Friday, June 13, 2008

Wednesday's Comics & a Ton of Trades (6-18-08)

Adolescent Radioactive Blackbelt Hamsters #4
Amazing Spider-Man #563
American Dream #4 (OF 5)
Angel: After the Fall #9
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures #12 (OF 12)
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures HC
Anna Mercury #2 (OF 5)
Astonishing X-Men vol 4 TP: Unstoppable
Atomic Robo vol 1 TP – S/O #13
Batman and the Outsiders #8
Birds of Prey #119
Bomb Queen V #2 (OF 6)
Brave & the Bold #14
Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow #2 (OF 6)
Charlatan Ball #1
Checkmate #27
Crossing Midnight vol 1 TP – S/O #7
Cthulhu Tales #3
D&D 4th Edition: Dungeon Master’s Guide
Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born Premier HC
DC Special: Cyborg #2 (OF 5)
DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar #3 (OF 6)
Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein #2 (OF 5)
Dock Walloper #5 (OF 5)
Doktor Sleepless Manual #1 Auxiliary Edition
Drawing Words and Writing Pictures – S/O #26
Dust vol 1 TP
Dynamo 5 vol 2 TP: Moments of Truth - S/O #4
Fables vol 10 TP: The Good Prince
Fantastic Four: The Movie TP
Fantastic Four Visionaries vol 4 TP: John Byrne
Fantastic Four Visionaries vol 5 TP: John Byrne
Final Crisis #1 (OF 7)shortage replacement
Flash #241
Flight vol 3 GN – S/O #7
George RR Martin’s Wild Cards #3 (of 6)
Ghost Rider #24
Guardians of the Galaxy #2
Hellboy vol 2 TP: Wake the Devil
Hulk Visionaries vol 1 TP: Peter David
Incredibly Hercules #118 SI
Iron Man: Director of Shield #30
Jellaby vol 1 GN – S/O #7
JLA #22
Magician Apprentice vol 1 HC
Magician Apprentice vol 2 HC
Marvel Adventures Avengers #25
Marvel Illustrated Illiad #7 (OF 8)
Megas #4 (OF 4)
Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 #1 (OF 6) – S/O #7
Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 #2 (OF 6) – S/O #7
Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 #3 (OF 6) – S/O #7
Mummy Prequel: Rise & Fall of Xanos Ax #3 – S/O #64
Project Kalki #2 (OF 4)
Punisher #58
Ramayan 3392 AD: Reloaded #6 (OF 7)
Rex Mundi #12
Scooby Doo #133
Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #2 (OF 3) SI
Silly Lilly & the Four Seasons HC – S/O #7
Spirit #18
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #30
Star Wars: Legacy #25
Streets of Glory #5 (OF 6)
Super Friends #4
Superman/Batman #49
Tangent: Superman’s Reign #4 (OF 12)
Teen Titans: Year One #5 (OF 6)
Terror, Inc. TP
Trinity #3
Ultimate Fantastic Four #55
Ultimate Fantastic Four vol 10 TP: Ghosts
Ultimate X-Men #95
War is Hell: First Flight of Phantom Eagle #4 (OF 4)
Warhammer: Condemned by Fire #2 (OF 5)
Wolverine #66 DWS
World of Warcraft #8
X-Factor #32 DWS
X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga TP
Y The Last Man vol 10 TP: Whys and Wherefores
Zorro #4

Charlatan Ball #1 – Funky stage magician, CHUCK AMOK and his trusty show rabbit, CAESAR, find themselves in a realm where magic is real - and it's all worth fighting over! This is one weird book, but it’s a lot of fun, so you should definitely check it out…

Magician Apprentice vol 1 & 2 HC – Raymond Feist’s Rift War Saga starts here!! Pug and Tomas are two kitchen boys who dream of being heroes one day in the medieval fantasy world of Midkemia. But as the boys start on the path to manhood and begin their apprenticeships to their respective masters, they one day stumble upon a strange shipwreck and learn that invaders from a strange and distant world have found a way to invade Midkemia through portals known as 'rifts' and are preparing for a full scale assault. As Tomas learns to be a soldier and Pug studies the path of a magician, both boys find themselves growing into the heroes they had hoped to become - but growing apart as the effects of the Riftwar change both of their lives forever.

Terror, Inc. TP – Meet Mr. Terror - he's dapper, he's charming, he owns and operates his own VERY successful business…and, oh yeah, he's fifteen and a half centuries old and rotting fast. Doomed to decompose for all eternity, Terror forever replaces his festering limbs with fresh parts. The curse keeps him alive, but it's what's left of his twelfth-century sweetheart - encased in enchanted metal and serving as his right arm - that keeps him honest. Today, Terror runs a high-stakes private eye firm - espionage, investigations and assassinations for the extremely rich and extremely powerful. But after eliminating who he was told was a very bad guy, with extreme prejudice and in his own inimitable idiom, Terror learns he's been had - he's just murdered a major government intelligence chief. Now, with the feds on his rancid tail and whoever set him up looking to tie their loose ends, Terror's on the run to clear his name and bring down the real bad guys. But the killers know exactly who they're dealing with, and they aren't making it easy for him. A totally off the wall character in a hard hitting, but really fun story – give this one a look-see.

Trinity #3 - lead feature explores the unusual bond - and importance - of DC's top three characters, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, as a mysterious dream links them together and may prophesy important changes in their trinity! Plus, a co-feature in issue #1 explores the mysterious connection between several villains who are watching the Trinity -as well as the near future for these characters and their surrounding world! Co-features in issues #2-4 fill in back-story on some of the other important players in this major storyline.

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