Friday, January 22, 2010

Wednesday Comics!! (1-27-10)

Amazing Spider-Man #619 GNTLT
Archie #605
Astro City, The Dark Age: Book Four #1 (OF 4)
Atom and Hawkman #46 (BLACKEST NIGHT)
Avengers Initiative #32 SIEGE
Batman and Robin #7
Betty & Veronica Digest #201
Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam #12
Black Terror #7
Blackest Night #1 (OF 8) Variant Sketch Edition
Blackest Night: JSA #2 (OF 3)
Captain America: Reborn #6 (OF 6)
Captain America: Reborn #6 (OF 6) Cassaday Variant
Cars vol 2 TP: Radiator Springs
Chew #8
Daredevil #504
Dark Reign: Hawkeye #5 (OF 5) DKR
Dead Already (Manga) vol 1 GN
Detective Comics #861
Die Hard Year One #5
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #8 (OF 24)
Donald Duck & Friends #350
Dr. Who Magazine #416
Fall of Hulks: Red Hulk #1 (OF 4) FOH
Fantastic Four #575
GFT Presents: Neverland #0 (OF 6)
GI JOE: Cobra II #1
Gotham City Sirens #8
Green Lantern #50 (BLACKEST NIGHT)
Guardians of the Galaxy #22
Halo: Blood Line #2 (OF 5)
House of Mystery vol 3 TP: The Space Between
Incredibles vol 1 TP: City of Incredibles
Iron Man: I Am Iron Man #1 (OF 2)
Iron Man vs Whiplash #3 (OF 4)
Irredeemable #10
Irredeemable #9
Jack of Fables #42
Justice League: Cry for Justice #6 (OF 7) – Shortage Replacement
JLA #1 SPECIAL – Shortage Replacement
JLA #41
JSA #35
Knights of the Dinner Table #158
Madame Xanadu #19
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #59
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man & Avengers Digest TP
Marvel Previews #78
Marvelous Land of Oz #3 (OF 8)
Ms. Marvel #49
New Avengers #61 SIEGE
Northlanders #24
Nova #33
Political Power #6 – George W. Bush
Predator #4 (OF 4)
President Evil #4 Yes, We Cannibal
President Evil T/S LG – S/O #2
Previews #257
Punisher #13
Realm of Kings: Inhumans #3 (OF 5)
Secret Warriors #12
Siege: Embedded #1 (OF 4) - Shortage Replacement
Siege – Storming Asgard: Heroes and Villains
Siege – Storming Asgard: Heroes and Villains Land Variant
Spider-Man: Clone Saga #5 (OF 6)
Stand: Captain Trips – Premium HC Bermejo Edition
Star Trek TNG: Ghosts #3
Star Wars: Legacy #44
Supergirl #49
Superman #696
Superman: Secret Origin #4 (OF 6)
Teen Titans #79
Terry Moore’s Echo #19
Thor #606
Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #1
Ultimate Comics: Enemy #1 (OF 4)
Unknown Soldier #16
Victorian Undead #3 (OF 6)
Walking Dead #69
Wall-E #2
Web #5
Wildcats #19
Witchblade #134
Wizard Magazine #222
Wolverine Origins #44
Wolverine: Wendigo #1
Wonder Woman #40
World’s Finest #4 (OF 4)
X-Babies #4 (OF 4)
X-Factor #201
X-Force #23 XN
X-Men Forever #16
X-Men Legacy #232 XN

Fall of Hulks: Red Hulk #1 (OF 4) FOH – FALL OF THE HULKS continues in this all-new series! What secrets will be revealed? What plans has the RED HULK been hiding from everyone? And what does all of this have to do with the COSMIC HULK robot!? Don't miss this thrilling first chapter by JEFF PARKER (Agents of Atlas, The Hood) and CARLOS RODRIGUES (Thunderbolts)!

GFT Presents – Neverland #0 (OF 6) – The creators of Grimm Fairy Tales and Return to Wonderland bring you a dark new addition to the Grimm Universe. Neverland was once a magical paradise until it fell under the rule of the evil creature known only as Pan. It has now become a world that haunts children's nightmares.

Green Lantern #50 (BLACKEST NIGHT)Blackest Night spreads with an oversized anniversary issue! Surrounded by friends and enemies, Hal Jordan goes into battle with a being he will never defeat - the Black Lantern Spectre! Can Saint Walker, Sinestro and the others put a stop to this bizarre Spectre rebirth? Plus, Atrocitus reveals a tie to a power that may make him the most unbeatable of all the Lanterns!

Iron Man: I Am Iron Man #1 (OF 2) – Written by PETER DAVID Penciled by SEAN CHEN Cover by ADI GRANOV The world of the mega-blockbuster hit IRON MAN blows up in these pages! Featuring bonus scenes not in the original movie, 'I Am Iron Man!' is THE comic to read before the hotly anticipated IRON MAN 2!

Siege – Storming Asgard: Heroes and Villains – Since the shocking finale of SECRET INVASION vaulted him to national prominence and a newfound respect, Norman Osborn has been slowly organizing his power base, promoting his minions, eliminating his enemies - and losing his sanity. Now, as he meets with the uber-powerful elite of the Cabal - Doctor Doom, Loki and the Hood - the final stages of his Dark Reign are about to be put into fruition: the taking of Asgard. Some might say such a plan is insane. And when you're dealing with the former and possibly future Green Goblin, we're not going to necessarily disagree with you! SIEGE: STORMING ASGARD - HEROES & VILLIANS takes you inside the careful planning behind Osborn's crusade to take the kingdom of Thor off the board. Who are the featured players in the saga, how did we get here, and what are the many contingencies in this operation? With insider character bios and commentary from the creators behind the Dark Siege, this will make essential reading for kicking off the event in style!

Ultimate Comics: Enemy #1 (OF 4) – Who is the face of true evil in the Ultimate Universe? What is the biggest secret the world doesn't know? Join the gathered heroes as they embark on an adventure unlike anything seen in Marvel Comics...and that's a promise!! Ultimate Universe co-founder, BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (Ultimate Spider-Man, Secret Invasion) and rising star Rafa Sandoval (Avengers: The Initiative) unveils this important new chapter in the most exciting line in comics!

Wolverine: Wendigo #1 – A camera crew torn limb from limb attempting to shoot footage of a mythical beast in the deepest forests of Canada. Two survivors spouting wildly diverging stories about a ferocious, white-furred monster and the mysterious stranger that came to their rescue. How are the police to make heads or tails of all of this? Let's go to the videotape! Also featuring: 'Wolverine Vs. Thor': Want to see what happens when a jerky-chewing kanuckle-head steps up to the Asgardian God of Thunder? Let's just say that it doesn't involve tea and biscuits.

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