Friday, March 19, 2010

Worldwide D&D Game Day on SATURDAY, March 20!!

The first Game Day of 2010 celebrates the release of the Player's Handbook 3, dealing with psionics, extra-planar creatures, and the like. Here's a little info about the setup for tomorrow's game:

"An adventure for 4-6, 6th-level characters.

The Far Realm’s distance from other planes, reinforced by wards erected at the beginning of time, protects those other worlds from the outer madness. Over the course of history—particularly in the wake of the Dawn War—the wards’ power has weakened, permitting the madness to leak into other planes, including the mortal world.

Recently, a rift to the Far Realm opened beneath an abandoned fortress called the Lonely Tower, twenty miles from the frontier village of Beorunna’s Well. Ten days ago, a troop of foulspawn emerged from the rift and began luring mortals for sacrifice. As each victim dies in the dungeon beneath the tower, the foulspawn ritually gather the escaping life force to expand the rift and to prepare for the arrival of a greater evil.
The braver folk of Beorunna’s Well—barbarians, rangers, and other warlike folk—have mounted two investigative assaults on the Lonely Tower. No one has returned.

This adventure challenges characters to find and close the rift. If they fail, more creatures of madness will pour forth and corrupt the land."

Pre-generated characters showcase 6 new classes and 4 new races from the Players Handbook 3.

We've got 28 people (so far!) signed up for the adventure tomorrow, and we'll be running 5-6 sessions to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to play. Come by Haven and give it a whirl - if you've never played D&D or if you're an elite gamemaster, it doesn't matter. This is fun for everybody!

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