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MONSTER Comics Week!! (1-28-09)

Agents of Atlas TP
Amazing Spider-Man #583 Obama Cover, 2nd Print – S/O ONLY
Amazing Spider-Man Extra #2
Astounding Wolf-Man #12
Avengers Initiative #21 DKR
Batman #685
Batman: Gotham After Midnight #9 (OF 12)
Batman: The Brave and the Bold #1
Batman: The Man Who Laughs TP
Captain America #46
City of Dust #4
Daredevil #115
Dark Tower: Treachery #5 (OF 6)
Doktor Sleepless #10
Dragon Prince #4
Encyclopedia Shatnerica SC – S/O #41
Ender’s Shadow: Battle School #2 (OF 5)
Faces of Evil: Kobra #1
Fantastic Four #563
Final Crisis #7 (OF 7)
Final Crisis: Revelations #5 (OF 5)
Fringe #2 (OF 6)
Galveston #3
Game Trade Magazine #108
Garth Ennis’ Battlefields: Dear Billy #1
Gathering of Widowmakers HC
Ghost Rider/Danny Ketch #4 (OF 5)
Green Arrow/Black Canary: Family Business TP
Heathentown GN
Incredible Hercules #125
Jack of Fables #30
Jack of Fables vol 2 TP: Jack of Hearts – S/O #7
Jack of Fables vol 3 TP: The Bad Prince – S/O #7
JSA #23
Knights of the Dinner Table vol 13 TP: Bundle of Trouble
Legion of Superheroes #50
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #44
Marvel Previews #66
Marvels: Eye of Camera #3 (OF 6)
Ms. Marvel #35
Munchkin Chibithulhu Plush (Pink Edition)
New Avengers #49
Northlanders #14
Nova #21
Previews vol XIX #2
Proof vol 1 TP: Goatsucker
Punisher War Zone #6 (OF 6)
Push #5 (OF 6)
Reign in Hell #7 (OF 8)
Resistance #2 (OF 6)
Runaways 3 #6
Savage Dragon #144
School Rumble vol 2 GN – S/O #35
School Rumble vol 3 GN – S/O #35
School Rumble vol 4 GN – S/O #35
School Rumbel vol 5 GN – S/O #35
Scourge of Gods #1 (OF 3)
SDCC 2008 Exclusive Boys #20 Variant Cover – S/O #17
She-Hulk 2 #37
Skaar, Son of Hulk #7
Stand: Captain Trips #5 (OF 5)
Star Wars Legacy #32
Superman #684
Tarzan vs Predator: At Earth’s Core TP
Teen Titans #67
Teen Titans Go vol 3 TP: Bring It On
Terry Moore’s Echo #9
Trinity #35
Ultimate Spider-Man #130
Ultimate Spider-Man vol 21 TP: War of the Symbiotes
Umbrella Academy: Dallas #3 (OF 6)
Unknown Soldier #4
Usagi Yojimbo #117
War That Time Forgot #9 (OF 12)
Wildcats #7
Wind Raider #1 (OF 3)
Wizard Magazine #209
Wolverine First Class #11
Wonder Woman #28
X-Force #11
X-Men: World’s Apart #4 (OF 4)
Young X-Men #10

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #1 – Jumping out of your TV and into your comics comes the highly anticipated new cartoon BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD! Each month, The Dark Knight Detective faces challenges that only he can solve - with a little help from his DC Universe pals! Thrill as Batman visits new places and old friends. Chill as he chases down the most powerful villains in the DCU, armed with only his Bat-gadgets and his wits! In this awesome first issue, show writer Matt Wayne (Justice League, Ben 10: Alien Force) joins forces with Andy Suriano and Dan Davis to bring you 'The Panic of the Composite Creature,' a tale of terror and adventure! All this action plus Batman's secret files await you each and every month. So hang on to your seats, and get ready for the read of your life!

Faces of Evil: Kobra #1 – Who is Kobra? After his death, Kobra's terrorist organization has been in disarray, with different factions and false leaders vying for control. Now a new figure has infiltrated the Kobra Cult and started systematically destroying its powerbase. But who is this new player? Is it the original Kobra reborn - or something far more sinister?

