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Wednesday's Comics!! (11-19-09)

Adventure Comics #4 (BLACKEST NIGHT)
Amazing Spider-Man #612
Angel: Only Human #4 (OF 4)
Azrael #2
Batman Confidential #37
Batman: Streets of Gotham #6
Batman: The Unseen #4 (OF 5)
Black Knight #1
Brave & the Bold #29
Conan the Cimmerian #16
Cyberforce/Hunter Killer #3 (OF 5)
Dark Avengers #11
Dark Avengers vol 1 TP: Assemble
Dark Reign: The List – Amazing Spider-Man 1-Shot
Deadlocke 1-Shot

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #5
Deadpool Team-Up #899 – Shortage Replacement
Dominic Fortune #4 (OF 4)
Dr. Horrible 1-Shot
Dr. Horrible 1-Shot Variant
Fall Out Toy Works #2 (OF 5)
Farscape Ongoing #1
Flash Rebirth #5 (OF 6)
Ignition City #1-5 Complete Bagged Set
Incredible Hulk #604
Irredeemable #8
Irredeemable vol 1 TP
JLA 80-Page Giant #1
Kookaburra K #1
Luke McBain #1 (OF 4)
Mickey Mouse & Friends #297
Mighty Avengers #31
Nola #1
Nomad: Girl without a World #3 (OF 4)
Outsiders #24 (BLACKEST NIGHT)
Pathfinder Chronicles: Damned vol 1: Prince’s Darkness
Powers Encyclopedia vol 1
Punisher #11
Realm of Kings
Realm of Kings: Inhumans #1 (OF 5)
Ron Garney: Going with the Flow, Creating Comics
Side B GN - S/O #151
Spider-Man 1602 #2 (OF 5)
Spider-Woman #3
Stand: Soul Survivors #2 (OF 5)
Star Trek, TNG: Ghosts #1
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #47
Super Friends #21
Supergirl #47
Superman/Batman #66 (BLACKEST NIGHT)
Swordsmith Assassin #4
Talisman: Road of Trials #1
Thunderbolts #138
Tiny Titans #22
TMNT #1 Full Color 1-Shot
Transformers Ongoing #1
Underground #3 (OF 5)
Victorian Undead #1 (OF 6)
Vigilante #12
Viking #4
War Machine #11
Wolverine Origins #42
Wolverine: Weapon X #7
Works GN - S/O #151
X-Men Legacy #229
Zorro #17

Black Knight #1 – The secret origin of the original Black Knight is finally revealed as Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves and Demons from the darkest realms confront Sir Percy of Scandia and his twin brother on their desperate quest to find Chaos, the dreaded Doombringer--the only weapon capable of defeating Excalibur, the legendary battle sword of King Arthur!

Dark Reign: The List – Amazing Spider-Man 1-Shot – Norman Osborn has saved the best for last as he takes on the most personal item on his evil To-Do list. The violent tension between Spider-Man and Norman has grown for years and has been building to a boil for the last few months after Osborn's last defeat at Spidey's hands at the end of America Son. Norman can no longer put off what needs to be done. Plus, the story from Pulse #5 outing Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin to the world.

Deadlocke 1-Shot – In modern-day New York City, a ragtag group of rebellious teens throws its annual raucous Weimar bash filled with debauchery, booze, and bloody knuckles. Going for the first time is Locke Vinetti, a newcomer to this band of bored rich kids -- a loner who usually prefers to escape into the world of his alter ego comic book creation, Deadlocke. Under the tutelage of the group's charming but unpredictable ringleader Casey, Locke has learned to express his art, and his angst, in ways he never thought possible. As the violent energy of Deadlocke continues to storm up inside of him, Locke must learn to control his newfound strength at the risk of losing Renee, the darkly beautiful girl of his dreams. Determined to prove that Deadlocke's rage will overpower Locke's love, Casey provokes Locke in a brutal rooftop battle where their lives, and their souls, hang in the balance. Based on the Simon & Schuster young adult novel Venomous by Christopher Krovatin, Deadlocke teams comic writer Arvid Nelson (Rex Mundi, Kull) with Nick Stakal (Criminal Macabre) in a story of a young man coming to terms with his own demons in a search for his true identity.

Dr. Horrible 1-Shot – From the Joss Whedon-helmed webmovie Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog comes the origin story of the next greatest supervillain of all time . . . DR. HORRIBLE! In this One-Shot Wonder, Zack Whedon and artist Joelle Jones (Token) establish how a young, impressionable, but brilliant Dr. Horrible was drawn into a world of crime. Readers are reacquainted with the charming, brawny, crime-fighting superhero extraordinaire Captain Hammer when Dr. Horrible crosses paths with his greatest enemy in an all-out showdown of immeasurable proportions. Special guest appearances include Dr. Horrible's love interest, Penny; his sidekick, Moist; and a meter man.

Kookaburra K #1 – Exclusive US Variant by NICO MITRIC! From beyond the farthest frontiers of any solar system explored by man, a destructive force is sweeping through the universe wiping Callystes, Dakoi, Lilith and Planet Earth from the stellar map. A rocket full of refugees hurtles through space with the letter 'K' emblazoned on its side. On board the unlikely crew of seven children, several adults, an ancient wizard-knight and the ghost of a cyborg travel with a mysterious cargo that will alter their fates forever.

Nola #1 – After cheating death, Nola Thomas wakes up alone in a deserted New Orleans hospital. Bruised, broken, and badly burned, she emerges from the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina with one thing on her mind - revenge.

Talisman: Road of Trials #1 – Stephen King, Peter Straub, Robin Furth (A) Tony Shasteen Jack Sawyer is about to learn some hard truths-about his father's death, about why he and his mother are on the run from his sinister Uncle Morgan, and about the real nature of the mysterious realm he once called The Daydreams. Now, with help from his newfound friend Speedy Parker, he will reclaim his identity as Travellin Jack and make his first foray back into The Territories. There, where monsters lurk and an unbelievably precious prize awaits, Jack must embark upon a desperate quest to save his mother's life and fulfill an inescapable destiny.

Victorian Undead #1 (OF 6) – 'Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.' Those are the words of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the world's first consulting detective, yet even he finds his skills tested to their limit as he and his erstwhile comrade Dr. John Watson are confronted with the most extraordinary case of their career - the dead are returning to life! Can a plague of Biblical proportions be far behind for Victorian London? And who - or what - is behind the resurrection of these ravenous revenants?

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