Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wednesday's Comics!! (10-1-08)

Alex Ross Thor Head Bust
Aliens vs Predator Omnibus TP vol 1 – S/O #98
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Laughing Corpse #1 (OF 5)
Army @ Love: The Art of War #3 (OF 6)
Army of Darkness #13
Batman #680 RIP
Battlestar Galactica Origins #10
Beyond Wonderland #2 (OF 6)
Black Panther #41 SI – Shortage Replacement
Black Summer #7 (OF 7)
Boys #23
Boys vol 3 TP
Cable #7
Cable #7 Zombie Variant – S/O #64
Captain America #42 – Shortage Replacement
City of Dust #1 (Suydam Cover)
Civil War: House of M #2 (OF 5)
Class Dis-Mythed TP – S/O #157
Dark Tower: Long Road Home HC
DC Universe: Decisions #2 (OF 4)
Doktor Sleepless #9
Donald Duck: Case of the Missing Mummy TP – S/O #43
El Diablo #2 (OF 6)
Elektra & Wolverine: The Redeemer HC
Eternals #5
Four Eyes #1
Giant Size Avengers: Mischief
Gold Digger Sourcebook #20
Gold Digger: End of Summer Swimsuit Special 2008
Gold Digger: Tiffany & Charlotte #3 (OF 4)
Gold Digger: Tiffany & Charlotte #4 (OF 4)
Green Lantern: Revenge of the Green Lanterns TP – S/O #4
House of Mystery #6
JLA #25
Manhunter #35
Marvel Apes #3 (OF 4)
Marvel Zombies: Wolverine T-Shirt – S/O #64
Marvel Zombies TP – 1 Copy S/O #91
Moon Knight #22 – Shortage Replacement
Nightmare Before Christmas Ceramic Spice Jars – S/O #53
New Exiles #12
Nightwing #149 RIP
No Hero #1 (OF 7)
Punisher War Journal #24 SI
Secret Invasion: Spider-Man #2 (OF 3) SI – Shortage Replacement
Submariner: Depths #2 (OF 5)
Supergirl #34
Superman #680 – Shortage Replacement
Terror Titans #1 (OF 6)
Top Ten: Season Two #1 (OF 4)

Trinity #18
Ultimate Iron Man II Premiere HC – S/O #4
Ultimate Spider-Man #126 – Shortage Replacement
Uncle Scrooge #379
Venom: Dark Origin #3 (OF 5)
Vixen: Return of the Lion #1 (OF 5)
Voltron: A Legend Forged #3
Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons #4
X-Men 3: Last Stand DVD – S/O #3

City of Dust #1 – Blood fills the streets as Khrome's detective instincts awaken him to the truth behind a series of grisly murders. Khrome may be too late as the terror below the clouds reaches up to the highest levels of the city, and in the aftermath of a massacre, evil once imagined becomes very, very real.

Four Eyes #1 – An odd sounding little book, but the art work is spectacular. Definitely worth checking out. Enrico witnesses his first dragon fighting match and learns the truth about the circumstances behind his father's death. The seeds of revenge take root in Enrico's heart, but will his plan end before it begins with the return of his older brother, Jack?

No Hero #1 – by Warren Ellis. Dead heroes in the dirt. A killer capable of almost supernatural tortures. Five generations of the world's only superhuman group. A forty-year legacy of standing for the rights of freedom and safety. A young man obsessed with the need for street justice. How much do you want to be a superhuman? How badly does he want it? Bad enough to bring on the last days of an American legend? If he even gets to survive that long? Forty years ago, a group of superhumans emerged in San Francisco, guided by the man whose unique new drugs gave them their incredible powers. But the team is not the only thing that's advanced over the years, and there are no easy victories when their luck finally begins to run out!

Terror Titans #1 (of 6) – They stood against the Teen Titans, and now the Terror Titans spin off into their own miniseries! Clock King hatches a plan for his team of teenage legacy villains, as well as their deadly new member - the Teen Titans' own Ravager! But if he's to succeed, Clock King must first stabilize the underground metahuman gladiator arena known as the Dark Side Club! Join TEEN TITANS scribe Sean McKeever and artist Joe Bennett (52, CHECKMATE) for a journey into the darkest, coldest and most brutal corners of the teen psyche!

Top Ten: Season Two #1 (of 4) – A new season dawns in the science-city of Neopolis! A new commissioner, along with some new rules, comes to Precinct 10, as Slipstream Phoenix, a rookie cop with an ugly secret, fights for respect among his new peers. Meanwhile, Shock-Headed Peter and the Dust Devil investigate a mysterious, ancient drug dealer, and a very public multiple homicide sets Captain Jetman and Lieutenant Peregrine scrambling for answers. The police procedural crime and intrigue continue in this new series based on concepts and characters created by legendary writer Alan Moore

Vixen: Return of the Lion #1 (of 5) – On a mission against the mega-mobsters of Intergang, the Justice League makes a stunning discovery revealing the truth behind the death of Vixen's mother. Long ago, poachers were fingered in her murder, but stunning proof arrives exposing the identity of her real killer! And the man responsible is still alive, making a vicious play for power in the homeland Vixen left years ago. This groundbreaking 5-issue miniseries by rising stars G. Willow Wilson (OUTSIDERS: AQUAMAN/METAMORPHO, CAIRO, AIR) and Cafu (Black Panther) plunges the League's animal-powered warrior into a deeply spiritual, but instantly deadly, quest for vengeance - and draws the League itself into the newest chapter of Intergang's ever-expanding race for domination.

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