Garth Ennis’ Battlefields: Dear Billy #1 – More incredible stories from Garth Ennis as his 'BATTLEFIELDS' series continues exclusively from DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT! For this second mini-series - DEAR BILLY - Garth is joined by artist Peter Snjeberg and cover artist John Cassaday for a haunting tale of wartime in 1942Ö 1942: In the tropical splendour of the South China sea, as the Second World War spreads across the far east, a young woman finds herself in paradise... and then in hell. Nurse Carrie Sutton is caught up in the Japanese invasion of Singapore, suffering horrors beyond her wildest nightmares- and survives. Now she attempts to start her life anew, buoyed up by a growing friendship with a wounded pilot- only for fate to deliver up the last thing she ever expected. Carrie at last has a chance for revenge... but should she take it? In the midst of a world torn apart by war, you can fight and you can win- but you still might not get the things you truly want.

Heathentown GN - When Anna travels deep within the Florida Everglades to attend her lover's funeral, she finds herself in an eerie small town where death is but a horrible beginning! In an attempt to discover the truth, she digs up her lover's coffin, starting a chain reaction which brings an ancient malevolence into the townÖbent on her destruction!

Munchkin Chibithulhu Plush (Pink Edition) – Yep, Munchkin Plush for your copy of Munchkin Cthulhu. A MUST HAVE!!

Scourge of Gods #1 (OF 3) – After a thousand years of peace, the Orbis - the Roman Galactic Empire that thought itself almighty - trembles down to its foundations. The Huns, savage warriors that came out of nowhere, are trying to conquer it. King Attila has already pillaged and burned dozens of planets without any legion being able to stop him or even slow him down. And unfortunately for Rome - Kerka, the Hun's goddess of chaos herself - is back. But the Gods have a taste for tragedy: Kerka has been reincarnated in the body of Flavia Aetia, a young Roman girl. Is Flavia truly this macabre divinity? Is she the by-product of a terrifying plot? Or is she only the victim of a terrible destiny? A free adaptation of Hun king Attila and the Roman general Flavius Aetius's confrontation, SCOURGE OF THE GODS replays the eternal struggle between order and chaos on the galactic level. Halfway between sci-fi and heroic fantasy, the huge epic fresco proclaims antique grandeur as well as the barbarism that lies in our future.

Wind Raider #1 (OF 3) – When you control the wind, you control the future! In a post-apocalyptic wasteland a heroic loner emerges to battle the evil that has expanded across a barren, windswept world dominated by swift land sailors and marauding desert pirates. With art by Spider-Man 3 storyboard artist Gabe Hardman, this specially-priced preview issue paves the way for the upcoming Wind Raider mini-series and movie!

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Lately, I’ve begun preparing for MidSouthCon, a sci-fi/fantasy game convention near Memphis, TN. I usually run several games at the con and this year is no different. In particular, this week I’ve been working on a PARANOIA mission and I thought I would discuss it on the blog. (It seems relevant since I will probably run a play-test of the mission at Haven sometime within the next few weeks.)

PARANOIA is a darkly humorous role-playing game published by Mongoose Publishing. I believe the back cover of the main book says it all:

The Computer Is Your Friend!
PARANOIA is an award-winning role-playing game set in a darkly humorous future ruled by a well-meaning but deranged computer.

The Computer is happy. The Computer is crazy.
The Computer will help you become happy. This will drive you crazy.

Being a citizen of Alpha Complex is fun. The Computer says so, and The Computer is your friend.

Many traitors threaten Alpha Complex.
Many happy citizens live in Alpha Complex. Most happy citizens are crazy.
Which are more dangerous - traitors or happy citizens?

Rooting out traitors will make you happy. The Computer tells you so.
If you are not happy, The Computer will use you as reactor shielding.

Being a Troubleshooter is fun. The Computer tells you so.
Do you doubt The Computer, citizen?

Troubleshooters get shot at, stabbed, mangled, incinerated, poisoned, stapled, blown to bits and accidentally executed.
This is so much fun many Troubleshooters go crazy.
You work with many Troubleshooters. They all carry lasers.

Aren’t you glad you have a laser too? Won’t this be fun?

Stay alert! Trust no one!
Keep your laser handy!

After this intro, how can PARANOIA not be fun? (And remember, having fun makes you happy. Happiness is mandatory; therefore, it is treason not to be happy. You aren’t a traitor, are you, citizen?) The basic premise of the setting is that your character is a Troubleshooter working for The Computer in Alpha Complex. As a Troubleshooter, your character is assigned missions and team duties to complete while keeping an eye out for traitors, mutants, or mutant traitors. What makes things really interesting and keeps players on their toes is that all of the player characters on the Troubleshooter team are mutant traitors... every last one. (Heh, heh, heh.) It does help that your character is a clone, so when he dies, a new clone is decanted and the game continues. Oh, and trust me, he will die. Hopefully, he can take down a few mutant commie traitors before he goes though.

