Friday, October 16, 2009

Wednesday's Comics!! (10-21-09)

Amazing Spider-Man #609
Angel vs Frankenstein
Archie #602
Authority TP: Relentless
Azrael #1
Batman Confidential #35
Batman: Streets of Gotham #5
Batman: Sunday Classics 1943-1946 HC – S/O #16
Batman: The Unseen #2 (OF 5)
Beasts of Burden #2 (OF 4)
Blackest Night: Superman #3 (OF 3)
Boys vol 2 TP: Get Some
Boys vol 4 TP: We Gotta Go Now
Brave and the Bold #28
Captain America: Road to Reborn HC
Citizen Rex #4 (OF 6)
Classic Marvel Figurine Collector’s Magazine #9 Captain America – S/O #70
Dark Avengers #10
Dark Reign: The List - Hulk
Dark Tower: Long Road Home HC – S/O #24
Dark Wolverine #79
Dark Wolverine #79 Zombie Variant - S/O #64
DCU Halloween Special 2009 #1
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #4
Deadpool Poster Book
Dominic Fortune #3 (OF 4)
Don Bluth’s Space Ace #1 (OF 6)
Escape from Wonderland #2 (OF 6)
Eternals (Neil Gaiman) vol 1 HC
Farscape: Gone and Back #4
Female Force #7 Oprah Winfrey
Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #6 (OF 6)
Five Fists of Science GN
GI Joe #10
GI Joe Movie: Snake-Eyes #1
Grimm Fairy Tales #42
Incredible Hulk #603
Invincible Iron Man #19
Justice League: Cry for Justice #3 (OF 7)
JLA #38
Last Resort #3
Lone Ranger & Tonto #3
Marvel Minimates: Marvel Heroes Set
Marvel Minimates: Marvel Villains Set
Mighty Avengers #30
Mouse Guard vol 1 HC: Fall 1152
Muppet Show: Treasure of Peg Leg Wilson #3 (OF 4)
Mystic Arcana HC – S/O #151
Outsiders #23
Planetary vol 1 TP: All Over the World and Other Stories
Planetary vol 2 TP: The Fourth Man
Plantetary vol 3 TP: Leaving the 20th Century
Poe #4
Power Girl #6
Previews: Holiday Gift Guide 2009
Punisher Noir #3 (OF 4)
Puppy Power: Bo Obama – S/O #43, #64
Scalped vol 5 TP: High Lonesome
Scooby Doo #149
Scooter Girl TP
Skrull Kill Krew #5 (OF 5)
Spider-Man 1602 #1 (OF 5)
Spider-Man: New Ways to Die TP
Spider-Woman #2
Stand: Soul Survivors #1 (OF 5)
Star Trek: Mission’s End TP
Star Trek: Nero #3
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #46
Sugarshock (1-shot)
Supergirl #46
Superman/Batman #65
Swordsmith Assassin #3
Thor: Tales of Asgard by Lee & Kirby #6 (OF 6)
Thunderbolts #137
Tiny Titanas #21
Uncanny X-Men #514 Variant
Vigilante #11
Wolverine Origins #41
World of Warcraft #24
X-Men Legacy #228
Zero Killer #6 (OF 6)

Azrael #1 – Following the events of 'The Eighth Deadly Sin' in BATMAN ANNUAL #27 and DETECTIVE COMICS ANNUAL #11, the new monthly series starring Death's Dark Knight begins! Michael Lane is a man in search of redemption, but does serving the Order of Purity as God's Angel of Justice bring him closer to achieving his goal - or simply send him further down a road paved with good intentions? When a hired killer comes to Gotham City seeking revenge for crimes committed decades in the past, Azrael faces an impossible conflict: What if God's justice forces the hero to claim one of God's servants?

Dark Reign: The List – Hulk – Norman Osborn thought he had a plan for keeping the Green Goliath from mussing his wavy coif -- but he forgot about the Hulk's most dangerous incarnation. Now the H.A.M.M.E.R. comes down as Banner and Skaar face Osborn's deadliest femme fatales in a monumental battle of brawn and brains. Plus a reprinting of Amazing Spider-Man #14, the first appearance of the Green Goblin & guest-starring The Hulk.

DCU Halloween Special 2009 #1 – Darkness falls across the land as the DC Universe faces its greatest horror in this Halloween special filled with all-new stories! Watch as Guy Gardner continues his quest to share Halloween with the cosmos and his fellow alien Green Lantern Corps members. In another tale, Red Robin finds the true, deadly meaning of the sinister holiday while overseas on his quest to find Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, Bizarro receives neither trick nor treat in his own backwards celebration of the spookiest night of the year on his home world. Plus, 10 other ghoulish tales to fill you with fright this Halloween!

Don Bluth’s Space Ace #1 (OF 6) – Follow the adventures of the musclebound hero Ace! The villainous Commander Borf attacks Ace with the 'Infanto Ray,' a weapon that transforms him into an adolescent version of himself, and kidnaps his girlfriend Kimberly. It is up to Dexter - Ace's younger incarnation - to rescue Kimberly and prevent Borf using the Infanto Ray to conquer Earth. Based on the classic 1980's video game!

GI Joe Movie: Snake-Eyes #1 – RAY PARK, the man who plays SNAKE-EYES in the movie, teams with Kevin VanHook and Lee Ferguson to deliver an epic miniseries of Snake Eyes before the events of the film! And check out this cover-it's got red foil! Totally awesome!

Spider-Woman #2 – The Eisner Award-winning team of Bendis and Maleev (DAREDEVIL, HALO) unveil a big new chapter in the life of Jessica Drew as she heads to Madripoor to do SWORD's dirty work. Based on the ground-breaking motion comic and featuring all new material. And guest starring Spider-Man!!

Sugarshock (1-shot) – One of Dark Horse Comics' One-Shot Wonders! Originally presented in the first online issues of MySpace Dark Horse Presents, for which it won the Eisner Award for Best Web Comic, Sugarshock tells the story of a rock band led by charismatic but crazy Dandelion Naizen, a hyperactive singer/songwriter possessed of a mean hatred of Vikings (don't ask) and a mission for a secret government agency that may only exist in her head. But when her band, which includes a robot bass player, is enlisted in an intergalactic battle of the bands--emphasis on battle--Dandelion gets to prove herself as both singer and soldier. This is Joss Whedon at his funniest and most hyperactive, with writing that bursts off the page in a way seldom seen in comics. Multiple Eisner Award winner Fábio Moon delivers the outrageous story with equal energy, as well as providing a fourteen-page look at his process, with never-before-seen character designs, page layouts, and promotional images.

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