Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day Comics!! (5-5-10)

Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost #1 (OF 3) - Reorder
Alias MGC #1
Amazing Spider-Man #630
American Vampire #2 - Reorder
Angel: Barbary Coast #2
Archie & Friends #143
Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1
Astro City, the Dark Age: Book Four #4 (OF 4)
Avengers Origin #2 (OF 5)
Batman & Robin #12
Batman Confidential #44
Boys #42
Brightest Day #1
Back to the Future: OutaTime License Plate – S/O Haven
Buck Rogers #11
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #35
Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of our Fathers #2
Complete Alice in Wonderland #4 (OF 4)
D&D 4TH ED: Quintessential Rogue SC
D&D 4TH ED: Wraith Recon Mission Pack #1
DC Heroes Wave 12: Nightwing Action Figure – S/O #16
Deadpool Corps #2
Dong Xoai, Vietnam: 1965 HC
Doom Patrol #10
Electric Ant #2 (OF 5)
Eternal Descent #2
Flash: Secret Files and Origins 2010 #1
GFT: Inferno #1 (OF 5)
GI Joe Origins #15
Great Ten #7 (OF 10)
Halo: Blood Line #5 (OF 5)
House of Mystery #25
Incorruptible vol 1 TP
Iron Man 2: Public Identity #2 (OF 3)
Irredeemable #13
iZombie #1
JSA All Stars #6
Killer: Modus Vivendi #1 (OF 6)
Knights of the Dinner Table #161
Many Loves of Amazing Spider-Man #1
Muppet King Arthur #4 (OF 4)
Muppet Show #5
Nemesis the Impostors #3 (OF 4)
Nola vol 1 TP
Orc Stain #3 – S/O #11
Pilot Season: Stealth #1
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies GN
Prince of Persia GN
Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk #4 (OF 4)
Red Robin #12
Secret History, Book 8
Secret Six #21
Sparta, USA #3 (OF 6)
Spectacular SpiderGirl #1
Spider-Man: Fever #2 (OF 3)
Star Trek: Captain’s Log - Harriman #1
Stephen King’s N #3 (OF 4)
Superman: War of the Supermen #1 (OF 4)
Talisman: Road of Trials vol 1 HC
Terminator #1 (OF 3) – S/O #98
Transformers: Nefarious #3
Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #2
Uncanny X-Men #524
Uncanny X-Men #524 Heroic Age Variant – S/O #14
Vengeance of Moon Knight #8
Veronica #200
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #706
Warlord #14
Wizard Magazine #225
Wizard: Mark Silvestri – Millennium Ltd Dlx HC
X-Men: Hellhound #1 (OF 3) XSC
Zorro: Matanzas #4 (OF 4)

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1 – THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! Spider-Man and Wolverine! Everyone's favorite wise-cracking web-spinner and ferocious furball come together in their first major series ever! The super-star creative team of Jason Aaron (WOLVERINE: WEAPON X, PUNISHERMAX) and Adam Kubert (ULT. FANTASTIC FOUR, X-MEN) send Spidey and Wolvie to the edges of the Marvel Universe as they face such awful beings as The Czar, Big Murder and Doom the Living Planet! But who is the major Marvel villain pulling the strings? And can Spidey & Wolvie refrain from killing one another long enough to find out.

Brightest Day #1 – BRIGHTEST DAY continues, but in ways you can't possibly expect! What does BRIGHTEST DAY mean to the DC Universe? Is everything from here on out going to be bright and shiny? No, BRIGHTEST DAY means something else entirely, something we can't tell you...yet. But we can tell you our heroes will need to rise up more than ever to combat the forces of evil, and a select few will uncover a secret that binds them ALL. It all begins in the specially priced issue #1!

iZombie #1 – Gwen Dylan is a gravedigger in an eco-friendly cemetery...and a zombie detective. Once a month, she has to eat a human brain - both to keep from going all 'Night of the Living Dead,' and to keep her own memories intact. As a result, Gwen's mind is crowded with the dead person's thoughts. And lately, she feels compelled to fulfill their final requests. Torn between a mysterious mummy and a dashing young monster-hunter, Gwen is set for adventures beyond imagination! A were-terrier, a swinging '60s ghost and a pack of paintball blasting vampires complete the cast of I, ZOMBIE. Written by World Fantasy Award finalist Chris Roberson (CINDERELLA: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE) with art by Eisner Award-winning superstar artist Michael Allred (X-Statix, Madman), I, ZOMBIE is a monster of a tale with razor-sharp prose and powerful pop artistry.

Killer: Modus Vivendi #1 (OF 6) – In Venezuela, the 'sanctuary' where he withdrew from the world, the killer reappears on the scene. What brought him back? Boredom, fatigue, the need for action? His old friend Mariano recommends him for a quick-and-dirty freelance job. Remove one banker and one international oil broker, no problem. But why is his third and final target a nun, Madre Luisa - devoted, selfless, and invested in her ministry?

