Friday, February 26, 2010

March Madness Comics!! (3-3-10)

Adventure Comics #8
Age of Reptiles: Journeys #3 (OF 4)
Amazing Spider-Man #623
Astro City, The Dark Age: Book Four #2 (OF 4)
Batman Confidential #42
Battle Royale (Novel)
Bouncer: Cain’s Eye vol 1 HC
Boys #40
Buck Rogers #9
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #33
Central City vol 1 GN
Chew #9
Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love #5 (OF 6)
Conan the Cimmerian #19
Daffodil #3 (OF 3)
Deadpool Team-Up #895
Deicide vol 1 HC: Rage Against the Gods
Dellec #2
Detective Comics #862
Disney’s Hero Squad #2
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #9 (OF 24)
Essential Ghost Rider vol 1 TP
Essential Ghost Rider vol 2 TP
Essential Godzilla TP
Essential Marvel Saga vol 1 TP
Essential Marvel Team-Up vol 1 TP
Essential Marvel Two-in-One vol 1 TP
Essential Ms. Marvel vol 1 TP
Essential Spider-Woman vol 2 TP
Essential X-Factor vol 1 TP
Essential X-Factor vol 2 TP
Fall of Hulks: Save She-Hulks #1 (OF 3)
First Wave #1 (OF 6)
Forgetless #3 (OF 5)
GI Joe #15
Girl Comics #1 (OF 3)
Great Ten #5 (OF 10)
Greek Street #9
Grimm Fairy Tales #44
Incredible Hulk #607 – Shortage Replacement
Incredibles #6
Invincible Iron Man #24
Invincible Iron Man MGC #1 (BUNDLE OF 25)
Jack of Fables #43
JSA All Stars #4
Justice League: Cry for Justice #7 (OF 7)
Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #1
Liberty Comics CBLDF Benefit Book #1
Line Manga vol 1 TP
Marvel Previews, March 2010
Mass Effect: Redemption #3 (OF 4)
Mighty Avengers #34
Milestone Forever #2 (OF 2)
Monsters, Inc.: Laugh Factory vol 1 TP
Nemesis the Impostors #1 (OF 4)
Nola #4
Peter the Pirate Squid GN
Planetary vol 4 HC
Power Girl #9
Prelude to Deadpool Corps #1 (OF 5)
Punisher Max: Butterfly #1
Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk #2 (OF 4)
Sonic the Hedgehog #210
Sparta, USA #1 (OF 6)
Spider-Man Noir: Eyes without a Face #4 (OF 4)
Stationmaster HC
Stephen King’s N #1 (OF 4)
Sweet Tooth #7
To Afghanistan and Back SC
Ultimate Comics: Avengers #5
Ultimate Comics: Enemy #2 (OF 4) – Shortage Replacement
Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #1
Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #1 Villain Variant
Underground #5 (OF 5)
Warlord #12
Witchblade #135
Wizards of Mickey #2
Wolverine: Weapon X #11
X-Men: Hope #1
X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain #4 (OF 4)
Zorro #20

First Wave #1 (OF 6) – DC's shocking new pulp universe is finally unveiled! In the shadows of the War, the roots of the Golden Tree cabal grew deep into the heart of a fallen world...and the leaders at the heart of this secret organization see no place in their utopia for heroism. Doc Savage, struggling with the loss of his father, has been blind to their advance - until now. Central City's mysterious Spirit has caught wind of their plans as well. But whose side have the Blackhawks chosen? What is the Red Right Hand? And where is the Batman? Eisner Award winner Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS, JOKER) and superstar Rags Morales (IDENTITY CRISIS) craft a DC universe like you've never seen before! It's a world with no supermen, only mortal men...Death can come at any moment, and adventure can still be found at every corner of the map! Will Doc Savage be the first to lead the coming world or the last to be crushed under its heel?

Girl Comics #1 (OF 3) – With the most controversial question in the Marvel Universe finally answered right on the cover, Marvel is proud to bring you a celebration of amazing women in comics with the first of a three issue anthology entirely created by the most talented and exciting women working in comics today. This mini-series includes Ann Nocenti (DAREDEVIL), Amanda Conner (Power Girl), Laura Martin (SECRET INVASION), G. Willow Wilson (Air), Devin Grayson (Nightwing), Stephanie Buscema (WEB OF SPIDER-MAN), and more! With stories featuring your favorite Marvel characters, from the Punisher to Mary Jane, don't miss what will be the one of the most talked about series of the year! (Please note: She-Hulk would totally win).

Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #1 – The Green Hornet is back and Dynamite is the new home for the avenging hero and his faithful sidekick, Kato (and, the Black Beauty, 'natch!)! We're kicking things off with a BANG as we launch the first of a new series of adventures starting with the great Kevin Smith. And let's get it out of the way, right here, right NOW - the scripts are in! Every single one! Joining Smith in bringing his unproduced screenplay to life is artist Jonathan (Black Terror) Lau as they present the one and only origin of the Green Hornet and Kato. This is the comic book version of Kevin smith's unproduced Green Hornet film and Dynamite is the only place to get in on the action - it all begins here! Look for Matt Wagner's Green Hornet: Year One and Brett Matthews The Green Hornet Strikes! In future issues of previews!

Prelude to Deadpool Corps #1 (OF 5) – Witness the birth of the most important super hero team ever in a universe-spanning event that will rock the month of March! Wade Wilson has been tapped to save the Universe, and to do that he's going to need help. Enter: The sexy-but-insecure Lady Deadpool! The devious-but-lovable Headpool (a.k.a. the Zombie Deadpool Head)! The bratty-but-brilliant Kidpool! And the irascible mutt known as Dogpool! Individually, they're, well, kind of messed up, but together, they're the unstoppable force know as DPC.

Sparta, USA #1 (OF 6) – There's never been a more American town than Sparta. In Sparta they believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through treachery, blackmail and murder - just like the Maestro taught them as he learned it from the U.S. President. Sparta is such a great place that no one ever thinks of leaving. It's been three years since anyone's tried, and he was never heard from again...until today. Today, Godfrey McLaine, the greatest quarterback in Sparta's history, has returned bigger, taller and redder than when he left. He's also armed with a secret that will expose the rotten core of the American Dream. Award-winning writer David Lapham (YOUNG LIARS, STRAY BULLETS) and artist Johnny Timmons (Wolverine) deliver a unique take on what it means to be an American!

Stephen King’s N #1 (OF 4) – There is something unearthly and mysterious deep in Ackerman's Field in rural Maine. There is a Stonehenge-like arrangement of seven stones with a horrifying EYE in the center. And whatever dwells there in that strange, windswept setting may have brought about the suicide of one man... and harbor death for the OCD afflicted 'N.', whose visits to the field have passed beyond compulsion into the realm of obsession. Based on the chilling short story from the recent Stephen King collection, JUST AFTER SUNSET, this adaptation will provide nightmares aplenty. Just keep counting the stones...keep counting...counting...

Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #1 – If only a few super heroes survived the Ultimatum -- who is left to become the next super powered team to be reckoned with? The NEW Ultimates! With Thor gone, Loki takes his revenge unleashing the worst of Asgard on Earth. Iron Man must gather the heroes for their biggest Ultimates adventure yet. But who has made the final cut? And who can't be trusted? The Ultimates face evil once again and you'll never guess the new enemies they'll find├ľor should we say old friends? Superstar creators, JEPH LOEB and FRANK CHO (in his Ultimate Comics debut!) bring you the new face of the Ultimate line in NEW ULTIMATES: THOR REBORN!

X-Men: Hope #1 – Part of X-Men: Second Coming! Hope Summers could be the much-heralded 'messiah' who will save mutantkind from extinction...or she could just be some poor kid, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time(s). Either way, since her infancy she's been raised by mutant soldier Cable in a hostile, dying future Earth -- and she's had to learn some hard lessons along the way. Now, Duane Swierczynski and Steve Dillon bring you four thrilling, untold tales from Hope's future past as she grapples with vicious snipers, robot wolf packs, mutant rats, and even Cable himself. This is the place to start if you want to know what the X-Men's future 'messiah' is made of.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wednesday's Comics!! (2-24-10)

Airfighters #1
Amazing Spider-Man #622 GNTLT
Archie #606
Avengers Initiative #33 SIEGE
AVP: Three World War #2 (OF 6)
Batman and Robin #9
Billy Batson & the Magic of Shazam #13
Black Lantern: Green Arrow #30 (BLACKEST NIGHT)
Black Terror #8
Blackest Night #5 (OF 8) – S/O #2
Blackest Night #6 (OF 8) – S/O #2
Blackest Night #7 (OF 8)
Blackest Night: JSA #3 (OF 3)
Blackest Night: Superman #3 (OF 3) 2nd Printing
Buck Rogers #9
Captain America Poster Book
Captain Swing #1 (OF 4)
Choker #1

