Friday, February 06, 2009

Wednesday's Comics!! (2-11-09)

Action Comics #874 (Origins)
Adam: Legend of Blue Marvel #4 (OF 5)
All Star Superman vol 2 HC
Amazing Spider-Girl #29
Amazing Spider-Man #586
Angel #17
Avengers/Invaders #8 (OF 12)
Batman #686
Batman & the Outsiders Special #1
Batman Confidential #26
Batman TP: False Faces
Batman RIP Deluxe Edition HC
Beyond Wonderland #5 (OF 6)
Booster Gold #17 (Origins)
BPRD: Black Goddess #2 (OF 5)
Captain Britain & MI 13 #10
DMZ vol 6 TP: Blood in the Game
Dr. Who Magazine #404
Eternals #8
Fables #81
Gears of War #4
GI Joe #2
Gold Digger #102
Gold Digger Annual 2008
Gold Digger Sourcebook #23
Green Arrow/Black Canary #17 (Origins)
Green Lantern Corps #33 (Origins)
Grimm Fairy Tales #35
Hellboy: Wild Hunt #3 (OF 8)
Incognito #2
Locke & Key: Head Games #2 – S/O #64
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #48
Marvel Adventures Superheroes #8
Marvel Illustrated: Odyssey #6 (OF 8)
Marvel TV: Galactus’ Real Story
Masquerade #1

New Warriors #20
Nightwing #153 (Origins)
Patsy Walker, Hellcat #5 (OF 5)
Pinoccio on Workbench Heirloom Box – S/O #3
Punisher #2 DKR – Shortage Replacement
Rebels #1
Sonic the Hedgehog #197
Spirit #26
Star Wars: Clone Wars #4 (OF 6)
Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen #4 (OF 5)
Super Friends #12
Superhero Figurine Collectors Magazine #1: Batman
Thor #600

Thor #600 Dell Otto Variant – S/O #17
Titans #10 (ORIGINS)
Trinity #37
Vixen: Return of the Lion #5 (OF 5)
Walking Dead #58
Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #4 (OF 4)
Wonderful Wizard of Oz #3 (OF 8)
X-Infernus #3 (OF 4)
X-Men Origins: Sabretooth

Batman RIP Deluxe Edition HC – Legendary writer Grant Morrison concocts an unthinkable plot: The death of The Dark Knight! Collecting BATMAN #676-683 in an oversized Deluxe Edition, this volume features artwork by Tony Daniel.While Bruce Wayne drops out of sight, The Club of Villains begins a crime spree through the streets of Gotham City, while Batman's allies attempt to keep order in the city and find The Dark Knight.

Marvel TV: Galactus’ Real Story – Welcome to MARVELS CHANNEL, where you can get all the 411 on the 616. In this episode of MONSTERS, MYTHS and MARVELS, we explore one of the greatest threats mankind has ever faced: GALACTUS. But is he really the planet-eating celestial being we've come to fear with every fiber of our being? Or is he the construct of a super hero team desperate for headlines? Join host Gordon Allsworth as he exposes the truth behind Galactus, and the greatest hoax ever pulled on humankind.

Masquerade #1 – The Project Superpowers expansion continues as Dynamite, Alex Ross, Phil Hester and Carlos Paul present Masquerade! Exploring the origins of the beautiful and mysterious Masquerade, writer Phil Hester opens with young Diana Adams who would grow up, inspired by the heroes of the age, to fight crime in her own unique way! Illustrated by the art-team from Superpowers Chapter One - Carlos Paul and Deborah Carita - the 4 issue series is overseen by Alex Ross, who also provides the incredible cover to issue #1 (and the series).

Rebels #1 – The future is now in this all-new monthly series! Brainiac 2 is a hunted man. His cosmic police force safeguarded over 80 worlds until a mysterious adversary suddenly seized control. Now Vril Dox must recruit a new team to win back his command and free countless billions. But this time, he's basing his new group on the greatest heroes and villains of the 31st Century! Guest-starring Supergirl and The Legion of Super-Heroes!

Superhero Figurine Collectors Magazine #1: Batman – The first issue of this new magazine features a collectible pewter Batman figure. We’ve got a lot of Batman fans, so the only fair thing to do is throw it up in the air and let you all fight for it. Maybe we could sell tickets?

Thor #600 – The mighty God of Thunder hits a major milestone! THOR goes back to its classic numbering for this issue 600 mega-event, and even Stan 'The Man' Lee joins the party with an all-new story! J. Michael Straczynski and Olivier Coipel bring their widely acclaimed run to a major culmination! And Chris Giarrusso lays down an epic Mini Marvels Thor adventure! PLUS jaw- dropping wraparound covers by Olivier Coipel and Marko Djurdjevic! Miss this issue?! We say thee NAY!

X-Men Origins: Sabretooth – Every year, he beats Wolverine to an inch of his life. You won't find a sicker, more dangerous person in the Marvel Universe. But why? Why is he so vicious? Why is he so brutal? Why does he leave a wake of violence and death everywhere he goes? Look into Sabretooth's eyes and tremble...

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