies and gentlemen, THREE -- stomach-turning tales to terrify and delight are packed into this freak-show menagerie, starring that most tenacious survivor of genetic adversity, that hardy bottom-feeder at the fringes of our civil society, the hirsute, unkillable half-animal - WOOOOLVERINE!

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Haven readers become movie critics for a day

I posted this video today on Thanks to everyone who offered up their opinions of the movie!

Comic book geeks review 'Iron Man'

Saturday, May 03, 2008

MASSIVE New Comics Week!! (5-7-08)

BOYS #18
LOGAN #3 (OF 3)
MEGAS #3 (OF 4)
NOVA #13
TOR #1 (OF 6)


AMERICAN DREAM #1 (OF 5) – As the star-spangled splendor struggles to find a balance between her personal and superhero lives, a hunt for a missing fiancĂ©e unexpectedly leads American Dream into a battle with an unstoppable new super-foe and terrifyingly new kind of terrorist.

AVENGERS/INVADERS #1 (OF 12) – Legends Live Again. The original Invaders (Captain America , Bucky , Human Torch , Toro , and the Sub-Mariner) return in a twelve issue maxi-series by the award winning team behind EARTH X, Justice and Project Superpowers .The greatest super-team of World War II finds themselves transported from the battlefields of the Second World War to a future they never imagined! Now, the Invaders find themselves confronted by two teams of Avengers who want desperately to believe these heroes are who they say they are, while Tony Stark faces his greatest challenge since the Civil War as he must deal with the 'return' of Steve Rogers. Confronted by a world they barely recognize, the Invaders will have to show two teams of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes just what kind of power, courage and sheer determination it took to defeat the forces of unrelenting evil in the Twentieth century. In fact, they may just have to do it again in the Twenty-First.

HOUSE OF MYSTERY #1 – Matthew Sturges, writer of the Eisner-nominated JACK OF FABLES, and his JACK co-writer Bill Willingham, proudly unlock the doors to the HOUSE OF MYSTERY, a new ongoing series that reinvents a classic DC Comics concept. HOUSE OF MYSTERY focuses on five characters trapped in a supernatural bar, trying to solve the mystery of how and why they're imprisoned there. Each one has a terrible past they'd like to forget, and with no books, newspapers or TV allowed in the House, they face an eternity of boredom. But stories become the new currency, and fortunately, the House attracts only the finest storytellers. In addition to the ongoing trials and struggles of the five unfortunate souls trapped within the HOUSE OF MYSTERY

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1 – A bold new ONGOING TITLE for the biggest hero of 2008! IRON MAN! You know you love him! And as the summer's most anticipated movie boot-jets its way into theaters, here's the perfect jumping-on point for new readers and Iron Man fans alike! Tony Stark - Iron Man, billionaire industrialist and director of S.H.I.E.L.D. - faces the most overwhelming challenge of his life. Ezekiel Stane, the son of Tony's late business rival and archenemy Obadiah, has set his sights, his genius and his considerable fortune on the task of destroying Tony Stark and Iron Man. What's worse, he's got Iron Man tech, and he's every bit Iron Man's equal and opposite: except younger, faster, smarter, and immeasurably evil.

IRON MAN VIVA LAS VEGAS #1 (OF 4) – Written by JON FAVREAU Pencils & Cover by ADI GRANOV A Marvel Knights series by the talents who brought you the IRON MAN movie! What's a billionaire to do when he's worn out from running a multi-national corporation? Well, if his name happens to be Tony Stark, it's a situation that calls for some R & R in the casinos of sin city! Mix in a beautiful archaeologist and the fifty-foot dragon statue she discovered, and a plague of lizards descending on Las Vegas, and it's a recipe for the sort of armored adventure that's a perfect chaser after an evening at the movies!

MAN WITH NO NAME #1 – MGM's 'Man With No Name' trilogy is a modern masterpiece of cinema! And now, the legend comes to life once again as the next new series from Dynamite! Starring the ultimate anti-hero, and under the helm of writer Christos Gage (New Avengers) and artist Wellington Dias, Man With No Name: The Good, The Bad and the Uglier #1 follows in the powerful wake of such Dynamite titles as The Lone Ranger and Zorro in its faithful and successful genre-defining Western comics! Plus: Man With No Name: The Good, The Bad and the Uglier #1 follows the characters and plots of the film serving as a sequel to the critically acclaimed series!

