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Wednesday's Comics!! (11-11-09)

Action Comics #883
Amazing Spider-Man #610 – Shortage Replacement
Amazing Spider-Man #611
Anchor #2
Authority: The Lost Year Reader
Batgirl #4
Batman #693
Batman & Robin #6
Batman/Doc Savage Special #1
Batman: Widening Gyre #3 (OF 6)
Betty & Veronica Digest #199
Black Panther 2 #10
Black Terror #5
Blackbeard: Legend of the Pyrate King #2
Booster Gold #26 (BLACKEST NIGHT)
BPRD: 1947 #5 (OF 5)
Cable #20
Cars: Radiator Springs #3
Casper & the Spectrals #1
Citizen Rex #5 (OF 6)
Daredevil #502
Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus
Dark X-Men #1 (OF 5)
Deadpool #17
Deadpool 900 Poster
Dr. Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #1 - Reorder
Dr. Who #5
Dr. Who Special #23
Dr. Who Magazine #414
Ender’s Game: Command School #3 (OF 5)
Fables #90
Fables vol 6 TP: Homelanads
Fables vol 7 TP: Arabian Nights & Days
Fables vol 8 TP: Wolves
Farscape: Dargo’s Trial #4
Ghoul #1
GI Joe Movie: Snake-Eyes #2
Green Arrow/Black Canary #26
Green Lantern: Agent Orange HC
Green Lantern Corps #42 (BLACKEST NIGHT)
Grown-ups are Dumb – No Offense SC
Hellboy: Wild Hunt #8 (OF 8)
Incredibles #2
Jon Sable, Freelance: Ashes of Eden #2
JSA vs Kobra #6 (OF 6)
Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #1
Luke Cage Noir #4 (OF 4)
Mangalicious Tick #3 (OF 4)
Marvel Superhero Squad #3 (OF 4)
Munchkin Mini-Chibithulhu Plush Black
Munchkin Mini-Chibithulhu Plush Green
Muppet Show: Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson #4 (OF 4)
Planetary vol 2 TP: The 4th Man - S/O #2
Planetary vol 3 TP: Leaving the 20th Century - S/O #2
Punishermax #1
Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #1 (OF 5)

Red Herring #4 (OF 6)
Red Robin #6
Robert E. Howard’s Thulsa Doom #3
Scooby Doo #150
Shield #3
Sky Doll: Doll Factory #1 (OF 2)
Star Wars: Clone Wars #10
Star Wars: Purge – Seconds to Die (One-Shot)
Stormwatch PhD #24
Strange #1 (OF 4)
Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft #4 (OF 4)
Supergod #1 (OF 5)
Star Wars: Clone Wars Yoda USB Desk Protector
Tank Girl: Skidmarks #1 (OF 4)
Terry Moore’s Echo #16
Titans #19
Tracker #1 (OF 5)
Transformers Continuum (One-Shot)
Uncanny X-Men First Class #5 (OF 8)
Unwritten #7
Vengeance of Moon Knight #3
Walking Dead #67
Wall-E #0
Witchblade #132
Wolverine, Weapon X vol 1 HC: Adamantium Men
X-Babies #2 (OF 4)
X-Force #21
X-Men Forever #11
Yen Plus Magazine vol 2 #12

Batman/Doc Savage Special #1 – Doc Savage returns to DC Comics...and comes face-to-fist with the Batman! Superstar scribe Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS, JOKER) and the breathtaking art of Phil Noto combine to shine the first light on a shadowy new version of the DC Universe, where the thugs run rampant, corruption runs deep, and even heroes can't be trusted! Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze, hates what he's heard about the connections between a grisly murder and Gotham City's violent new vigilante. But the Batman can't abide do-gooders getting in his way...and his .45 just won't stay in its holster! Be here for this vital prologue to an upcoming 6-issue miniseries by Azzarello and Rags Morales (IDENTITY CRISIS), which will pull back the curtain to reveal the full width and breadth of DC's new pulp-influenced universe. This special issue also features sketchbook material by Rags Morales that will show you just what you're in for! You might think you're ready - but you're very, very wrong...

Dark X-Men #1 (OF 5) – A Dark Reign tie-in! From the dust of UTOPIA comes DARK X-MEN! Never one to say 'die,' Norman Osborn is keeping what's left of HIS X-Men alive. MYSTIQUE! DARK BEAST! WEAPON OMEGA! MIMIC! They are the public face of mutants in an Osborn world. And what a face they are! But what does Nate Grey, A.K.A. X-MAN, have to do with it? The critically acclaimed team of PAUL CORNELL (BLACK WIDOW, TV's Dr. Who) and Leonard Kirk (CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI13) take on the world of X!