Superman: War of the Supermen #1 (OF 4) – The Battle for New Krypton! This is it! The storyline the SUPERMAN books have been building to since 2008 has arrived! Superman has never faced such a difficult challenge - how can he stop the two worlds he loves from destroying each other? General Zod has been waiting for another shot at Earth for years, and with 100,000 supermen on his side, it looks like it's his war to win! But on Earth, General Lane has an ace up his sleeve that will level the playing field quite nicely!

X-Men: Hellhound #1 OF (3) XSC – Fighting for the future of mutantkind, the X-Men are locked in battle with Bastion, staving off his forces even by sacrificing themselves. When Magik is gravely injured in battle, she instinctively flees to the sanctuary of Limbo…only to fall into the clutches of a longtime adversary hoping to wrest the powerful Soulsword—and control of Limbo—from her grasp. Now, a small team of X-Men venture in after her, but they are met only by unexpected peril: a horde of demons out for blood, Magik nowhere in sight, and a concealed evil walking amongst them.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Go See The Losers!

A comic book movie hit the theatres the weekend before Free Comic Book Day, and it might have been a little unexpected for some folks, but I'll be danged if it wasn't a good movie. It was fast, fun, and filled with firefights.

No, Iron Man 2 comes out in a couple of weeks - so what I'm talking about here is The Losers. Based on the Vertigo comic by Andy Diggle (W) and Jock (A), which was itself based (loosely) on the original DC title back in the day, this movie is absolutely worth checking out. Support good comic book movies - go see it!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wednesday's Comics!! (4-28-10)

A-Team War Stories: Murdock #1
Action Comics #889
Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost #3 (OF 3)
Amazing Spider-Man #629
Angel #32
Batman: Brave & the Bold #16
Battle Pope vol 1 TP: Genesis
Captain America #605
Captain America #605 Iron Man by Design Variant
Captain Swing #1 (OF 4) Auxiliary Edition
Cars #4
Civil War MGC #1
Classics Illustrated vol 2 HC: Brothers Grimm
Conan the Cimmerian #20
Darkness #84
Deadpool #22
Deadpool Corps #1 – Shortage Replacement
Detective Comics #864
Disney’s Hero Squad #4
Dr. Who Ongoing #10
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Land That Time Forgot GN
Fall of Hulks: Red Hulk #4 (OF 4)
Fantastic Four #578
Fraggle Rock #1 (OF 4)
Game Trade Magazine #123
Garrison #1 (OF 6)
GFT Presents: Neverland #2 (OF 6)
GI Joe #16
GI Joe #17
GI Joe: Cobra II #4
Gotham City Sirens #11
Green Arrow #32 – 1 Copy S/O #77
Green Hornet #1 – S/O #102
Green Hornet #3
Green Lantern #29 NEW PTG
Green Lantern Corps #47 (BRIGHTEST DAY)
Hack/Slash #32
Husk #1
Image First Proof #1
Incorruptible #5 - Reorder
Incredibles #8
Invincible Iron Man #25
Iron Man 2: Public Identity #1 (OF 3)
Jack of Fables #45
Joe the Barbarian #4 (OF 8)
Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #2 (0F 4)
JSA #38
Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Straps Kairi
Kobold Quarterly Magazine #13
Last Days of American Crime #2 (OF 3)
Last Unicorn #1
Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #5
Madame Xanadu #22
Marvel Previews: May 2010
Marvel Zombies 5 #2 (OF 5)
Marvelous Land of Oz #5 (OF 8) – S/O #93
Mighty Avengers #36 SIEGE
New Avengers #64 SIEGE
New Mutants #12 XSC – Shortage Replacement
Nothlanders #27
Outsiders #29
Pantheon #1
Peter Parker #2
Previews #260: May 2010
Punisher #16
Random Acts of Violence GN
Secret Warriors #15
Shrek Forever After: The Prequel
Shuddertown #2
Siege: Secret Warriors #1
Song of Saya #3
Spider-Man #1
Star Wars Legacy #47
Stumptown #3
Super Friends #24 – S/O #77
Super Friends #26
Superman #699
Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #3 (OF 3)
Star Wars: Ralph McQuarrie Action Figure Set
Tank Girl: Royal Escape #2 (OF 4)
Teen Titans #82
Terminator #2 (OF 3)
Terry Moore’s Echo #21
Thor #609 SIEGE
Thunderbolts #143 SIEGE
Transformers #6
Ultimate Comics: Avengers 2 #1
Ultimate Comics: Avengers 2 #1 Villain Variant
Ultimate Comics: Wolverine vs Hulk TP
Unknown Soldier #19
Usagi Yojimbo #128
Victorian Undead #6 (OF 6)
Waking #3 (OF 4)
Walking Dead #71
Web #8
Wildcats #22
Wizards of Mickey #4
Wolverine Origins #47
Wonder Woman #43
World War Hulks: Hulked Out Heroes #2 WWHS
X-Force #26 XSC
X-Men Forever #22

