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November's New Comics!! (11-5-08)

300 special edition DVD
Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 (OF 4)
Adventure Comics Special Guardian #1 New Krypton

Amazing Spider-Man #576
Anita Blake: Laughing Corpse #2 (OF 5)
Army at Love: The Art of War #4 (OF 6)
Avengers Initiative Special
Battlestar Galactica RPG Core Rulebook HC
Booster Gold vol 2 HC: Blue and Gold – S/O #4
Buffy vol 3 TP: Wolves at the Gate – S/O #4
Cable #8
Civil War: House of M #3 (OF 5)
Civil War TP
Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide vol 2 - S/O #11
Cthulhu Tales #6
Daredevil & Captain America: Dead on Arrival
Disney’s Ducktales: Gold Odyssey TP
Final Crisis: Resist #1
Franklin Richards: Son of Geniuses
Grant Morrison’s Dr. Who #2
House of Mystery #7
Invincible Iron Man #7
Iron Man: End
JSA #20
Kull #1 (OF 6)
Marvel Illustrated: Kidnapped #1 (OF 5)
Marvel Minimates Avengers #1 Box Set – S/O #64
Marvel Select Iron Man Action Figure – S/O #64
Marvel Zombies 3 #2 (OF 4)
Michael Turner Tribute GN
Ms. Marvel Special: Storyteller
Munchkin Cthulhu: Cursed Demo Deck
My Name is Bruce (1-Shot)
Paranoia RPG: WMD
Pokemon, Best of Pokemon Adventures Yellow – S/O #11
Previews: Holiday Gift Guide 2008
Punisher: War Journal Annual #1
Sandman: Dream Hunters #1 (OF 4)
Secret Six #3
Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion #1 (OF 6)
Storming Paradise #4 (OF 6)
Submariner: Depths #3 (OF 5)
Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom #1 (OF 5)
Teen Titans Year One TP – S/O #4
Terra #1 (OF 4)
Terror Titans #2 (OF 6)
Top 10 Season Two #2 (OF 4)
Trinity #23
Ultimate Divine Spellbook for RPGs HC – S/O #3
Ultimatum #1 (OF 5)
Uncle Scrooge #381
Venom: Dark Origin #4 (OF 5)
Vixen: Return of the Lion #2 (OF 5)
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #696
Warhammer 40K RPG Game Master’s Kit
Weapon X First Class #1 (OF 3)
Wolverine: Chop Shop
X-Men: Manifest Destiny #3 (OF 5) MD
X-Men: Pixies and Demons Director’s Cut
X-Men/Spider-Man #1 (OF 4)

Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 (OF 4) - An unstoppable super-villain attacks New York City--and the Mighty Avengers fall before him! Where did Anti-Man come from? And who can stop his overwhelming rampage?! Now Iron Man races to find the only man who's ever defeated Anti-Man--THE BLUE MARVEL...a hero the world hasn't seen since 1961! Will Tony Stark uncover the truth behind Blue Marvel's disappearance...and will Blue Marvel ever recover from it? Kevin Grevioux (NEW WARRIORS) and Mat Broome (The End League) join forces to create Marvel's newest powerhouse super hero! This should be a lot like the creation of The Sentry, only this character is supposed to be good.

Adventure Comics Special Guardian #1 New Krypton - At last! The true origin of the Guardian of Metropolis is revealed! Following directly on from last month's SUPERMAN'S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN SPECIAL #1, we learn the fantastic and sometimes terrible past of one of DC's most mysterious heroes. How did the first clone of the Golden Age Guardian come into existence at the hands of the Cadmus Project? We'll also introduce a mysterious young girl the Guardian has sworn to protect - even at the expense of the Cadmus Project, and, if need be, his very life!

Daredevil & Captain America: Dead on Arrival – Presented for the first time in North America: an amazing tale by two of Europe's top creators, starring two of the world's most popular super heroes! A series of bizarre murders suggests that a long-dead villain has returned from the grave. The desperate New York police turn to the Man Without Fear, Daredevil, to solve the case. Daredevil, however, is unaware that Captain America is also investigating...

Final Crisis: Resist #1 - In a world overrun by Darkseid's Anti-Life Equation and his relentless storm troopers, do you choose to RESIST? The world's only hope for survival depends on one-time JLA mascot Snapper Carr, Mr. Terrific, and Checkmate. With the aid of the villainous Cheetah, Snapper must rally the various factions of Checkmate and awaken an evil from a Crisis past. Could this actually be the end? What if I said pretty please with a cherry on top? Could it be the end then?

Kull #1 (OF 6) - More comfortable with a sword than a scepter, Kull has recently crowned himself king and seeks to unite the once-proud and powerful land of Valusia. Only Count Areyas stands between Kull and a reunified kingdom--and the obstinate Count waits patiently in his Iron Fortress, the land's oldest and most formidable castle. Horrors lurk in the shadows of Kull's newly won throne, and slithering foes stalk his every move. Arvid Nelson (Rex Mundi) scripts this series, which will adapt Robert E. Howard's story "The Shadow Kingdom," with art by Will Conrad (Serenity) and José Villarrubia (Conan).