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MONSTER Comics Week!! (1-21-09)

Amazing Spider-Man #583 Obama
Amazing Spider-Man #584
Angel: After the Fall #16
Army of Darkness #16
Astonishing X-Men #28
Batman: The Strange Deaths of Batman TP
Beowulf Maquette – S/O #12
Betty & Veronica Spectacular #87
Birds of Prey #126 (FOE)
Black Lightning: Year One #1 (OF 6)
Black Lightning: Year One #2 (OF 6)
Boys #26
Brave & the Bold #21
Captain America: America the Beautiful, Theatre of War
Conan the Cimmerian #7
Dark Avengers #1 Djurdjevic Variant – S/O #17
Dark Avengers #1 DKR
Dark Delicacies #1

Dr. Who: Forgotten #6
Dr. Doom: Masters of Evil #1
Faces of Evil: Deathstroke #1 (FOE)

Fathom #5
Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #2 (OF 2)
Flash: Emergency Stop TP
Garth Ennis: Battlefields – Night Witches #3 (OF 3)
Ghost Rider #31
Giant-Size Grimm Fairy Tales #1
Green Lantern #37 (FOE)
Guardians of the Galaxy #9
Heroclix 3-D Battlefield Effects: Fire
JLA #29 (FOE)
Locke & Key: Head Games #1 –S/O #64
Lone Ranger & Tonto #
Marvel Adventures Avengers #32
Marvels 70th Anniversary Poster
Mighty Avengers #21 DKR
Moon Knight #26
Mysterius: The Unfathomable #1 (OF 6)
New Battlestar Galactica: Ghosts#4 (OF 4)
New Exiles #17
Punisher: Frank Castle #66
Robin #182 (FOE)
Ruins #1
Scooby Doo #140
Spider-Man Noir #2 (OF 4)
Spider-Man Noir #2 (OF 4) Calero Variant – S/O #17
Spirit #25
Spooks: Omega Team #4 –S/O #8
Squadron Supreme 2 #7
Star Trek Countdown #1
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #37
Star Wars RPG: Threats of the Galaxy Handbook
Stormwatch PhD #18
Street Fighter Legends: Chun Li #1 (OF 4)
Supgergirl #37 (FOE)
Superman/Batman Annual #3
Superman: Shadows Linger TP
Tangent: Superman’s Reign #11 (OF 12)
Thunderbolts #128 DKR
Tiny Titans #12
Transformers Sequel #1
Trinity #34
Uncanny X-Men Annual #2 DKR
Vigilante #2 (FOE)
War Machine #2 DKR
Weapon X First Class #3 (OF 3)
Wolverine Origins #32
World of Warcraft #15
X-Factor #39
X-Men: Kingbreaker #2 (OF 4)
X-Men Legacy #220
X-Men: Manifest Destiny #5 (OF 5)

Amazing Spider-Man #583 Obama – It’s here! At last. Please, don’t ask about it anymore.

Dark Avengers #1 DKR - The Dark Reign is here! The start of an explosive new era in the Avengers mythos! Who are the Dark Avengers? Who is the Iron Patriot? The answers will shock you! Brought to you by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato Jr.

Dark Delicacies #1 - Presenting an all-new anthology comic featuring tales of terror torn from the pages of the Bram Stoker Award-winning series of the same name. Producer/Writer Steve Niles and Editor Del Howison bring together some of the biggest names in the genre to celebrate horror in this quarterly anthology of all things gruesome and macabre. Publisher's Weekly called the anthologies 'a fulfilling feast of fear' and the Los Angeles Times proclaimed it ' anthology that can be described only as horrifying.'

Dr. Doom: Masters of Evil #1 - ALL NEW TALES!!! You've gotta ask yourself: If Doctor Doom's the most evil guy ever, how much more evil's it gonna get when he puts a whole TEAM of VILLAINS to work? It's the series where the bad guys get their say, and the Sinister Six are saying they aren't sinister enough! So, what's the solution? How about Kraven stealing a vibranium staff from the Louvre? Sweet! And how about Electro designs a new suit to better channel his powers? Great idea! And how about ramping up Mysterio's powers by breaking into Stark Industries to steal a miniaturized super-component, battling both Iron Man and Dr. Strange in the process?

