Friday, September 04, 2009


Adventure Comics #2
Amazing Spider-Man #604
Angel: Only Human #2 (OF 4)
Blackest Night: Batman #2 (OF 3)
Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1 (OF 3) 2nd Printing
Booster Gold #24
Boys #29 – S/O #2
Boys #32 – S/O #2
Boys #33 = S/O #2
BPRD 1947 #3 (OF 5)
Complete Dracula #3 (OF 5)
Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus
Dark Reign: The List – Avengers (one-shot)
Dark Reign: Young Avengers #4 (OF 5)
Dr. Who #3
Doom Patrol #2
Dynaom 5 #24 – Shortage Replacement
Elephantmen #21
Ender’s Game: Command School #1 (OF 5)
Farscape: Dargo’s Trial #2
Finding Nemo: Reef Rescue #3 (OF 4)
Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors #3 (OF 6)
Green Lantern Corps #40 (BLACKEST NIGHT)
Hellboy vol 3 TP: Chained Coffin & Other Stories – S/O #40
Hellboy: Wild Hunt #6 (OF 8)
House of Mystery #17
Hulk Team-Up (one-shot)
Ignition CIty #1 (OF 5) Auxiliary Edition
Incredible Hercules #134
Justice League: Cry for Justice #3 (OF 7) – Shortage Replacement
Last Days of Animal Man #4 (OF 6)
Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft #1
Marvel Superhero Squad #1 (OF 4)
Marvel Zombies: Return #2
Marvels Project #2 (OF 8)
Marvels Project #2 (OF 8) Epting Variant – S/O #17
Models, Inc. #1 (OF 4)
Models, Inc. #1 (OF 4) Jiminez Variant – S/O #3
Muppet Robin Hood #4 (OF 4)
Nomad: Girl Without a World #1 (OF 4)
North 40 #2 (OF 6) – S/O #157
Pathfinder Companion: Council Thieves Guide
Phantom Jack TP
Political Power #2 Barack Obama – S/O #64
Punisher: Frank Castle Max #74
Queen Bee SC
Red Herring #2 (OF 6)
Red Robin #4
Red Sonja #48
Secret Six #13
Secret Six TP: Unhinged – S/O #83
Shield #1
Star Trek: Nero #2
Stormwatch PhD #23
Superman: World of New Krypton #7 (OF 12)
Teen Titans #74
Thor: Tales of Asgard by Lee & Kirby #5 (OF 6)
Thunderbolts #135
Titans #17
Transformers: Tales of the Fallen #2 (OF 5)
Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem #2 (OF 3)
Ultimate Comics: Avengers #2
Unwritten #5
Vampirella: Second Coming #1
War of Kings: Who Will Rule? (one-shot)
Warlord #6
Wednesday Comics #10 (OF 12)
Witchblade #130
X-Men Forever #7

Dark Reign: The List – Avengers (one-shot) – In this first in a series of spectacular summer one-shots, the finest writers working at Marvel are teamed up with the most sensational artists to unveil the darkest chapters in the Dark Reign! Norman Osborn, fresh from the shocking finale of Utopia, sets his sights on the rest of the Marvel Universe. He sits down and makes a list. A list of things that are wrong with the world. Things that he needs to take care of. And the list includes almost every major player in the Marvel Universe. These specials are exciting game changers for all of Marvel Comics and represent the finest talents. This first chapter has a startling confrontation between members of the New Avengers and Dark Avengers. Clint Barton fans... you are not going to want to miss this one!

Hulk Team-Up (one-shot) – Mutant mayhem in a Battle by the Bay! While exploring their new home in San Francisco, X-Men Iceman and Angel discover that the weirdest part of the city isn't its eclectic populace or crazy landmarks, but the monsters that pass through -- namely the Incredible Hulk! Now they've got to track down Hulk and get to the bottom of a series of earthquakes (because THAT never happens in SF...) before the Red Hulk shows up bringing his trademark good cheer to San Fran. Did we say good cheer? We meant destruction and carnage. PLUS: Dazzler rocks out at the Fillmore and Hulk's got backstage passes! Will the Pop Princess get Smashed, live in concert?

