Monday, December 29, 2008

Avengers Initiative #20 DKR
Avengers/Invaders #7 (OF 12)
Back to Brooklyn #3 (OF 5)
Batman #684
Batman: Cacophony #2 (OF 3)
Captain America #45
Captain America #45 Villain Variant – S/O #64
Cyblade #2
Dr. Who: Forgotten #5
Dr. Who Magazine #402
Fantastic Four #562
Fantastic Four: Cosmic Special
Fantastic Four Premier HC: World’s Greatest
Final Crisis: Secret Files #1
George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire 2009 Calendar – S/O Carly!
Green Lantern #36
Guardians of the Galaxy #8
Incognito #1
Incredible Hercules #124
Incredible Hercules #124 Villain Variant – S/O #64
Jack of Fables #29
JLA #28
JSA #22
Knights of the Dinner Table #146
Legion of Superheroes #49
Madame Xanadu #7
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #43
Marvels: Eye of Camera #2 (OF 6)
Midnight Nation TP
New Exiles Annual #1
Northlanders #13
Punisher War Journal #26
Punisher War Zone #4 (OF 6)
Secret Invasion #5 (OF 8) Yu Sketch Variant – S/O #17
Sir Apropos of Nothing #3 (OF 5)
Stand: Captain Trips #4 (OF 5)
Star Wars: Clone Wars vol 2 TP: Crash Course – S/O #23
Star Wars: Legacy #31
Superman #683 New Krypton
Superman/Batman vs Vampires/Werewolves #6 (OF 6)
Teen Titans #66
Transformers: All Hail Megatron #6
Trinity #31
Ultimate Hulk Annual #1
Ultimate X-Men #99
Venom: Dark Origin #5 (OF 5)
Wanted GN
War Machine #1 DKR
War Machine #1 Villain Variant – S/O #64
War That Time Forgot #8 (OF 12)
What If?! Secret Wars
Wintermen Special #1 – S/O #105
Wizard Magazine #208
Wolverine #70
Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #3 (OF 4) MD
World of Warcraft #14
World of Warcraft: Ashbringer #3 (OF 4)
X-Files #2 (OF 6) – S/O #64
X-Force #10
X-Force #10 Villain Variant – S/O #64
X-Men: Magneto Testament #4 (OF 5)
X-Men: World’s Apart #3 (OF 4)
Yen Plus Magazine vol 02 #1
Young X-Men #9 MD

Fantastic Four: Cosmic Special – The World's Greatest Comic Magazine is about to go cosmic, thanks to comic book legend Cary Bates and artist Bing Cansino present the double-sized FANTASTIC FOUR COSMIC SPECIAL! When Reed and Ben return from an excursion in a pocket dimension they bring a nasty toxin back with them that requires The Fantastic Four to place themselves under quarantine in the Baxter Building for two days. No big deal, right? Wrong! What starts out as a series of petty squabbles along the lines of a typical episode of THE REAL WORLD quickly escalates to def-con 5 level life-and-death grudge matches that put Reed and Sue, Ben and Johnny at each other's throats. With all the adults going insane, it's up to young Valeria and Franklin to save the day--and their family--before no one under the Baxter roof is left alive! Plus, a classic FF story by John Byrne!Will the youngest members of the FF save the day? Find out in FANTASTIC FOUR COSMIC SPECIAL!

Final Crisis: Secret Files #1 – Finally, the secrets of this year's most talked about event can be revealed! Witness how Darkseid's death shattered the Multiverse, creating continuity ripples throughout the DC Universe! Submit to Darkseid and read the full Anti-Life Equation! This is a book you don't want to miss!

Incognito #1 – The most insane and evil super-villain comic you've ever read! What if you were an ex-super villain hiding out in Witness Protection - but all you could think about were the days when the rules didn't apply to you? Could you stand the toil of an average life after years of leaving destruction in your wake? And what if you couldn't stand it? What would you do then? INCOGNITO - a twisted mash-up of noir and super-heroics - by best-selling creators Ed Brubaker (The Death of Captain America) and Sean Phillips(Marvel Zombies) with Val Staples on colors.

Ultimate Hulk Annual #1 – Written by JEPH LOEB Pencils by MARKO DJURDJEVIC & ED MCGUINNESS Cover by BRANDON PETERSON It's the Ultimate Road Trip of the Year! The HULK and Zarda - a.k.a. Power Princess from the Squadron Supreme - team-up for the most wild cross-country smash-and-grab you can imagine! Guest-starring Captain America! Join the red-hot team of Jeph Loeb (HULK) and Marko Djurdjevic (THOR) as the mayhem breaks out as only it can in the Ultimate Universe!

War Machine #1 DKR – From the pages of IRON MAN and AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE, War Machine blasts into his own ongoing solo series! Across the globe, from the killing fields of Santo Marco to the blasted deserts of occupied Aqiria, butchers and tyrants are committing the most horrific atrocities imaginable. The outside world won't raise a finger to stop them, but now Jim Rhodes is on the job. And forget a finger – he’s raising a couple of ginormous shoulder mounted rocket cannons! From WORLD WAR HULK scribe Greg Pak and DEATHLOK artist Leonardo Manco comes the most shocking incarnation of War Machine you've ever seen – along with a surprisingly familiar supporting cast and one of the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe!

What If?! Secret Wars – From the Watcher’s Datalog: When a handful of Earth’s heroes and villains were kidnapped across several light years to the alien Battleworld to fight a Secret War, Doctor Doom thought he’d successfully stolen the power of the cosmic entity called the Beyonder. However, Doom was unaware he had only stolen a portion of the Beyonder’s near limitless abilities and the tables were turned, stripping the uber-villain of his newfound godhood. But what if? What if events occurred differently? What if Doom discovered his mistake before it was too late and won the Secret War? In other words…“What If Doctor Doom Kept the Beyonder’s Power?”

Wolverine #70 – Written by MARK MILLAR Pencils & Cover by STEVE MCNIVEN 'OLD MAN LOGAN' Fifty years ago the heroes of the Marvel Universe were massacred and as far as Old Man Logan is concerned, WOLVERINE died with them. During that final battle, something happened to Logan - something so traumatic that he hasn't popped his claws since. Now Logan lives out his days a shell of a man, his warrior spirit long since crushed by the horrible weight of the secret he carries with him. What happened? Finally, the darkest chapter in Logan's history can be told! MARK MILLAR and STEVE MCNIVEN's character defining run continues! Part 5 (of 8).

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