Fraggle Rock #1 (OF 4) – It's time to dance your cares away as Archaia and The Jim Henson Company invite you to return once again to Fraggle Rock! Join Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, and Red for a brand-new series of hilarious and heartfelt adventures written and drawn by some of the most imaginative creators in comics. Whether you're a fan of the original series or new to the world of the Fraggles, this is one title you don't want to miss. Just watch out for Gorgs!

Garrison #1 (OF 6) – Garrison may very well be the world's most dangerous man. In a near future where everyone's under surveillance, though, nobody knows anything about him - and federal agent Jillian Bracewell's investigation into his identity could get her killed.

Husk #1 – In the near future, The Arnold Company has developed the Husk, fifteen-foot tall biomechanical suits that are an anatomical addition to their pilot's body. In Paris, the BMRI police brigade features a special squad of Husk pilots in charge of investigating the most dangerous criminals of their time. This series explores the day-to-day life of these men and the different cases they must confront.

Pantheon #1 – Created by TV and movie star, MICHAEL CHIKLIS! Earth in the near future is a place where the only gods worshipped are money and power. When black-market artifacts dealer Hamilton Finch stumbles upon a cache of ancient treasures, he does not expect to come face-to-face with Zeus himself! Is it true? Do the gods walk among us? And what event has caused them to show themselves after so many millennia?

Spider-Man #1 – To the public, he's a mystery. To the media, he's a menace. To the Torino crime family, he's a possible million dollar payday. To Gwen Stacy, he's the subject of her latest school paper, and a way to become a reporter for the Daily Bugle. He's Peter Parker, the amazing Spider-Man, and he's here in an all-new ongoing series!

Ultimate Comics: Avengers 2 #1 – Some jobs are just too dirty for the Ultimates. For these, Nick Fury must gather the Avengers, a black ops team willing to do the missions that others won't. What role will an infamous mass killer play in Fury's plans? Find out here, as the Punisher returns to the Ultimate Universe! The blockbuster team of MARK MILLAR (ULTIMATES) and LEINIL FRANCIS YU (SECRET INVASION) presents the explosive beginning to ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Like a Leaf on the Wind...

We all know how the Serenity movie ended. We all know the horrible, fateful moment that made it feel like every single person might die. But that doesn't mean there aren't more stories to tell of Wash, the best pilot in the 'verse.

Writer/actor/comedian Patton Oswalt rolls through Joss Whedon’s Verse to celebrate one of Firefly and Serenity’s most enduring characters in Dark Horse Comics’ Serenity: Float Out One-Shot, featuring three brand-new stories that star pilot extraordinaire Hoban “Wash” Washburn.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Free Comic Book Day - Your New Favorite Holiday

by Kristopher Reisz

My favorite comic book store--Haven Comics--has a smart, enthusiastic staff and a come-hang-out vibe. Unfortunately, it's a small place and a little tricky to find, tucked behind a strip mall and not visible from the street. Haven is a great place, but to find it you almost have to already know where it is.

Comics fandom has a similar problem. On one hand, this is an amazing time to read comics. Artists and writers are constantly experimenting, constantly discovering new things the medium can do. But on the other hand, specialty shops have replaced the drug store spinner rack and massive crossover events have replaced simple story arcs, making it difficult for new readers to figure out what's going when they first pick up a book. Comics are great, but to find your way around, you almost have to already know you way around.

Trying to bring in new readers, and also thanking existing comic fans, publishers and retailers began Free Comic Book Day. Josh Olive, the owner of Haven Comics, explain it like this, "Anyone who wants free comics can go into any participating comic book store in the world--and that’s most all of them--and pick up some comics ABSOLUTELY FREE.

"Honestly, there is one catch: you just might like whatever comics you read. Really. Then you’re going to want to read more. And there is so much out there to read! So many different stories to tell, and so many different ways to tell them. If you like movies or books of any kind, there are comics out there that will appeal to you. Superheroes--Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Captain America--do tend to dominate the market place, but there are all kinds of comics out there that are anything but superheroes: sci-fi, fantasy, noir, horror, historical fiction, steampunk, cyberpunk, crime dramas, comedies, soap operas, you name it."

(Did I mention they're enthusiastic over there? Sheesh.) Anyway, Free Comic Book Day is on May 1st this year. You can go to the website and check out the comics that will be available. There's titles aimed at children and grown-ups, most written with the comics newbie in mind. (And if you don't know what else to get, get The Tick. Seriously. The Tick is 10 pounds of awesome in a five-pound sack.)