PRETTY BABY MACHINE #1 (OF 3) – PRETTY Boy Floyd, BABY Face Nelson and MACHINE Gun Kelly join forces when 1933's mob-boss supreme, Al Capone, declares war on them! The most unexpected team-up in comics history told in a film noir style that will have fans of Road to Perdition and Batman: The Long Halloween screaming for more! TAG LINE: Tommy guns! Broads! And three of the most infamous mobsters of all time in a thrilling action-packed drama!

RANN/THANAGAR HOLY WAR #1 (OF 8) – After a seemingly endless war, things are getting even worse for the planets of Rann and Thanagar. A long-forgotten religious cult has resurfaced on Thanagar, and the people of Rann still worship the deadly Lady Styx. To make matters worse, a fanatic strapped with explosives threatens to upset the delicate balance between the two planets, setting in motion events that will once again bring together DC's greatest cosmic heroes: Adam Strange, Comet, Starfire, Hawkman, Starman, Chief Justice Max, Tigorr, the Weird and many more!

SECRET INVASION #2 (OF 8) SI – The Invasion is here!! The Marvel Universe is in shambles. The Skrull Empire's plan has birthed itself into perfection. It is hero versus hero!! Resurrections and reunions!! Is Tony Stark a Skrull? And is that actually Captain America leading the heroes into a new era?? EXPECT CHANGE!!

TOR #1 (OF 6) – Driven into exile by his own people, a young Tor stuggles to survive alone in a periious prehistoric world. But beyond mere existence, Tor struggles for answers to the questions that have plaqued humankind for eons - why are we here? Is violence the only answer? is there more to life than suffering and survival? His quest will take him deep inside a mysterious mountain - a dark land filled with strange peoples, evolving animals, and death at every turn. And while Tor must fight these battles alone, he will find some new friends along the way -- all the time coming a step closer to what it means to be truly human. As relevant now as it was when Kubert first created the character, Tor continues to be defined as the lone soul looking for answers in an unforgiving world he barely understands.

WAR THAT TIME FORGOT #1 (OF 12) – A lone USAF pilot, about to warn his superiors of the attack on Pearl Harbor, finds his craft suddenly crash-landing on a mysterious island populated with prehistoric creatures and soldiers of wars of the past, present and future - including Tomahawk, Firehair, and Hans Von Hammer, the Enemy Ace! What bizarre force has compelled these military masters of every era to inhabit the same strange territory? Can they survive without killing each other or being devoured by dinosaurs? Don't miss this incredible miniseries by the team of writer Bruce Jones (Hulk) artists Al Barrionuevo (DETECTIVE COMICS) & Jimmy Palmiotti and legendary cover artist Neal Adams (BATMAN)!

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By Todd Leopold

(CNN) -- The nickname was meant as a joke, a little needle from Marvel Comics mainstay Stan Lee to artist Jack Kirby.

Jack Kirby drew himself surrounded by his creations, including Captain America and the Fantastic Four.
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But more than a decade after Kirby's death, the name still fits: He is "The King." Consider some of the heroes Kirby helped create, many of which now pervade pop culture: The Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America.

His distinctive action-packed style became the model for many comic-book artists. When he died in 1994, artist Gary Panter did a two-page spread in The New Yorker as a tribute. Michael Chabon dedicated his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about two comic book creators, "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay," to Kirby.

Not bad for a guy whose chosen medium was looked down upon for decades.

"Jack ... was a brilliant man and an incredibly hard-working man," said Mark Evanier, author of the new "Kirby: King of Comics" (Abrams), a lavishly illustrated biography of the artist. "He produced an incredible volume of work."

It's not surprising that Marvel's art -- and those it influenced -- would start to look distinctly Kirby-esque, Marvel artist Herb Trimpe said at a Kirby panel in February. "Everyone was so influenced by him -- his work was so powerful and unique -- that it was inevitable."

