Saturday, July 04, 2009


It has been a while since I last wrote a gaming blog, so I thought it was about time for another one. (Plus, you know how Josh will keep bugging you until you finally cave and do it...)

Last night (July 3rd), I traveled up to The Game Keep in Nashville, TN to catch a couple of demonstrations for new games (published by Steve Jackson Games) that will be on store shelves next month. Due to play space, I was unable to play the first game, Revolution!, but I did watch several rounds. Revolution! is a board game which can handle up to 4 players, has simple rules, and can be played in less than an hour. Each player attempts to win the support of the people by using blackmail, force, or money to gain influence. It seems to be great fun.

The second game, which I managed to beg and plead my way into playing, was The Stars Are Right. You really have to think to play this game. Essentially, it is a card/tile game (up to 4 players) based on the horror mythos of H.P. Lovecraft and a player wins by summoning 10 points of other-worldly beings. The real trick is that in order to summon these eldritch horrors, the stars must be in the correct alignment. The stars are represented by tiles in the game which are moved and changed by each player during his or her turn, so although you may be ready to summon a Great Old One at the beginning of another player's turn, by the time your turn begins, the stars may be in a completely new alignment. (Completely screwing your master plan to summon Hastur and win the game... but I'm not bitter.) I'm a big fan of the Lovecraft mythos and really enjoyed this game (I loved the art and star alignment concept), but I can see how searching for star patterns every turn could be more annoyance than fun to some people. I'm sure I'll be demonstrating this game myself around Huntsville when it is finally available to order, so if it sounds interesting to you, keep a look-out for demonstration posters.

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