The website also has a store locator to help you find a participating retailer near you. So head out this May 1st. Call for directions if you have to. It might take some effort to find your way in, but once you get there, I bet you'll be glad you did.

(Cross-posted at Guys' Lit Wire and Kristopher Reisz.)

Dungeons & Dragons Encounters: Session 6

Meta Gamemastery ( ) posted this lovely bit of tease for the next Dungeons & Dragons Encounters session (which is TOMORROW)...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Great Comics Artist Gene Colan Needs Your Help!

Gene Colan, at some point, has no doubt worked on a comic you love or has created a character you love. He's been in the comics business for 66 years, and he came in at a time when comics creators were paid next to nothing and received no rights whatsoever to anything they ever created. At 84 years old, he can't retire and lives on the commissions he does for people. He had a fall recently.

Gene has a badly broken shoulder and is unable to work. The episode will cost him at least three months (likely more) without being able to earn, to say nothing of hospital and physical rehab bills. So Gene’s friends are assembling an auction to help him make it through this rough patch. Want to help? Contribute. Bid. Spread the word. You can find out more details about the auction here.

Life is unorthodox and this event will be, too. Some items will be sold on Ebay (which means short deadlines and fees); less expensive items will be sold here with longer deadlines. Winners will be contacted via email; payments will go to the “Gene Colan Special Account”.

When items post, please bid on multiple items—this allows us to combine shipping. To bid, send LOT#, description and bid via email to (put “Colan Bid” in subject). If your bid is winning, your initials will be posted next to the item that evening.

Art and other items have been pledged from fans as well as: Aardwolf Publishing, Paty Cockrum (with Dave Cockrum in spirit), Mike Deodato, Harlan Ellison, Mark Evanier, Mike Henderson, Stan Lee, “Handsome Dick” Manitoba, Bill Messner-Loebs, Mike Pascale, Paul Ryan, Joe Rubenstein, Bill Sienkiewicz, Walter Simonson, and Marv Wolfman

Pictured is the first item to arrive: an Iron Man sketch made for the occasion by the ever-excellant and generous Mike Deodato. Starting bid will be $150.

Friday, April 16, 2010

New D&D Comics Are Coming!!

From Diamond:

IDW Publishing, under license from Hasbro, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast, will launch several all-new comic book series based on the many worlds of the hugely popular roleplaying game, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. Following IDW’s previously established comics model, the first new series will begin with an introductory debut issue in August 2010, with new monthly comics and deluxe reprints of past series launching in November.

IDW’s Dungeons & Dragons series will each offer new stories and playable characters to existing game campaigns. The Dungeons & Dragons title will take place in the core world, as seen in the gaming supplements and upcoming novels, followed by a Dark Sun series starting in January 2011. Plans also include a series for the longtime fan-favorite Forgotten Realms setting. Each comic book will also be collected at intervals into graphic novels. The many planned projects will be distributed to a wide audience through comic book outlets, trade bookstores and mass retailers.

”We are delighted to partner with IDW,” said Liz Schuh, Brand Director for Dungeons & Dragons. “Together, we will bring great D&D stories to our fans, told through IDW’s high quality comics.”

IDW Publishing and Wizards of the Coast will work closely together to offer another layer of experience for Dungeons & Dragons. Acclaimed fantasy painter Wayne Reynolds will supply covers for the launch of the new series. Specific creative teams and information about each new series will be forthcoming.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with Hasbro and bring DUNGEONS & DRAGONS to comics,” said IDW CEO, Ted Adams. “Hasbro is a great company to work with, and we value our unique partnership with them.”