Faces of Evil: Deathstroke #1 (FOE) - A Faces of Evil issue! Written by David Hine, art by Georges Jeanty, and cover by Ladrönn Deathstroke nearly died fighting Geo-Force in DCU: Last Will and Testament, and now he needs to rebuild himself. He's not about to let a near-death experience make him lose his place as one of the most dangerous villains in the DCU. Where will he start? What's next for the Terminator? And how high will the body count be when he's finished?

Mysterius: The Unfathomable #1 (OF 6) - 'Will all patrons please be seated? Tonight you will witness supernatural feats that no mortal mind can comprehend! Your very senses will reel as Mysterius the Great takes the stage after years in absentia! And now please welcome his newest stalwart, the brave and beautiful assistant who will accompany our host on a journey beyond the boundaries of science and reason...the Lovely Delfi! Now, all join hands...' Acclaimed creators Jeff Parker (X-Men: The First Class, Agents of Atlas) and Tom Fowler (GREEN ARROW, CAPER) make their WildStorm debut with this exciting, offbeat new miniseries!

Ruins #1 - Marvel's favorite pessimist looks through his darkest glass yet into a world where 'marvel' is just another word for 'horror.' Nuclear warfare, internment camps, government oppression, drug addiction, degradation, suicide...and those are just the ones we have words for. Have the men and women we know as heroes made the situation better or worse? Here's a hint: In the Ruins, radiation only kills.

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Wednesday's Comics!! (1-14-09)

Action Comics #873 (FOE)
Adam: Legend of Blue Marvel #3 (OF 5)
Amazing Spider-Girl #28
Amazing Spider-Man #583
Anita Blake #4 (OF 5)
Army @ Love: The Art of War #6 (OF 6)
Batman Confidential #25
Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War #1 (OF 4)
Big Hero 6 #5 (OF 5)
Booster Gold #16 (FOE)
BPRD: Black Goddess #1 (OF 5)
Captain Britain & MI 13 #9
Civil War: House of M #5 (OF 5)
Cleaners #2 (OF 4)
Cthulhu Tales #10
Deadpool #6 DKR
Death-Defying Devil #2
Doktor Sleepless #11
Dr. Who Magazine #403
Dreamer #3 - S/O #102
El Cazador vol 1 TP
Fables #80
Faces of Evil: Grundy #1 (FOE)
Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1 (FOE)
Final Crisis #6 (OF 7)
GI Joe #1
Green Arrow/Black Canary #16 (FOE)
Green Lantern Corps #32 (FOE)
Locke & Key: Head Games #1
Lone Wolf & Cub vol 1 TP: The Assassin's Road
Manhunter #38
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #47
Marvel Adventures Superheroes #7
Marvel Illustrated: Odyssey #5 (OF 8)
Munchkin 4: The Need for Steed
New Battlestar Galactica: Ghosts #3 (OF 4)
Nightwing #152 (FOE)
No Hero #3 (OF 7)
Proof vol 1 TP: Goatsucker - S/O #8
Proof vol 2 TP - S/O #8
Punisher War Zone #5 (OF 6)
Push #4 (OF 6)
Resistance #1 (OF 6)
Solomon Kane #4 (OF 5)
Star Trek: Last Generation #3
Superfriends #11
Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade #2
Tarzan: Lost Adventure HC
Tarzan: The Joe Kubert Years vol 1 HC
Tarzan: The Untamed TP
Titans #9 (FOE)
Transformers: Revenge of the Falleen #2
Trinity #33
Vixen: Return of the Lion #4 (OF 5)
Watchmen TP
X-Force vol 1 TP: Angels and Demons
X-Infernus #2 (OF 4)
X-Men/Spider-Man #3 (OF 4)
Yen Plus Magazine vol 2 #2

BPRD: Black Goddess #1 - At the turn of the twentieth century, a British museum curator with a bent for the occult traveled east in search of power and immortality. He was never heard from again.In 1937, masked crimefighter The Lobster faced a magic-wielding madman bent on fulfilling an apocalyptic prophecy. The plans were foiled, and the world saved, but the villain himself disappeared . . .Seventy years later, B.P.R.D. agent Liz Sherman began to experience visions of a mysterious gentleman who warned of coming catastrophes. When the Bureau tracked him down, he disappeared -- and kidnapped Liz.Now, Liz's friends race to find her as their old enemies band together for a final, catastrophic attack.

Faces of Evil: Grundy #1 (FOE) - A Faces of Evil issue! The marsh monster stars in his first solo book ever! Who was the man who would be reborn as Solomon Grundy? Discover the secret history of the creature as his curse is explored and redefined in this one-shot special!

Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1 (FOE) - A Faces of Evil issue! Written by Sterling Gates, art by Federico Dalbochio, and cover by Mauro Cascioli. It's an all-new prelude to the upcoming, all-new Justice League #1! Prometheus once defeated the Justice League single-handedly, and with his latest lethal crime spree, he's moved to the top of the heroes' Most Wanted list. But what grave crimes has he committed, and what will he do to prevent capture? Learn the real face of evil that is Prometheus!

Final Crisis #6 (OF 7) - As the entire world turns against them, the last of Earth's Super Heroes must face the unstoppable power of the Gods of Apokolips for the final time. Supergirl vs. Mary Marvel! Superman vs. Darkseid! The fate of the Flash! And the incredible return of the New Gods! The End of Days has come and the ultimate war between good and evil will at last be decided on the battlefield of a broken world! And as the skies bleed, as the walls between universes crumble and fall, the ultimate threat to life makes its presence felt as an evil beyond imagining arrives to claim its prize. Mandrakk the Dark Monitor is coming and the DC Multiverse will never be the same again! Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers by J.G. Jones and Carlos Pacheco & Jesus Merino that will ship in approximately 50/50 ratio. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.

GI Joe #1 - A new beginning and a new world of threats for the fighting men and women of the elite military force known as G.I. Joe - Freedom's last hope and the first-to-fight in battle with a hidden enemy and a secret war that's already won!The world's terror underworld whispers of Cobra. Who or what is Cobra and what can the Joes do to stop an enemy they can't identify or find. Think you know Joe? Think again.Chuck Dixon and Robert Atkins begin a whole new era, with superstar artist Gabriele Dell'Otto and Dave Johnson supplying amazing cover images, too.

Tarzan: Lost Adventure HC - For nearly half a century, Edgar Rice Burroughs' final work, an unfinished Tarzan novel, was locked in a vault where it became the stuff of legend. In 1995, Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan: The Lost Adventure enjoyed its Dark Horse debut as a series of four pulp-magazine format books. Now the story has been collected and reformatted into an illustrated prose novel, in the classic tradition of those prized Tarzan first editions. The tale -- completed by famed horror writer Joe R. Lansdale -- is wrapped in a dust jacket featuring painted art by Disney artist Dean Williams. The book is illustrated throughout by such legends as Thomas Yeates, Charles Vess, Gary Gianni, and Michael Kaluta, and includes a reproduction of Edgar Rice Burroughs' personal bookplate, designed by Burroughs' nephew, Studley O. Burroughs.

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Awesome New Year's Comics!! (1-7-09)

Agents of Atlas TP
Amazing Spider-Man #582
Birds of Prey: Kid's Club TP - S/O #4
Black Lightning: Year One #1 (OF 6)
Bomb Queen V #5 (OF 6)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #21
Cable #10
Cthulhu Tales #10
Dead of Night Featuring Werewolf by Night #1 (OF 4)
Detective Comics #852 (FOE)
Doktor Sleepless #10
Dr. Who Magazine #403
Dreamer #2 - S/O #102
Eternals #7
Faces of Evil: Grundy #1 (FOE)
Green Lantern TP: Wanted, Hal Jordan - S/O #4
Haunted Tank #2 (OF 5)
Hellboy: Wild Hunt #2 (OF 8)
House of Mystery #9
Invincible Iron Man #9 DKR
Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Storm Front #2 (OF 4)
Kull #3 (OF 6)
Marvel Illustrated: Kidnapped #3 (OF 5)
Marvel Spotlight: Dark Reign DKR
Marvel Superhero Squad: Hero Up
Marvel Zombies 3 #4 (OF 4)
Mouse Guard RPG HC
NYX: No Way Home #5 (OF 6)
Official Index to the Marvel Universe #1
Punisher #1 DKR
Sandman: Dream Hunters #3 (OF 4)
Secret Invasion TP
Secret Invasion: War of Kings One-Shot
Secret Six #5 (FOE)
Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion #3 (OF 6)
Shrapnel #1 (OF 5)
Shrugged #8
Spider-Man: Fear Itself #1
Star Trek Comics Classics vol 1 TP: To Boldly Go
Submariner: Depths #4 (OF 5)
Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade #2
Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom #5 (OF 5)
Terror Titans #4 (OF 6)
Trinity #32
Vixen: Return of the Lion #4 (OF 5)
Walking Dead #57
Walking Dead vol 9 TP: Here We Remain
Wolverine: Switchback
X-Files #1 (OF 6) - S/O #64
X-Men: Manifest Destiny #5 (OF 5)
X-Men Noir #2 (OF 4)
X-Men Noir #2 (OF 4) Calero Variant - S/O #17

