Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday's Comics!! (4-15-09)

Action Comics #876
Amazing Spider-Man #591
American McGees Grimm #1
Angel: Smile Time #3
Batman Confidential #28 – shortage replacement
Betty & Veronica #241
Beyond Wonderland #6 (OF 6)
Captain America #49
Dark Tower: Sorcerer #1
Deadpool: Suicide Kings #1 (OF 5) – shortage replacement
Ender’s Shadow: Battle School #4 (OF 5)
Fables #83
Farscape: Strange Detractors #1 (OF 4)
GI Joe: Cobra #2
Green Arrow/Black Canary #19
Green Lantern #39 – shortage replacement
Green Lantern Corps #35
HALO Uprising #4 (OF 4)
Incognito #3
JSA vol 4 HC: Thy Kingdom Come, pt 3
Kitty Pryde & Wolverine Premier HC
Leviticus Cross #3 (OF 5)
Marvel Triple Action #1
Moon Knight #29
Oracle #2 (OF 3)
Punisher #4 DKR
Rampaging Wolverine #1
Rebels #3
Rex Mundi #17
SI Aftermath: Beta Ray Bill – Green of Eden #1
Squadron Supreme 2 #10
Stand: American Nightmares #2 (OF 5)
Star Trek Aliens Spotlight: Klingons
Star Wars Clone Wars #5 (OF 6)
Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft #1 (OF 4)
Submariner Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1

Super Friends #14
Super-Zombies #2
Superman/Batman #58
Superman: The Coming of Atlas HC
Thunderbolts: Justice Like Lightning TP
Tiny Titans #15
Transformers: All Hail Megatron #10
Trinity #46
Uncanny X-Men #508
Uncanny X-Men #508 Wolverine Variant – S/O #64
Vigilante #5
Walking Dead #60
War of Kings: Ascension #1 (OF 4) Pelletier Variant
Wizard Magazine Platinum 2009 Movie Preview
Wolverine & Black Cat: Claws HC
Wolverine First Class vol 1 TP: Rookie
Wolverine Noir #1 (OF 4)
Wolverine Origins vol 5 HC: Deadpool
Wolverine Origins vol 1 TP: Born in Blood
World of Warcraft #18
X-Factor #42
X-Files #6 (OF 6)
X-Men Legacy #223
X-Men: Origin of Generation X TP
Yen Plus Magazine vol 2 #5
Zorro #12

American McGees Grimm #1 – Game designer American McGee's Grimm, available at GameTap, introduces the lovably macabre Grimm into famous fairy tales, transforming them into hellish nightmares. Now Grimm unleashes his dark magic on many comic book archetypes, twisting superhero tales, romance comics, westerns and more to his own purposes. Up first, 'Crisis On Earth 57, where Grimm launches a secret invasion crisis into a domain where villains are doomed to fail...until he gets involved!

Dark Tower: Sorcerer #1 – A very special stand alone issue probing deeply into the incredible life of Marten Broadcloak. We learn his deadly secret agenda and true goal is not to serve the Crimson King, but to climb to the top of the Dark Tower itself and become the overlord of all existence! Written by Robin Furth, the guiding force behind the Dark Tower series and illustrated by Richard Isanove whose stunning coloring on Dark Tower has helped make every issue a work of art. This is an instant collector's item no Stephen King fan can afford to be without!

Marvel Triple Action #1 – 72 pages of Marvel comics goodness, good for all ages, and for just $5.99 (cover price)? Wow! This title collects: Wolverine: First Class #1, Marvel Adventures Avengers #19, Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #1

Rampaging Wolverine #1 – The Marvel Magazine that never was-three ALL-NEW, ALL-ACTION Wolverine tales, all in fantastic BLACK AND WHITE! Josh Fialkov (ELK'S RUN) and the fantastic gray wash art of Paco Diaz Luque pit Wolverine against South Pacific pirates…and worse. Plus, X-FORCE writer Christopher Yost introduce a sniper with a secret-and a canuckle-head to kill! Finally, comics legend Ted McKeever (METROPOL, EDDIE CURRENT) tells a third island adventure. Plus even more! It's non-stop Logan-too hot for color to handle-and NO ADS!

SI Aftermath: Beta Ray Bill – Green of Eden #1 – The Secret Invasion has ended. The Skrull armies have been routed and destroyed. In the wake of his battle in aid of Thor and Asgard, Beta Ray Bill has departed Earth once more, to bring justice and order to the stars. But when Bill becomes savior of a space-faring alien colony, he'll discover that perhaps - just perhaps -- it's possible to be too much of a hero. Soaring action and adventure starring your favorite horse-faced Demigod of Thunder, by Kieron Gillen (NEW UNIVERSAL: 1959) and Dan Brereton (GOD-SIZED THOR)!

Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft #1 (OF 4) – When an ancient curse transforms young H.P. Lovecraft's darkest nightmares into reality, the timid writer becomes both an unwitting god of destruction and the only person who can battle the evil he's unleashed into the world. One part biography, one part horror pulp, one part fugitive thriller and you weird tale indeed.

Submariner Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1 – The second of a series of celebratory specials commemorating Marvel's 70th Anniversary and its rich history and characters! It's the year 1940, and thanks to policewoman Betty Dean, the young Namor the Sub-Mariner has momentarily halted his jihad against the surface world. But now, an envoy from the Axis powers attempts to sway the undersea prince to the Nazi cause! Can the less worldly Sub-Mariner be tempted? Plus, a second never-before-seen Namor story by Mark Schultz and Al Williamson, and a reprint of Namor's first appearance from 1939!

Wolverine Noir #1 (OF 4) – The Bowery, 1937. Jim Logan, the fiercest knife expert in New York, runs a seedy detective agency called 'LOGAN & LOGAN'...along with his useless, halfwit brother, Dog. They're the best they are at what they do. But when a swanky dame named Mariko Yashida struts into the office, she opens up a world of hurt for Logan, forcing him to revisit his painful, bloody past. The latest in the Marvel Noir series, WOLVERINE NOIR reunites the acclaimed WOLVERINE team of Stuart Moore (IRON MAN) and C.P. Smith (The Programme).

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