A-Team: Shotgun Wedding #4
Amazing Spider-Man #628
American Vampire #2
Angel: Hole in the World #5
Archie #608
Avengers vs Atlas #4 (OF 4)
AVP: Three World War #2 (OF 6)
Azrael #7
Batman: Streets of Gotham #11
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #180
Billy Batson and the Magic of SHAZAM #15
Blackest Night: Director’s Cut
Booster Gold #31 – Shortage Replacement
Brave and the Bold #33
Buck Rogers #10 – Shortage Replacement
Captain America: Who Won’t Wield the Shield? #1
Captain Swing #1 (OF 4) Auxiliary Edition
Crossed: Family Values #1 (OF 6)
Dark Tower: Battle of Jericho Hill #5 (OF 5)
Dark Wolverine #85
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #10 (OF 13)
Deathlok #6 (OF 7)
Devil #3 (OF 4)
Do Anything vol 1
Donald Duck & Friends #353
Doomwar #3 (OF 6)
DV8: Gods and Monsters #1 (OF 8)
Elephantmen #25
Fade to Black #2 (OF 5)
Fall of Hulks: Savage She-Hulks #2 (OF 3)
Farscape #6
Firestar #1
Garth Ennis’ Battlefields: Firefly, Pt 2 #5 (OF 9)
GI Joe #17
Green Arrow #31 – S/O #110
Green Lantern #53 (BRIGHTEST DAY)
Guardians of the Galaxy #25
Guild #2 (OF 3)
Hercules: Fall of an Avenger #2 (OF 2)
Human Target #1
Iron Manual: Mark 3 #1
Irredeemable Ant-Man TP
Joe the Barbarian #4 (OF 8)
John Howe: Forging Dragons SC – S/O #3
Justice League: Cry for Justics #5 (OF 7) – S/O #19
JLA #44
Kato Origins: Way of the Ninja #1
Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers TP – S/O #151
Magdalena #1
Marvelous Land of Oz #5 (OF 8)
Mouse Guard Lieam Deluxe Plush
Mouse Guard PVC Set – 1 copy S/O #151
Nova #36
Okko: Cycle of Air #1 (OF 4)
Patrick the Wolf Boy vol 3 TP – S/O #151
Patrick the Wolf Boy vol 4 TP – S/O #151
Power Girl #11
Punisher: Dark Reign TP
Rebels #15
Serenity: Better Days TP
Serenity Lunch Box
Serenity: Those Left Behind TP
Siege: Spider-Man #1
Sif #1
Soulfire vol 2 #4
Spider-Man 2099 vol 1 TP
Spirit #1
Super Friends #24 – S/O #77
Supergirl #52
Supergod #2 (OF 5) – S/O #110
Superman/Batman #71
Supernatural: Beginnings End #4 (OF 6)
Tales of TMNT #69
Terry Moore’s Echo vol 4 TP: Collider
Tick #3
Tiny Titans #27
Torch #7 (OF 8)
Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #4
Transformers Spotlight: Prowl #1
Ultimate Comics: Avengers #6
Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #9
Ultimate Spider-Man vol 2 TP: Learning Curve
Wall-E #5
X-23: Innocence Lost TP
X-Factor #204 XSC
X-Men Forever Annual #1
X-Men Legacy #235 XSC
X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #3 (OF 4)
Yen Plus Magazine vol 3 #5

Captain America: Who Won’t Wield the Shield? #1 – Steve Rogers has returned! In fact he was in such a hurry that he actually came back before the story was done! But, whatever, I'm sure no one even noticed. Anyway, Bucky Barnes is the current Captain America, and has come into his own in the role in a story Captain America editor Tom Brevoort calls 'the greatest single marriage of words and pictures in the history of the English language. Suck it, rest of literature!' But will Bucky go back to being the Winter Soldier? Are there others in line? Who cares?! All we're interested in is who WON'T be holding that Vibranium laced hunk of junk and what major new Marvel event comic it leads into. Who won't wield the shield? It could be not YOU!!! (Featuring a special appearance by everybody's favorite underused character, Deadpool! At last, Deadpool! In a comic!)

Crossed: Family Values #1 (OF 6) – Nothing is sacred as Crossed returns! The biggest hit horror series of the year returns with an all-new six-issue series written by David (Stray Bullets) Lapham! Set right at the start of the Crossed outbreak, this epic tale of depravity promises to shock and disturb you with even more intensity than the first series! The Pratt family lived a idyllic life on a horse ranch in North Carolina. A few generations of family working, living, and learning together. But not all things should be shared with, nor done to, other human beings. Much less your own family. Some men are just born evil, some men are turned Crossed. But which is worse? Imagine, for a moment, the worst crimes against humanity. Picture the cruelest affronts to decency. Conjure your darkest nightmares... and then realize it could all be so much worse. When civilization crumbles in one terrifying moment; when people are gleefully breaking into unthinkable acts of violence all around you; when everyone you love has died screaming in agony: What do you do? There is no help. There is no hope. There is no escape. There are only the Crossed.

DV8: Gods and Monsters #1 (OF 8) – The fan-favorite series DV8 returns with the eight-part 'Gods & Monsters' arc written by critically acclaimed writer Brian Wood (DEMO, DMZ, NORTHLANDERS) with art by up-and-comer Rebekah Isaacs (Drafted). In their short history, the mismatched band of superpowered losers, freaks and masochists of DV8 have seen a lot and done even more, but it's nothing compared to this. As Gem Antonelli (a.k.a. Copycat) is debriefed in a holding cell, the story of how eight troubled teenagers were briefly gods to a prehistorical world unfolds against the backdrop of a cataclysmic disaster. 'The Day I Tried To Live' is part one in this amazing and tragic story unlike anything set in the WildStorm Universe before.

Firestar #1 – Angelica Jones has been many things in her life. Daughter. Friend. Fiancée. Mutant. Hellion. New Warrior. Avenger. And, most recently, cancer survivor. Granted a second chance at life, Angelica has only one question for herself: What do I do with it?

