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Wednesday's Comics!! (3-11-09)

Action Comics #875
Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel#5 (OF 5)
Amazing Spider-Man #583 Obama Variant 5th Ptg
Amazon #1 (OF 3)
Angel: Blood & Trenches #1

Astonishing Tales #2
Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1 (OF 3)
Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1 (OF 3) Variant – S/O #17
Batman Confidential #27
Best of Robert E. Howard vol 2: Grim Lands
Booster Gold #18
BPRD: Black Goddess #3 (OF 5)
C E Murphy’s Take a Chance #3
Captain Britain & MI 13 #11
City of Dust #5 (OF 5)
D&D Dungeon Delve
DC Heroes Wave 7: Batman Action Figure
Deadpool vol 1 HC: Secret Invasion
Deathnote vol 8 DVD – S/O #8
Fables #82
Female Force: Sarah Palin
Ghost Rider #33
GI Joe #3
GI Joe #3 Incentive Variant – S/O #39
GI Joe Movie Prequel: Duke #1
Green Arrow/Black Canary #18
Green Lantern Corps #33 – Shortage Replacement
Green Lantern Corps #34
Guardians of the Galaxy #11
Immortal Iron Fist #23
Invincible Iron Man #11
Last Reign: Kings of War #4 (OF 5)
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #49
Marvel Adventures Superheroes #9
Marvel Apes: Speedball Special – S/O #64
Marvel Illustrated Odyssey #7 (OF 8)
Marvel Select Anti-Venom AF
Northlanders #15
Overstreet Comics Price Guide HC – S/O #28
Punisher (Max): Frank Castle #68
Rawbone #1
Rebels #2
Resident Evil #1 (OF 6)
Scooby Doo #142
Sonic the Hedgehog #198
Soulfire: Shadow Magic #4 (OF 5)
Spider-Man Noir #3 (OF 4) – Damage Replacement
Stand: American Nightmares #1 (OF 5)
Stand: Captain Trips HC
Super Friends TP: For Justice
Super-Zombies #1
Superman/Batman #56
Titans #11
Top 10: Season 2 #4 (OF 4)
Transformers: All Hail Megatron #8
Transmetropolitan vol 1 TP: Back on the Street
Trinity #41
Turok, Son of Stone Archives vol 1 HC – S/O #28
Walking Dead #59
Warhammer 40K: Defenders of Ultramar #4
Wizard Spider-Man Masterpiece Collection DLX HC
Wonderful Wizard of Oz #4 (OF 8)
X-Men: Manifest Destiny – Nightcrawler One-Shot
X-Men Noir #4 (OF 4)
Zorro vol 1 HC: Trail of the Fox

Amazon #1 (OF 3) – Twenty years to the month after its original Comico publication, Dark Horse is proud to re-present The Amazon, some of the earliest work from acclaimed writer Steven T. Seagle and superstar artist Tim Sale!The Amazon Jungle is among the most ancient and biologically diverse places on earth, but it's being plundered for its resources and destroyed at a rate of thousands of acres a day. Reporter Malcolm Hillard travels to this remote land of mystery to investigate the disappearance of an American worker and sabotage at a timber site. Locals tell him it is the work of spirits of the Amazon, but Malcolm doesn't believe in anything like that -- until he sees something he can't explain deep in the jungle.* This remastered edition has been scanned from Tim Sale's original artwork and recolored by Matt Hollingsworth, with a new cover by Sale and Dave Stewart!

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1 (OF 3) – A Battle for the Cowl issue! Batman: R.I.P. and FINAL CRISIS saw the end of Batman. Now, months following the disappearance of her protector, Gotham City sits on a precipice, and it may be too far gone for Nightwing, Robin, Commissioner Gordon, and the rest of the city's heroes to save the day.Amid the fires, rioting, looting, and gang warfare, one question rings out from the souls of Gotham's desperate citizens: Where is Batman? With guest-stars galore, the destruction of a sacred Gotham City institution, and an ending that will have everyone talking, this three-issue miniseries event features the battle to take on the Mantle of the Bat.Who has earned the right? Who thinks they deserve it? Robin? Nightwing? Jason Todd? Two-Face? Catwoman? Batgirl? Who will ultimately win the Battle for the Cowl?

D&D Dungeon Delve – Dozens of dungeons ready to play without preparation...Dungeon Delve(TM) is designed for groups looking for an exciting night of monster-slaying without the prep time. It contains dozens of self-contained easy-to-run mini-dungeons, or "delves," each one crafted for a few hours of game-play.The book includes delves for 1st- to 30th-level characters, and features dozens of iconic monsters for the heroes to battle. Dungeon Masters can run these delves as one-shot adventures or weave them into their campaign.

Female Force: Sarah Palin – If you thought Hillary Clinton was a controversial female force, just wait until you get a good look at Sarah Palin! Bluewater Productions proudly presents a critical examination of the life and times of John McCain's running mate in the next part of their examination of important female individuals. From high school basketball star to Governor of the state of Alaska, Sarah Palin's rise to the halls of power has led her from her hometown of Wasilla to the campaign trail as a Vice Presidential candidate. Shaped by her family and her faith, discover how Sarah Palin became a national political force to be reckoned with!

GI Joe Movie Prequel: Duke #1 – The first of a series of back-stories and secret dossiers on the characters from this summer's biggest action hit! Before he was code-named Duke and was brought into the G.I. Joes, he was the top kick of a special ops team. Join him as he fights his way in and out of a jungle hell in a mission that goes wrong in every way possible.

Marvel Select Anti-Venom AF – A Diamond Select Release! A Jean St Jean Sculpt! Presenting a fresh take on a classic villain, this seven-inch action figure release features a new Venom as never before! Fresh from the pages of the Amazing Spider-Man comics, Anti-Venom is featured with a deluxe symbiote base and multiple points of articulation for the character's action figure debut - making this Marvel Select release a sure-fire hit!

Rawbone #1 – Jamie Delano cuts loose on a vicious pirate tale, delivering a bloody, terrifying vision of a world on the high-seas! La Sirena's pirate allies are against the wall as the full force of the British fleet is felt on their haven. It seems no force of man can possibly save them. But a supernatural pirate ship filled with ghosts of the dead might turn the tide.

Resident Evil #1 (OF 6) – Capcom's international video game sensation returns in March with Resident Evil 5 and WildStorm debuts the new prequel miniseries tying into the highly anticipated release! Find out what led Chris Redfield to Africa and learn the dark burden that haunts him! An absolute must-read for fans of the franchise and a starting point for new readers!

Super-Zombies #1 – 1. Super -Zombie [soo-per zom-bee] -noun a. flesh eaters with super powers. 2. Super -Zombies [soo-per zom-bees] -noun, plural a. The next BIG hit from Dynamite Entertainment! In a world filled with super-heroes, one man stands apart, Neuron, once known as Bernard Jaeger, the man responsible for saving the world, most particularly from the KHR SYNDROME. But it was this very plague which began to change the world forever, filling its population of super heroes with a deadly new hunger - a hunger for human flesh!

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