Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Even More Cool New Games

A new Game Trade Magazine has hit the stands so it is once again time for Kerry's game picks...

* CthulhuTech: GM Screen & Adventure will be released in November 2009. A bit price-heavy (as most RPG books now-a-days), I enjoy the CthulhuTech setting and as an old school, hide-behind-the-screen GM, I'm looking forward to owning a handy GM screen.

* Since we're on the topic of GM screens, a new screen (and adventure) for Deadlands:Reloaded will be available in November as well. Deadlands is a well-established setting but only a few supplements are available for the Reloaded (Savage Worlds) edition so it is nice to see a handy new screen as well as an introductory adventure.

* A newly revamped setting for Savage Worlds will also appear on store shelves in November: Weird War II. This setting was originally published under the d20 license and centers around horrific adventures during World War II. Come on, you know shooting werewolf nazis just sounds cool...

* I'm dying to get my hands on the Savage Worlds: Realms of Cthulhu setting in November. Pulp adventure with Lovecraftian horror; what more can you ask for?

* For you Munchkin fans, Steve Jackson Games will be releasing the +6 Bag of Munchkin Babes as well as the Munchkin Kill-O-Meter in November. The "babes" are 6 female Munchkin pawns which will appear in a 2010 Munchkin Quest supplement, but made available a little early for you true fans. The Kill-O-Meter assists in tracking the current level of a monster during combat.

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