Kato Origins: Way of the Ninja #1 – Dynamite debuts an all-new Kato series, set during the earliest adventures of the Green Hornet and his faithful sidekick! Early 1942, just months after Pearl Harbor, a police detective knocks on Britt Reid's door. He's looking for Kato. There's been a murder in the small Korean section of town. They want Kato's help with the locals. They find a murder crime scene and their detective instincts kick in. They piece together the crime until they find a single Japanese character written in blood. It reads 'coward'.

Magdalena #1 – The Star of the Forthcoming Feature Film Gets Her Own Series! The Magdalena has been the official protector and warrior of the Catholic Church for over two thousand years, sworn to defend the Faith with the Spear of Destiny against all manner of supernatural threats. However, Patience, the latest Magdalena, has seen through the hypocrisy of her masters and struck out on her own. When her old mentor comes to her with a mission to prevent Armageddon, will she be able to resist the call? From writer Ron Marz (Witchblade, Angelus) and the art team of Pilot Season: Murderer, Nelson Blake II, Sal Regla, and Dave McCaig. Featuring covers by Ryan Sook (Wednesday Comics)!

Sif #1 (1-Shot) – SPINNING OUT OF THE PAGES OF THOR! The Asgardian warrior Sif was no stranger to battle; the heft of steel, the pitch of combat, the spray of an enemy's blood...she even craved it. But when Asgard and its people made their glorious return through the power of Thor, Sif's body was stolen and possessed by crafty Loki. Cowed by such defilement, Sif hasn't been her true self...until a former lover and mate in arms comes to her with a call to battle and blood-spattering adventure...Now Sif sets out with Beta Ray Bill to fight her way back to true warrior's glory!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Game Room

Since Josh recently mentioned it, I thought you might like to see a little slideshow of the recent update to the game room at Haven...

This slideshow is embedded from the Haven Comics group on the Wizards of the Coast (publisher of Dungeons & Dragons as well as the Magic: The Gathering game) community website. Feel free to join at (Membership is free.)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Haven's New Look!

If you haven't been in to Haven since this past Saturday, you're in for a shock when you return! This Saturday, a dedicated crew of Havenites came in and worked themselves into an aching mass of soreness in an attempt to make over the game room for the Wizards of the Coast: Pimp Your Store contest for D&D 4th Edition.

We turned the game room into the Dueling Dragons Inn (you'll understand how we came up with this name when you see our awesome faux stained glass windows!), the ubiquitous D&D tavern in which most campaigns start. It was a lot of hard work, but the end result was definitely worth it.

Come check it out - and bring your dice, because you're going to want to play an RPG in this room, guaranteed!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Wednesday's Comics!! (4-14-2010)

There are lots of new series kicking off this week, so make sure to check out some of these awesome new books!

A-Team War Stories: Face #1
Action Comics #888
Adventure Comics #10
Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot #3 (OF 3)
Anchor #7
Angel: Barbary Coast #1
Angelus #3 (OF 6)
Anywhere #4 (OF 6)
Archie & Friends #142 – Shortage Replacement
Army of Darkness #27
Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #2 (OF 4)
Batgirl #9
Batman #698
Black Widow #1
Booster Gold #31
BPRD: King of Fear #4 (OF 5)
Brightest Day #0
BTVS Season 8 vol 1 TP: Long Way Home – S/O #11
BTVS Season 8 vol 2 TP: No Future for You – S/O #11
BTVS Season 8 vol 3 TP: Wolves at the Gate – S/O #11
Buck Rogers #10
Chew #10
Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love #6 (OF 6) – Shortage Replacement
Cold Space #1
Daredevil #506
Daytripper #5 (OF 10)
Deadpool Corps #1
Deadpool Team-Up #894
Die Hard Year One #8
Doc Savage #1
Domino Lady #5
Dr. Who Magazine #419
Ender’s Game: League War
Fables #94
Fall Out Toy Works #4 (OF 5)
Farscape Corpius #0
Fevre Dream #1 (OF 10)
Flash #1

Forgetless #4 (OF 5)
GI Joe #16
GI Joe: Operation HISS #3
Green Arrow #32
Green Hornet: Year One #2
Hack/Slash #31
Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor vol 1 TP
Hellcyon #1 (OF 4)
Human Target #3 (OF 6)
Image Firsts: Age of Bronze #1
Iron Man Legacy #1
Iron Man Noir #1 (OF 4)

Irredeemable SP #1
John Woo’s 7 Brothers vol 1 TP
Justice League: Cry for Justice #6 (OF 7) - Reorder
JSA #37
Kill Shakespeare #1
Light #1 (OF 5)