Michael Turner Tribute GN – Join Aspen Comics and a host of the industry's finest comic book writers, artists and creators as they pay special tribute to acclaimed artist, creator, colleague, friend, and Aspen Comics President and founder, Michael Turner. The creative force behind such best-selling titles as Fathom, Soulfire, and Witchblade, and the cover artist to numerous mainstream comic events such as Marvel's Civil War and DC Comics' Identity Crisis and Justice League of America, Michael Turner's artistic vision was unlimited. In honor of Turner's tremendous spirit and body of work, as well as his countless contributions to the comic book industry, Aspen Comics and the entire comic book community will return the favor by remembering Michael's amazing life both in and outside of comics.

My Name is Bruce (1-Shot) - Bruce Campbell . . . Man. Hero. Legend. There isn't a challenge that Bruce can't face and conquer. Which is why he was kidnapped and brought to the town of Gold Lick to help defeat a Chinese demon by the name of Guan-Di. Unfortunately Bruce doesn't know that he's not just in another monster movie--Guan-Di is REAL! Now Bruce Campbell is in for the fight of his life!Don't miss out on this one-shot companion to the upcoming indy film My Name is Bruce staring the one and only BRUCE CAMPBELL!

Sandman: Dream Hunters #1 (OF 4) - In honor of the 20th anniversary of Neil Gaiman's landscape-altering series THE SANDMAN, one of Gaiman's most frequent collaborators, Eisner and Harvey Award-winner P. Craig Russell (THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS), inimitably adapts Gaiman's prose story the SANDMAN: THE DREAM HUNTERS into a sequential, 4-issue comics event!Released 10 years ago, THE SANDMAN: THE DREAM HUNTERS was a prose novella accompanied by illustrations from Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano. Winning the 1999 Bram Stoker Award and the 2000 Eisner Award, it told the tale of a humble young monk and a magical, shape-changing fox who find themselves romantically drawn together.As their love blooms, the fox learns of a devilish plot by a group of demons to steal the monk's life. With the aid of Morpheus, the King of All Night's Dreamings, the fox must use all of her cunning and creative thinking to foil this evil scheme and save the man that she loves.

Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion #1 (OF 6) – DC's iconic soldier for the ages returns in a 6-issue miniseries written and illustrated by multi-Eisner nominee Billy Tucci. From the bloody beaches of Normandy to the muddy forests of the Vosges Mountains, a cut-off Easy Company led by Sgt. Rock will be joined by Johnny Cloud and the Haunted Tank as they battle for their lives behind enemy lines against a force ten times their size. Based on actual events, SGT. ROCK: THE LOST BATTALION is a story of heroism and humanity as one small band of men defy all odds to survive.

Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom #1 (OF 5) – A vicious Apokolptian villain known as Malestrom has arrived on Earth to kill Superman so that she might become The Bride of Darkseid! Superman and Supergirl join forces to battle the villain but at what cost to Metropolis? From Earth to Apokolips and beyond, Superman and Supergirl face unexpected challenges in this action-packed tale examining what it means to be a hero.

Terra #1 (OF 4) – From the pages of TERROR TITANS and the minds of Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Amanda Connor comes a new rock-slinging heroine! As Terra's earth-shaking stunts grab the attention of the world, a new threat rises from beneath the surface. Will Terra live to fight another day, as she takes on the blaze and fury of Pyrite and the Lavarians? And what is the secret behind this new mover and shaker's powers?

Ultimatum #1 (OF 5) – The end is here! Or, is it a new beginning? Massive climatic disturbances are wreaking havoc with the planet - underwater volcanic eruptions, tidal waves crashing over whole cities and snowstorms burying entire countries-and even the assemblage of the Ultimate U's mightiest is no match for this worldwide destruction! Featuring Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Ultimates, the Hulk and more, find out whose lives are at stake in this defining moment of truth for the Ultimate Universe. Brought to you by award-winning scribe Jeph Loeb and superstar artist David Finch, this is the must-have book that will set the stage in the Ultimate U for years to come. If you want to get in on the most astounding changes taking place in all of comics, this is the place to be. You have been told!

Weapon X First Class #1 (OF 3) – Long before his memories were restored, the X-Man known as Wolverine spent years seeking to unlock the mysteries of his past. Some of those memories were best left forgotten. Join Charles Xavier as he journeys deep into Wolverine's mind on a quest for answers that will shed new light on one of the darkest periods of Logan's life -- his days in the Weapon X program! It's a brand-new look at the horrifying history of Marvel's most prominent mutant! PLUS: Each issue features a 10-page back-up story featuring an important player from Wolverine's past! First up, an untold tale of Wolvie's arch-nemesis, the mutant madman known as Sabretooth!

X-Men/Spider-Man #1 (OF 4) - Christos Gage (THUNDERBOLTS, HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS) is joined by international superstar-tist Mario Alberti (CREDITS) to bring you the most misunderstood team of all time meeting the most misunderstood super hero of all time in a 4-part mystery that starts in the early days of the Marvel Age and winds it's way through to today! In Part One, Kraven the Hunter and the Blob attack the world's strangest teens while deep in the background an even greater threat watches...and waits.

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