Marvel Superhero Squad #1 (OF 4) – The greatest cartoon in the history of cartoons! Coming to a moving television screen near you!!!! Ă–but until it does, why not try out the non-moving paper version? It's just as good, but without all that pesky listening. C'mon down to SUPER HERO CITY and join IRON MAN, HULK, WOLVERINE, CAPTAIN AMERICA, SILVER SURFER, THOR and waaaaaaay more-more-more, as they battle DR. DOOM and his masters of evil for control of the SUPER-powerful Infinity Fractals!

Marvels Project #2 (OF 8) – The award-winning and best-selling team of Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting bring you CHAPTER TWO in this definitive tale of the origins of the Marvel heroes. As 1940 hits the world is already changing -- The Human Torch is on the run, The Angel makes his masked debut, The Sub-Mariner stalks the surface-worlders who have targeted his people -- and a young soldier named Nick Fury saves a German scientist from the Nazis and leads him to the USA. The battle-lines drawn in this race to create superhuman weapons of mass destruction still reverberate today in the Marvel Universe -- as this epic espionage thriller continues to unfold and reveal new twists!

Models, Inc. #1 (OF 4) – Fashion Week is always a hectic time for models, and this year is no exception. Between escaped wolves, robbery attempts, and overly friendly police officers, Mary Jane Watson, Patsy Walker, Jill Jerold, Chili Storm and Millicent (Millie the Model) Collins are testing the limits of their endurance. But when a brilliant young set designer is found murdered with three bullet holes in his back, and Millie proves to be the prime suspect, the models are forced to play detective in order to save one of their own! Oh, and Tim Gunn of Project Runway stars in this issue, and you can bet he'll make it work!

Nomad: Girl Without a World #1 (OF 4) – Spinning out of the pages of Captain America! "Forget about a 'Man Without a Country,'" says McKeever. "As the subtitle clearly states, Rikki Barnes is a girl without a world. At the end of ONSLAUGHT REBORN, she thought she was sacrificing her life for her world, and in a way she kind of did. She wound up transported to an Earth where her greatest mentor and friend, Steve Rogers, has been assassinated. Her home doesn't even physically exist. It's a sort of purgatory. She has no one to turn to, nowhere to go. She needs to feel tethered to this world somehow or else she's in danger of falling away." NOMAD picks up with Rikki living smack dab in the heart of the Marvel U, trying to make ends meet in Manhattan. But if comics have taught us anything it's that life's never easy for dimensionally displaced teen girls, and Rikki will have to deal with problems ranging from the mundane, human kind all the way up to the high adventure, conspiracy sort you'd expect.

Shield #1 – Spinning out of August's 'Red Circle' event from superstar writer J. Michael Straczynski comes the new ongoing adventures of the patriotic Shield and the mysterious man on the run, Inferno! Eric Trautmann (CHECKMATE) and Marco Rudy (FINAL CRISIS) take Lt. Joe Higgins, a.k.a. The Shield, into the hotspots civilians dare not go. His first mission takes The Shield to the razed country of Bialya, destroyed by the rage of Black Adam in 52. Something lurks in the mountains beyond militia activity, and The Shield must investigate! Plus, Inferno stars in a fast-paced co-feature from writer Brandon Jerwa (G.I. Joe) and artist Greg Scott (GOTHAM CENTRAL)! Who is Inferno, and why is he being pursued by the Dark Men? He'd better find out fast because Green Arrow and Black Canary have questions of their own for the new hero!

Ultimate Comics: Avengers #2 – ENTER THE RED SKULL! Reeling over his near-fatal encounter with the Skull, Captain America takes matters into his own hands in pursuit of his terrifying new adversary and his terrorist employers! Meanwhile, Nick Fury reveals the horrifying truth behind the Red Skull and kick-starts Project Avengers in earnest with the arrival of Gregory Stark, Tony's older, richer and smarter brother! Join MARK MILLAR (ULTIMATES) and CARLOS PACHECO (X-MEN) for the next pulse-pounding issue of the biggest, baddest book of the summer!

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