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers: Unleashed #2 (OF 4)
Losers #1 NEW PTG
Magog #8
Marvel: 70th Anniversary TP
Mindfield #0
New Mutants #12 XSC
Nextwave, Agents of HATE vol 2 TP: I Kick Your Face
Pilgrim #1
Poe TP
Powers #4
President Evil: Yes, We Cannibal T/S LG – S/O #2
Prince of Persia: Before the Sandstorm TP
Punisher Max #6
Savage Axe of Ares #1
Savage Dragon #159
Scooby Doo #155
Secret Six #20
Shield #8
Siege: Captain America #1
Siege: Loki #1
Siege: Young Avengers #1
Spider-Man: Origin of the Hunter #1
Star Trek: McCoy #1

Star Wars: Dark Times #16
Super Friends #24
Superhero Squad #4
Superheroes #1
Supergod #3 (OF 5) - Shortage Replacement
Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #2 (OF 3) – Shortage Replacement
Toy Story #3
Transformers: Nefarious #2
Ultimate Comics: Enemy #3 (OF 4)
Unwritten #12
Web #7
Web of Spider-Man #7
Weekly World News #4
Wire Hangers #1
Wolfskin: Hundredth Dream #1 (OF 6)

Wolverine: Weapon X vol 1 TP: Adamantium Men
World War Hulks: Hulked Out Heroes #1 WWHS
X-Factor Forever #2
X-Men Forever #21
Zorro Matanzas #3 (OF 4) – Shortage Replacement

Black Widow #1 – The deadly super-spy from IRON MAN 2, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA in her own ongoing series! Natasha Romanoff is not a super hero. She's not psychic. She doesn't fly. And yet as the Black Widow, she manages to hold her own against a world of incredibly powerful enemies...and allies. But now someone has tried to kill Natasha...and almost succeeded. Injured gravely, almost beyond her ability to recover, Black Widow sets out to find her attacker...with no suspects and no leads. Who could be deadly enough to get the drop on Natasha? And what connections do they have to some of her closest super hero friends? Plus, a backup detailing the deadly history of the Black Widow!

Brightest Day #0 – The biggest event in comics continues as BRIGHTEST DAY burns back the BLACKEST NIGHT from the writing team behind GREEN LANTERN AND GREEN LANTERN CORPS - Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi! And don't miss the exciting DC Comics debut of red hot cover artist David Finch (New Avengers, Ultimatum)! The effects that the already classic BLACKEST NIGHT will have on the DC Universe will be felt for years to come and this issue not only sets the stage for the new ongoing biweekly DC Universe book BRIGHTEST DAY, but also the next exciting era of the DC Universe!

Cold Space #1 – From legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson and Emmy nominated writer/producer Eric Calderon, the team that brought you the Emmy-award-winning, best-selling Afro Samurai, comes their next original series - Cold Space! When an on-the-run outlaw crash-lands on a hostile planet on the brink of civil war, he finds himself caught in the crossfire between two warring factions. But in chaos lies opportunity... because where there's war, there's money to be made! A hard-boiled sci-fi action-adventure with covers by Eisner Award-winning artist Dave Johnson and Irredeemable cover artist, Jeffrey Spokes!

Doc Savage #1 – The Man of Bronze in his own series at last! Doc Savage is the target of a brazen attack on New York City! Tragedy will strike one of Doc's compatriots, and someone may not survive the opening pages of 'The Lord of Lightning!' Written by Paul Malmont, national best-selling author of The Chinatown Death-Cloud Peril, with art by Howard Porter (JLA)! And don't miss the hard-hitting JUSTICE, INC. co-feature, starring Richard Benson, the Avenger! When criminals abduct one of his own detectives, Benson's icy heart sears with a rage hotter than any he's ever known. 'Worst Nightmare' begins here!

Fevre Dream #1 (OF 10) – Prepare for a ten issue vampire epic on the bayou from the writer of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels! From the New York Times Best-selling author, George R. R. Martin, comes a tale of vampire clans, death and debauchery, legendary bloodmasters, and even a few epic steamboat races on the muddy Mississippi. This is Martin's FEVRE DREAM, an antebellum story of power, loss, and the fever of bloodlust. It is 1857, and Abner Marsh is a remarkably ugly man -- but the best steamboat man on the river. When the pale Joshua approaches him with a partnership and enough money to build the boat of his dreams, it seems too good to be true. But Joshua is a mystery of a partner, a man who keeps strange hours and stranger friends. It's only a matter of time before Abner begins to wonder where the FEVRE DREAM is heading, and if it may turn out to be a nightmare, after all. Each issue of this stunning full-color epic is illustrated by Rafa Lopez, an artist whose skilled line captures every moonlit drop of blood in delicious detail. Adapted by the Hugo-nominated author Daniel Abraham, this version of FEVRE DREAM stays faithful to Martin's original dark vision, while bringing the torture and joy of his vampires to almost-human life.