Cowboy Ninja Viking #4 (OF 4)
Dark Tower: Battle of Jericho Hill #4 (OF 5)
Dark Wolverine #83 SIEGE
Daytripper #3 (OF 10)
Deadpool #20
Donald Duck & Friends #351
Dr. Who Magazine #418
Ender’s Game: Mazer in Prison Special
Fall of Hulks: Red Hulk #2 (OF 4)
Fantastic Four #576
FCBD 2010: Black Polo Shirt – S/O #2
Flash: Rebirth #6 (OF 6)
GI Joe: Operation HISS #1
Gotham City Sirens #9
Halo: Blood Line #3 (OF 5)
Horror Clix: Alien Queen Standalone Figure
Image United #0 (OF 6)
Incorruptible #1 2nd Printing
Incredible Hulk #607 FOH
Iron Man: I Am Iron Man #2 (OF 2)
Iron Man vs Whiplash #4 (OF 4)
Irredeemable #11
JSA #36
Knights of the Dinner Table #159
Madame Xanadu #20
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #60
Marvel Previews #79
Marvelous Land of Oz #4 (OF 8)
Marvels Project #6 (OF 8)
Marvels Project #6 (OF 8) McNiven Variant
Ms. Marvel #50
Muppet King Arthur #2
Nation X #3 (OF 4)
New Avengers #62 SIEGE
Northlanders #25
Outsiders #27
Paranoia RPG: Alpha Complex Nights vol 1 SC
Paranoia RPG: Thin Green Line
Pathfinder Chronicles: Classic Horrors Revisited
Previews #258 March 2010
Project Superpowers: Chapter 2 #7
PVP #44
Realm of Kings: Inhumans #4 (OF 5)
Secret Warriors #13
Soulfire: New World Order #5 (OF 5)
Spider-Man: Clone Saga #6 (OF 6)
Splendid Magic of Penny Arcade 11.5 Anniversary Edition
Star Trek: Movie Adaptation #1
Star Trek TNG: Ghosts #4
Star Wars: Legacy #45
Superman #697
Tales of the Dragon Guard #1 (OF 3)
Tales of TMNT #67
Teen Titans #80
Things Undone GN
Thor #607 SIEGE
Thunderbolts #141 SIEGE
Transformers Ongoing #4
Ultimate Comics: Enemy #2 (OF 4)
Unknown Soldier #17
Usagi Yojimbo #126
Vampire RPG: Night Horrors, Immortal Sinners
Victorian Undead #4 (OF 6)
Walking Dead #70
Wall-E #3
Watchmen Movie: Comedian Bust - S/O #16
Watchmen Movie: Rorschach Bust - S/O #16
Web #6
Wildcats #20
Wizard Magazine #223
Wonder Woman #41
X-Factor #202
X-Force #24 XN
X-Men Forever #18
X-Men Legacy #233

Airfighters #1 – They're back! It's an all out air war as Airboy and his Airfighters return to the comic page! This 72-page extravaganza features the all new high-flying exploits of Airboy and his revamped compatriots in their very first Moonstone appearance: Skywolf, Black Angel, Flying Dutchman, Iron Ace, Bald Eagle, and the Flying Fool! Plus, a special tale of Captain Midnight!

Captain Swing #1 (OF 4) – From the sparking-mad mind of Warren Ellis, the creator of AETHERIC MECHANICS and DOKTOR SLEEPLESS, comes an electrical romance of a pirate utopia thwarted: CAPTAIN SWING & THE ELECTRICAL PIRATES OF CINDERY ISLAND. This crackling new mini-series is illustrated in Raulo Caceres' stunning woodcut style, and presented in full color. London, 1830: newly-minted copper Charlie Gravel keeps seeing things he's not supposed to. A crooked Bow Street Runner with a flintlock revolver, flying things that are not supposed to fly, and the violent Scientific Phantasmagoria that is christened Spring-Heeled Jack, but is known by other names. It is the time of Captain Swing and his Electrical Pirates, and history will never be the same. CAPTAIN SWING #1 is available with a Regular or Wraparound cover by series artist Raulo Caceres, and a special retailer incentive Penny Dreadful cover designed to look like a classic novel of yore.

