Monday, November 24, 2008

Munchkin Card Game Tournament... with Pirates!

Avast, ye land-lubber! It be time for ‘nother Munchkin Tournament, and what better way to celebrate this Christmas Season than with pirates! Aye, ye read right – no need to check yer eye-patch – pirates! Argh! ‘Tis the season to show the Jolly Roger! Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

If ye be 12 years o’ age or older, come see if ye have what it takes to kill the monsters (Argh!), steal the treasure (Argh!), and make yer buddy walk the plank (Argh!)... or maybe it be you sent to Davy Jones’s locker instead! (Argh! Argh!) There be no entry fee and a chance to win some free booty, including a copy of the Munchkin Booty game (assuming at least 10 players attend)!

The tournament be held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 29th, 2008 at Haven Comics at 1871-S Slaughter Rd. (Argh! Slaughter!) in Madison, AL (behind Heritage Florist & Gifts) at 1:00 PM. There also be a special introduction to Munchkin at 12:30 PM for ye new players. Haven Comics be a true hidden cove just for us pirates so be sure to call for directions if needed (256-430-0505) . The tournament be requiring 2-4 hours to play (depending on the number of players). Also, if ye own any of the Munchkin non-card products (such as bookmarks, shirts, dice, etc.), bring ‘em along! They be perfectly legal in the first tournament round (as long as ye bring the rules as well). And anyone dressed as a pirate will start with an extra level EVERY ROUND! (Argh! Enthusiasm! Argh!) So get yer booty to Haven Comics!

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