Kirby was born Jacob Kurtzberg in New York and grew up on Manhattan's Lower East Side, where his adventures with gangs would later filter into many of his heroes. In particular, the rough-and-tumble Ben Grimm, also known as the Thing of the Fantastic Four, was a self-caricature, Evanier observes.

After short stints at a newspaper syndicate and as an animator, he ended up at Marvel's predecessor, Timely Comics, where he and partner Joe Simon created Captain America, a huge hit during World War II.

With Captain America came some of Kirby's comic book innovations, Evanier says. Comic books, which had started as reprints of newspaper comic strips, had adhered to that form's look of repetitious boxes. Kirby and Simon used different-sized panels, varying shapes, even full pages.
"They kind of invented things that made comic books different than strips," Evanier said. They realized they "had the whole page to play with. ... They'd take three or four pages for a single action scene."

Simon and Kirby went to Timely rival DC and then formed their own studio after serving in World War II. The popular genres then were crime and horror comics, and Simon-Kirby created a handful, including the dramatically named "Justice Traps the Guilty." They also pioneered the romance genre, juxtaposing Kirby's innately thrilling style with primly dressed women and men in neat suits and sweaters.

But while competitors like E.C. Comics dangled severed heads on their covers, Kirby and Simon opted for a lower key. "They kept it tamer, deliberately," Evanier said. "Jack didn't like the gory stuff."

Ironically, the one area in which Kirby was willing to draw blood, so to speak, was with war comics: The cover of a 1954 title, "The Guys in the Foxhole," pictures a heavily bandaged soldier writing a letter home, with the obvious aftermath of a battle behind him. "The Guys in the Foxhole" wasn't the kind of comic to be approved by the Comics Code Authority, the organization set up to placate authorities railing against the crime and horror comics, and soon it -- and dozens of other titles -- were out of business.

Kirby bounced around for a few years. Then, back at the company soon to be named Marvel, he and Stan Lee created the Fantastic Four in 1961.

As Evanier writes, the heroic quartet "had uncommon depth and personality" for comic book personalities. That kind of humanity would become the mainstay of the Lee-Kirby work and what many still think of as a golden age of comics created by them and other Marvel talents, including Steve Ditko and John Romita.

Heroes were born one after another: Thor (1962), Spider-Man (1962), Iron Man (1963), the X-Men (1963), Daredevil (1964). In "Kirby: King of Comics," Evanier notes that from 1962 to 1964 alone, Kirby drew more than 3,000 pages and 285 covers. He was a workhorse, and he was becoming famous, but he wasn't becoming rich.

"Jack was not a good businessman," Evanier said. "He didn't take a week off; he was a Depression-era kid. And he was terrified of not having a weekly paycheck." When Evanier met Kirby in 1970 -- he served as Kirby's assistant for two years -- "he was as successful as you could be in comics, but he wasn't particularly well-paid."

Kirby left Marvel in 1970, not long after the company was sold. (The garrulous Stan Lee, who was assumed by the new owners to be the company's creative genius, stayed on.) Kirby went to DC for a few years, but the company "didn't give him much better terms," Evanier said.
But as new generations discovered comic books, they discovered Jack Kirby, defending him amid the corporate takeovers and boosting his spirits. He got some of his work back -- rights issues plagued him -- and he never lost his creative power. (However, with great power comes great responsibility: Kirby didn't drive a car, Evanier said, "because with his mind going, he'd run off the road. Most people's minds go from A to B to C; Jack's mind went from A to K to W.")
Kirby was matter-of-fact about his talent; he loved to draw, and he tried to treat his readers with respect. "I don't think the average reader believes in fairy tales, and I've never given them fairy tales," Kirby once said. "Yes, I've given them fictionalized drama, but this is drama that is enacted by real people."

Fourteen years after his death, his power continues to radiate. "When I go to comics conventions, I walk around, and there's Kirby everywhere," Evanier said. "And I'm constantly encountering people who tell me what Jack meant to them."

Though he didn't leave his widow with a fortune, as he had hoped, he left a reputation as a good man and a great artist. He may even, Evanier says, have had a little bit of the superhero about him. "He took the comic book to a different level," the author said. "There was a very positive force of energy around him."