Choker #1 – Industry superstar BEN TEMPLESMITH teams up with writer BEN McCOOL for this deliciously skewed tale of hardboiled noir. Johnny 'Choker' Jackson, once one of Shotgun City's most promising police officers, is a bitter private detective with a terrible case of Alien Hand Syndrome. But he's unexpectedly been offered a job back on the force: provided he can nail a twisted drug dealer selling a very exclusive product, that is...

Ender’s Game: Mazer in Prison Special – In this one-shot prequel to the award-winning novel Ender's Game, Mazer Rackham, the only man ever to defeat the Formics, takes on a new enemy...the International Fleet itself. Burdened with careerists and bureaucrats, the I.F. is doomed to fail in the coming war, and only Rackham, with the help a young Hyrum Graff, can rid the I.F. of its old guard and pave the way for Earth's next great commander. Adapted from Orson Scott Card's short story, MAZER IN PRISON is a look into the beginnings of the system into which Ender Wiggin found himself thrust.

GI Joe: Operation HISS #1 – G.I. JOE thinks they've won the day, and stopped the rise of Cobra... But their battle is just beginning! Scarlett and Snake Eyes are dispatched to investivate a disturbance at a Chinese weapons facility- and come face to face with the first stages of Cobra's lastest and most deadly plan.

Tales of the Dragon Guard #1 (OF 3) – No one knows why dragons have appeared in this word of heroes, but their very presence is re-shaping reality. Their influence destroys everything, transforming men and beasts into monsters: a curse known as the Veill. Only virgin women are free of this curse and can get close enough to these terrors to kill them. And so, the Order of the Dragon Knights was created. Trained from childhood, they fight against all odds, including a world that refuses to accept them as women of power, the very same society they swore to protect. They fight to the death, because if they don't, their entire world is doomed.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Comics!! (2-17-10)

Amazing Spider-Man #621 GNTLT
Angel #30
Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #1 (OF 4)
Avengers vs Atlas #2 (OF 4)
Azrael #5
Batman #696
Batman: Streets of Gotham #9
Batman: Brave & the Bold #14
Betty & Veronica #246
Black Widow and Marvel Girls #4 (OF 4)
Black Widow: Deadly Origin #4 (OF 4)
Blackest Night: The Flash #3 (OF 3)
Booster Gold #29
Captain America #603
Captain America #603 Deadpool Variant
Cars #1
Daredevil #505
Dark Avengers #14
Dark Avengers #14 Deadpool Variant
Deadpool #19
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #8
Deathlok #4 (OF 7)
Devil #1 (OF 4)
Die Hard Year One #6
Dr. Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #5
Don Bluth’s Space Ace #6 (OF 6)
Doomwar #1 (OF 6)
Doomwar #1 (OF 6) Marvel Women Variant
Ender’s Shadow: Command School #5 (OF 5)
Essential Daredevil vol 1 TP
Essential Marvel Horror vol 1 TP
Essential Moon Knight vol 1 TP
Essential Power Man & Iron Fist vol 1 TP
Essential Spider-Woman vol 1 TP
Fables vol 13 TP: The Great Fables Crossover
Farscape Ongoing #4
Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance TP
Garth Ennis’ Battlefields: Happy Valley #3 (OF 9)
Ghostbusters Holiday Special: Tainted Love (1-Shot)
GI JOE: Cobra II #2
Green Lantern #51 (BLACKEST NIGHT)
Green Lantern Corps #45 (BLACKEST NIGHT)
Guardians of the Galaxy #23
Hulk #20 FOH
Hunter’s Fortune #3 (OF 4)
Ignition City vol 1 TP
Incorruptible #3
Incredible Hercules #141
Incredible Hulk #607 FOH
Incredibles #5
JLA #42
Lady Deadpool Poster
Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #3
Logan’s Run #1
Magog #6
Marvels: Eye of Camera #6 (OF 6)
Nova #34 – Shortage Replacement
Outsiders #27
Power Girl #9
Psylocke #4 (OF 4)
Punisher #14
Siege Embedded #2 (OF 4) – Shortage Replacement
Skim GN
Sonic Universe #13
Sparta, USA #1 (OF 6)
Spider #1
Spider-Man 1602 #5 (OF 5)
Spider-Woman #6
Stand: Soul Survivors #4 (OF 5)
Star Trek DS9: Fool’s Gold #3
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #50 (OF 50)
Supergirl #50
Superman/Batman #69
Supernatural: Beginnings End #2 (OF 6)
Talisman: Road of Trials #4
Tick: New Series #2
Tiny Titans #25
Transformers: Bumblebee #3
Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #2
Uncanny X-Men #521
Uncle Scrooge #388
Unwritten #10
Watchmen Movie AF: The Comedian
Watchmen TP: The International Edition
Web of Spider-Man #5 GNTLT

Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #1 (OF 4) – New York City, 1999. Atomic Robo has to wrap up some loose ends before jetting off to Japan for a business trip. Yup, just an average day at Tesladyne HQ where nothing bad can happen. Especially not The Revenge of the Vampire Dimension starring Atomic Robo, the force of nature known only as Jenkins, a ton of vampires, and Dr. Bernard Fischer on his very first day on the job.

Cars #1 – An all-new ongoing Cars storyline from BOOM! Kids. Lightning McQueen decides to hold a rally race in Radiator Springs, with the proceeds going to charity. Unfortunately, old rivals like Chick Hicks are feeling a little less than charitable!

Devil #1 (OF 4) – Manga artist Torajiro Kishi (Maka-Maka) and blockbuster anime studio Madhouse (Trigun, Paprika, Ninja Scroll) love comics. So much so that they've decided to publish an original, Western-style comic exclusively with Dark Horse! Enter Devil, a thrilling, sci-fi take on the vampire genre. A virus is raging across the planet, turning people into bloodsucking superhumans referred to as "Devils." Most victims die within days, sometimes months, but there's a new strain, a new class of Devil that threatens to overtake mankind with power and bloodthirst. This new class of Devils derive from an experiment to clone a virus victim, and it looks like science has created a true monster this time. Can Takimoto and the Devil Investigation Section of the Tokyo police force stop this societal scourge? We'll just have to see. * Exclusive comic specifically for the American audience and only available from Dark Horse!

Doomwar #1 (OF 6) – Wakanda has been conquered, its Vibranium reserves plundered. Storm faces execution in the next 48 hours. And Dr. Doom stands triumphant. It will take the combined forces of the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the two Black Panthers to stand against him. A war has begun that will pit the world's most relentless super-villain against a collection of the world's most powerful super heroes -- one that will span the globe, offering twists and turns and surprise players (hello, Deadpool!) that neither side will see coming.

Ghostbusters Holiday Special: Tainted Love (1-Shot) – Love is in the air-literally!-as Winston befriends an attractive woman with a ghostly problem in her apartment. But trapping the love-struck apparition proves to be more complicated than the Ghostbusters originally thought. Can Winston step up and save the day? Just how far will Peter go to find a date? And do Ray and Egon ever stop to think about girls, or is it always about trans-dimensional ectoplasmic anomolies with those two?

Logan’s Run #1 – The pieces are falling into place for Deep Sleep Operative Logan-6 on his clandestine mission to find the ever-elusive Ballard and destroy his precious Sanctuary. But even the best-laid plans can go awry. When his cover is blown, not only does Logan risk being killed, but also he must make a split second decision that transforms him from the hunter to the hunted!

Sparta, USA #1 (OF 6) – Written by DAVID LAPHAM o Art and cover by JOHNNY TIMMONS Success on the gridiron made quarterback Godfrey McClaine a household name in the town of Sparta. His feats were the stuff of legend. But that was years ago and Sparta has a new hotshot quarterback named Johnny Franks. Coupled with the aid of the freakish town caretaker called the Maestro, Franks plans on making Godfrey's homecoming a brutal one!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Wednesday's Comics!! (2-10-10)

300 HC

Action Comics #886

Adventure Comics with Black Lantern: Superboy #7

Amazing Spider-Man #620 GNTLT

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot #2 (OF 3)

Anchor #5

Anita Blake: Executioner #4 (OF 5)

Batgirl #7

Batman and Robin #8

Blackbeard: Legend of the Pyrate King #3

Booster Gold #29

BPRD: King of Fear #2 (OF 5)

Choker #1

Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love #4 (OF 6)

Colt Noble and the Megalords (ONE SHOT)