Agents of Atlas TP - Looking for answers? Get your Atlas! The spy. The spaceman. The goddess. The robot. The gorilla. During the late 1950s, the U.S. government allowed FBI Special Agent Jimmy Woo to forge a team of unlikely heroes. Together, they stormed the fortress of a criminal mastermind to rescue President Eisenhower - but the group disbanded soon after. Now, almost 50 years later, an unauthorized S.H.I.E.L.D. mission goes down in flames - and from the ashes arise forces from the Golden Age of Marvel! It started in 1947 when the Sub-Mariner's cousin hit the printed page, and it finishes up here as yesterday's heroes make tomorrow safe from one of history's horrors! Collecting AGENTS OF ATLAS #1-6 - plus the Agents' first appearances in stories from YELLOW CLAW #1 (Jimmy Woo; October 1956), MENACE #11 (Human Robot; May 1954), VENUS #1 (August 1948), MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #82 (Namora; May 1947), MARVEL BOY #1 (December 1950), MEN'S ADVENTURES #26 (Gorilla Man; March 1954) and WHAT IF? #9 (1950s Avengers; June 1978). Also featuring blogs, creator interviews, character designs and other extras!

Black Lightning: Year One #1 - Jefferson Pierce returns to his old stomping grounds - the infamous Suicide Slum of Metropolis - in order to bring some hope to the residents of his downtrodden former neighborhood. He'll quickly learn, though, that a lawless place sometimes requires a lawless vigilante to drag it into the light. Acclaimed writer Jen Van Meter (CINNAMON, OUTSIDERS) and kinetic artist Cully Hamner (BLUE BEETLE, RED) combine forces to retell the electrifying origin of DC's most honorable hero, the bold and brave Justice Leaguer known as Black Lightning!

Faces of Evil: Grundy #1 - The marsh monster stars in his first solo book ever! Who was the man who would be reborn as Solomon Grundy? Discover the secret history of the creature as his curse is explored and redefined in this one-shot special!

Punisher #1 - The fight against the 'Dark Reign' begins as the duty of chronicling Frank Castle's war journal is passed to new regular team of writer Rick Remender (End League, Fear Agent) and Jerome Opeña (Wolverine, Fear Agent). One man with one bullet, in the right place, at the right time, can change the world. That's why the Punisher is perched atop a building on the Jersey shore with a high-powered Skrull rifle, his crosshairs trained on a target in Midtown Manhattan. But who is his target -- and why? One thing's for sure: They're anything but helpless. Someone is watching their back. Someone big. Enter: The Sentry!

Secret Invasion TP - SECRET INVASION IS HERE!! The shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrulls has secretly infiltrated every super-powered organization on Earth with one goal...full-scale invasion! In this collected edition, page after page unveils reveal after reveal and shocking moment after shocking moment! Brian Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu leap off the pages of mega-hit New Avengers and deliver a story that will change the Marvel Universe forever. Collecting SECRET INVASION #1-8. 200 PGS

Secret Invasion: War of Kings One-Shot - It's finally here...WAR OF KINGS! The Secret Invasion may be over, but the Inhumans are still reeling from the terrible wounds inflicted on them by the Skrulls. And this time, the Royal Family and their massively powered people have been pushed too far! You have never seen the Inhumans like this - and it's only the beginning! Plus: How will the empire-expanding Vulcan react to these recent universe-shaking developments? Before this double-sized shocker is over, vengeance will be had, daring alliances will be forged, and the first shots in a destiny-changing battle will be fired!

Shrapnel #1 - Events thrust Sam into a war she never wanted, as she takes command of the Fourth Battalion. But as the Venus colony faces overwhelming odds and the threat of extinction, she must choose between surrender to save their lives, or a desperate war to preserve their freedom.

Spider-Man: Fear Itself #1 - The mucky man monster returns to meet the Amazing Spider-Man in a double-sized epic that connects to both Peter Parker's youth and his present-day adventures. In the Florida Everglades, Spider-Man squares off against eight hundred pounds of menace -- the savage, mindless Man-Thing! But after the battle, Spidey finds his own, radiation-altered body chemistry changing radically. To stop his hideous transformation, he'll have to face his own greatest fear!