Ghoul #1 – Steve Niles (w) o Bernie Wrightson (a & c) When Los Angeles Detective Lieutenant Lloyd Klimpt finds himself in the middle of a Hollywood mystery that falls way outside the norm, he knows he's going to need a different kind of help than he's used to. He finds it in the bizarre form of The Ghoul, a monstrous investigator with a reputation for solving the world's weirdest crimes. Written and created by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), with art by industry legend Bernie Wrightson.

Punishermax #1 – An all-new ongoing series from the acclaimed team of Jason Aaron (WOLVERINE: WEAPON X) and Steve Dillon (PUNISHER: WELCOME BACK FRANK), two guys who were born to tell the exploits of Marvel's most brutal vigilante. Wilson Fisk is a bodyguard for mob boss Don Rigoletto, but he has his eyes on a much bigger prize, and he's gonna use Frank Castle to help him realize his dreams. The biggest story in MAX history begins here, as we witness the birth of the greatest villain the Punisher has ever faced.

Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #1 (OF 5) – A REALM OF KINGS series! Gladiator is emperor of the Shi'Ar! His squadron, the Imperial Guard, is the ultimate law! But what is it like to live and work in this infamous legion as they attempt to keep their empire from disintegrating into the chaos of civil war. One hazardous mission may be the solution that everyone is praying for, but are the opinionated and fractured Guard tough enough - and united enough - to accomplish it? You saw them at the death of've seen them battle the it's time for Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (WAR OF KINGS) and Kev Walker (MARVEL ZOMBIES 3 & 4) to take you inside this fearsome force!

Sky Doll: Doll Factory #1 (OF 2) – Fans and true believers, rejoice! An awesome treasure chest is finally at your disposal, filled to the brim with drafts, sketches, roughs, illustrations and all the painstakingly collected research material which allowed Barbuci and Canepa to raise the Space Fantasy saga to an all new level. Creating their own blend of drama and fun, mixing sci-fi and cyber culture with religious concepts and elements of design from the '60s, they have created a universe to dive into and delight in! So, raiders shift your gears to plunder and set your sights on the sexiest bounty in the comic book universe! Pages and pages of exclusive and previously unreleased magic can be found in this collector's issue! Including a 10 page exclusive never before seen file on the birth of Noa!

Strange #1 (OF 4) – No longer Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe, Stephen Strange must discover a new path to fulfillment and enlightenment. Unfortunately, that path leads through a bizarre, terrifying gauntlet of magical menaces--and if the former Master of the Mystic Arts is going to survive the journey, he'll need some assistance--in the form of a brand-new student!

Star Wars: Clone Wars Yoda USB Desk Protector – Okay, this thing is freakin’ cool. It’s a small Yoda statue you plug into a USB port on your computer. He’s motion sensor activated, and when he detects a disturbance I the force, his lightsaber illuminates, and he will say one of six pre-recorded phrases. Yes, I know – it’s too cool to be true, but here it is, true believer, and you can get this bad boy at Haven! Call in quickly if you want this – it’s going to go fast!

SWORD #1 – Spinning out of ASTONISHING X-MEN comes a series that will take you places you’ve never been! After Secret Invasion, Agent Brand is no longer the top dog at S.W.O.R.D. Forced to share her leadership post with former Avengers-liaison Henry Gyrich, Brand is less than pleased. Will the arrival of her boyfriend, X-Man Beast, help her out? Not when she discovers Gyrich’s plan for fixing S.W.O.R.D. is to rid Earth of ALL ALIENS!

Tracker #1 (OF 5) – Alex O'Roark, the FBI's top tracker, has his perfect life ripped to shreds when a case to capture the world's most dangerous serial killer leads him straight into the maw of a werewolf. Now, keeping his secret from his gorgeous fiancé and the FBI, he must hunt down the wolf that infected him before the disease turns him into a monster.

Wall-E #0 – Superstar writer J. Torres (Teen Titans Go!) chronicles Wall-E's life before the events of the hit film. Wall-E is not yet the hardworking robot we know and love. Instead, he lets the few remaining other robots take care of the trash compacting while he collects interesting junk. But when the other robots start breaking down, Wall-E must learn to adjust his priorities - or else Earth is doomed!

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