Conan the Phenomenon HC

Dark Tower: Battle of Jericho Hill #3 (OF 5)

Dark Wolverine #75 Djurdjevic variant

Dark X-Men #4 (OF 5)

Daytripper #3 (OF 10)

Dr. Who Magazine #417

Ender’s Game: Command School #5 (OF 5)

Escape from Wonderland #4 (OF 6)

Farscape: Dargo’s Quest #3 (OF 4)

Green Arrow/Black Canary #29

Green Lantern #48 (BLACKEST NIGHT) – S/O #2

Green Lantern #49 (BLACKEST NIGHT) – S/O #2

Gremlins HC – S/O #151

Haunt #5

Hitman Monkey #1

Human Target #1 (OF 6)

Incredibles vol 1 TP: City of Incredibles - S/O #151

Invincible Iron Man #23

JSA All Stars #3

JLA #1 Special

Kickback HC

Kobold Quarterly Magazine #12

Manga without Borders vol 1 TP

Marvel Boy: Uranian #2 (OF 3)

Mickey Mouse Classics vol 1 TP

Muppets: King Arthur #1

Muppet Show #2

New Mutants #10

Punisher Max #4

Queen Sonja #4

Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #4 (OF 5)

Rebels #13

Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustrated #1

Scooby Doo #153

Secret Six #18 (BLACKEST NIGHT)

Shield #6

Siege #2 (OF 4) – Shortage Replacement

Siege Embedded #2 (OF 4)

Solomon Kane: Death’s Black Riders #2 (OF 4)

Spider #3

Spider-Man and Secret Wars #3 (OF 4)

Spider-Man Noir: Eyes without a Face #3 (OF 4)

Star Wars Legacy vol 8 TP: Tattoine

Strange #4 (OF 4)

Super Friends #24

Super Hero Squad #2

Sword #4 (MARVEL)

Tails of Pet Avengers #1

Titans #22

Tracker #3 (OF 5)

Ultimate Comics: Armor Wars #4 (OF 4)

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #7

Ultimate Comics: X #1 – Shortage Replacement

Unwritten #10

Vengeance of Moon Knight #5

Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #703

Wizards of Mickey vol 1: Mouse Magic

Wolverine: Savage

X-Men Forever #17

X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain #3 (OF 4)

X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #1 (OF 4)

Yen Plus Magazine vol 3 #3

Choker #1 Johnny is introduced to his maniacal new partner on the Shotgun City police force, and experiences a vicious foretaste of what's in store for him. Meanwhile, a new mob of villains rear their ugly head, suggesting Hunt Cassidy's clutch on the city is tighter - and deadlier - than first thought...

Hitman Monkey #1 You're digging him in this month's issue of DEADPOOL and you want to know more about him? How about his origin story? A troubled soul, set upon a path of vengeance he does not understand. An assassin without equal, trained in the most secret of killing techniques. A flesh and blood specter, haunting the killers of the world. A monkey...with a gun. Bear witness as the legend is born. Hitman Monkey.

Human Target #1 (OF 6) On the heels of the highly anticipated Human Target Fox television series comes a brand-new adventure pitting Christopher Chance against the organized crime...of the world! When he's tasked with protecting a highly placed informant and collecting damaging evidence throughout Europe, every assassin and goon from Paris to Prague will be gunning for the Human Target!

Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustrated #1From the creators of Grimm Fairy Tales comes an all new series that blends Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror in one provocative package. You get 48 pages of story in this Giant Sized first issue titles 'The Perfect Mate' - When a man buys a personal robot thinking she will be the answer to all his dreams she really turns out to be his worst nightmare.

Tails of Pet Avengers #1They saved the world in LOCKJAW & THE PET AVENGERS - what've they been doing since? Find out in this super-sized special featuring Lockjaw, Redwing, and the rest of your favorite Pet Avengers take center-stage in their own spotlight adventures! Featuring an all-new, NEVER before seen savage tale of ZABU and a FROG THOR prequel leading into the team's triumphant return in PET AVENGERS!

X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #1 (OF 4)Pixie, X-23, Armor, Mercury and Blindfold face a new kind of hell: high school! Things get even worse when Pixie's mother shows up on Utopia demanding to see her daughter. Discover the truth about Pixie, including the answer to something even SHE doesn't know: the identity of her father- one of the most dangerous X-Villains ever!