Friday, May 15, 2009

Wednesday's Comics!! (5-20-09)

Agents of Atlas #5
Amazing Spider-Man #594
Amazing Spider-Man Family #6
Angel #21
Batman: Battle for the Cowl #3 (OF 3)
Batman: Battle for the Cowl #3 (OF 3) Variant – S/O #16
Big Book of Barry Ween, Boy Genius TP – S/O #48
Bionicle vol 5 GN: Battle of Voya Nui
Black Terror #4
Boys: Herogasm #1
Brave and the Bold #23
Captain America #50
Cars: Rookie #2 (OF 4)
Complete Dracula #1 (OF 5)
Crossed #1 (OF 9) Auxiliary Edition
Dark Reign Fantastic Four #3 (OF 5)
Dr. Who: Time Machination
Dreamer #6
Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall SC – S/O #102
Fables vol 1 TP: Legends in Exile – S/O #102
Fables vol 2 TP: Animal Farm – S/O #102
Fantastic Force #2 (OF 5)
Fantastic Four #566
Farscape #1
Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1 (OF 6)
Fruits Basket vol 21 GN (OF 23) – S/O #7
GI Joe #5
GI Joe: Cobra #3
Greatest American Hero #3 (OF 3)
Green Arrow/Black Canary #20
Grimm Fairy Tales #38
Herobear and the Kid vol 1 TP: Inheritance – S/O #58
Hotwire #3 (OF 5)
Hulk #12
Incredibles: Family Matters #2 (OF 4)
Jack of Fables #34
Killapalooza #1 (OF 6)
Locke & Key: Head Games #5
Marvel Adventures Avengers #36
Marvel Mystery Comics #1 70th Anniversary Special
Outsiders #18
Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson: Homecoming #3 (OF 4)
Planet Skaar Prologue (one-shot)
Punisher #5 DKR
Resident Evil #2 (OF 6)
Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: Eye of the World #0
Scooby Doo #144
Silver Age Sentinels GM Screen
Skrull Kill Krew #2 (OF 5)
Star Trek: Aliens Spotlight - Romulans
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #41
Star Wars Light Saber USB Glow Lamp
Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen #5 (OF 5)
Supergirl #41
Superman/Batman #60
Terror, Inc.: Apocalypse Soon #2 (OF 4)
Thor vol 2 Premiere HC
Thunderbolts #132
Timestorm 2009/2099 #2 (OF 4)
Tiny Titans #16
Tiny Titans vol 2 TP: Adventures in Awesomeness
Transformers: All Hail Megatron #11
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen #1
Trinity #51
Uncanny X-Men #510
Uncanny X-Men #510 Campbell Variant
Vigilante #6
Warhammer 40K RPG Game Master’s Kit
Wolverine Noir #2 (OF 4)
Wolverine: Weapon X #2
World of Warcraft #19
X-Men Forever: Alpha
Zorro #13

Boys: Herogasm #1 – Heroes on the planet uniting to defend us all... a secret crisis of such utter finality that a countdown to civil or infinite war seems unavoidable... but have you ever wondered what really happens during Crossovers? The Seven, Payback, Teenage Kix, Fantastico and every other supe on Earth team up for an annual event like no other... and where the supes go, can a certain 'five complications and a dog' be far behind? Vought-American prepare to make their move, in a story that will change the world of the Boys forever: Herogasm #1. The first-ever Boys spin-off mini-series features the pairing of Ennis with Hitman artist John McCrea and covers by Boys artist and co-creator Darick Robertson!

Complete Dracula #1 (OF 5) – Dynamite presents an unprecedented comic book series starring the Lord of the Undead - Dracula! Writers John Reppion and Leah Moore are joined by painter Colton Worley for a 5 issue odyssey of life, death and the blood that flows within us all! This fully-painted series features a massive 32 pages of story and art per issue, each page fully-painted in a rich, moody style by Worley, all under covers by modern master John Cassaday! Join us for this authentic and exhaustive adaptation by Moore and Reppion, who also provide bonus materials such as script pages, annotations and samplings of the original text by Stoker!

Killapalooza #1 (OF 6) – You've never seen anything like a rock band that moonlights as a super-powered assassination squad! Superstar noisemakers The Clap thought they were the only ones, but apparently there's at least one more - and they've both marked the honoree of a benefit concert as their next target! If The Clap can survive a death trap laid by their mystery rivals, they'll face their greatest challenge yet - a dinner for the concert's sponsor! The world's biggest music stars and their egos in the same room? Expect mayhem and murder with your shrimp cocktail!

Marvel Mystery Comics #1 70th Anniversary Special – The original Human Torch, Toro, the Sub-Mariner, the Angel and the Ferret team up to prevent Nazi saboteurs and one of the Torch's earliest foes from creating the ultimate weapon of mass destruction in this all-new 22 page story. Plus another 10 page classic vintage tale from Marvel's Golden Age!

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: Eye of the World #0 – At long last, the Dabel Brothers proudly bring you the adaptation of Robert Jordan's epic fantasy masterwork: The Wheel of Time! The saga begins here with the Fall of the Dragon and the Breaking of the World in this prelude issue to the ongoing series, in this edition available with Regular and PREVIEWS Exclusive covers. And the Shadow fell upon the Land, and the World was riven stone from stone. The oceans fled, and the mountains were swallowed up, and the nations were scattered to the eight corners of the World. The moon was blood, and the sun was as ashes. The seas boiled, and the living envied the dead. All was shattered, and all but memory lost, and one memory above all others, of him who brought the Shadow and the Breaking of the World. And him they named Dragon.

Star Wars Light Saber USB Glow Lamp - That's right, you can plug this life-size light saber into your USB port and use it as a desk lamp, and you can also unplug your fully charged light saber and kill bad guys with it. You know you want this...

X-Men Forever: Alpha – X-Men Forever marks Chris Claremont's exciting return to a story he left unfinished over 15 years ago. Now, X-Men Forever Alpha #1 gets you caught up on all the best-selling action leading into Forever #1 with this special reprint of X-Men #1-3. The Master of Magnetism embarks on a holy crusade to rescue his fellow mutants from the coming genetic conflagration with humanity...regardless of the cost to either side. All that stands in the way of absolute chaos are the mutant heroes known as the X-Men, whose powers and abilities set them apart from a humanity that hates and fears them.

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