Flash #1 – A BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in! Get in on the ground floor of DC's next epic in the making! The Flash races out of BLACKEST NIGHT and into his own monthly title as the all-new adventures of The Fastest Man Alive start with 'Case One: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues!' Barry Allen runs back to his life in Central City, but when one of the Rogues turns up murdered under mysterious circumstances, it's up to The Flash to not only solve this bizarre crime, but protect those that are still targeted by the elusive killer. Plus, don't miss a peek into the future of the Flash universe in this special, extra-sized starting point issue!

Hellcyon #1 (OF 4) – Halcyon is a savage, unpredictable, brutal place. For some, it's just another backwater world colonized and exploited for its resources. For others, it's home. For decades the settlers of this aberrant moon have lived and worked like slaves, but now a new generation has decided that it's time for independence. Amidst this struggle, cadet Nika McKay returns to his home colony after a decade on Earth in order to search for his true identity. What he finds instead is a young nation on the verge of a civil war.

Iron Man Legacy #1 – The Armored Avenger's second on-going series kicks off with a bang as the WAR OF THE IRON MEN begins here! Tony Stark's worst fears are realized when stolen Iron Man technology is used for ethnic cleansing in a civil war-ravaged land. When he defies U.S. government orders to confront the armored assassins himself, Stark sets off an international conflagration that threatens his friends, his company, and his very life -- and sets him on a collision course with China and Russia, and their champions, Radioactive Man, Titanium Man and the Crimson Dynamo! Guest-stars galore! And a shocking last page reveal of the classic Shell-head villain behind it all you won't want to miss!

Iron Man Noir #1 (OF 4) – Finally, IRON MAN enters the world of MARVEL NOIR, with an action-packed pulp reimagining like you've never seen before! In 1938, Tony Stark is a daring adventurer, traveling the world in search of its mythological treasures and trying to forget the responsibilities of an iron magnate. From the Fountain of Youth to the hanging Gardens of Babylon, Tony has conquered them allÖbut only his closest confidants know it's all one last-ditch effort to cure the disease that slowly killing him. But someone has been selling out Stark Industry secrets to Count Nefaria and his Nazi sympathizers, and it's only a matter of time before they catch up with Tony on his latest quest!

Kill Shakespeare #1 – What Fables does for fairy tales, Kill Shakespeare does with the greatest writer of all time. This dark take on the Bard pits his greatest heroes (Hamlet, Juliet, Othello Falstaff) against his most menacing villains (Richard III, Lady Macbeth, Iago) in an epic adventure to find and kill a reclusive wizard named William Shakespeare. This debut- featuring a full 32-page story-will change the way you look at Shakespeare forever.

Light #1 (OF 5) – 'OUTBREAK' The new series from the writer of OLYMPUS and the artist of THE SURROGATES. In Oregon, a mysterious virus infects anyone that looks into an electric light. An abusive father blindfolds his daughter and together they escape town as people are burning alive from the inside out. A fierce, action-packed and gritty tale of survival, THE LIGHT is 28 DAYS LATER meets 30 DAYS OF NIGHT.

Pilgrim #1 – Artist Mike Grell (Jon Sable Freelance, The Warlord) teams up with writer/actor Mark Ryan (the Transformers movies) in an amazing story 15 years in the making. Weaving together true timelines from WWII and the present day, The Pilgrim is a tale of war and the supernatural, drawing on the history of the occultism used by both British and Nazi forces and fusing it with a modern day intelligence and espionage story ripped from today's headlines.

Savage Axe of Ares #1 – Ares, the greatest warrior the world has ever known, has lived for thousands of years, wandering the earth and waging war on his enemies. His acts and his axe are legendary and here, in stark black and white, are four tales of how he changed the world through violence. Through brutality. Through war...Don't miss this all-new, all-action, all-black-and-white one-shot in the spirit of the Mighty Marvel Magazines of yore, but ALL-NOW in style!

Wire Hangers #1 – Rocker Alan Robert of the legendary metal-crossover music group, Life of Agony, writes and illustrates this twisted horror/conspiracy series. Wire Hangers uses nightmarish visuals and graphic storytelling to depict a wave of abductions plaguing New York City. Pill-popping detectives, corrupt secret agents, and a mysterious, disfigured homeless man are all inter-connected in this horrific tale of revenge and redemption.

The Oooo's And Aaaaa's of Games

The April issue of Game Trade Magazine has hit the stands and there are some cool new items in it that I think are worth mentioning...
  • There is a blue Munchkin coin included with the issue. As a member of the Steve Jackson Games demonstration team, I know the rarity of these coins so it is a nice addition to the magazine.

  • I'm a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre so the new Atomic Highway role-playing game (RPG) caught my interest. Players can "[t]ear along the shattered highway as... road warrior[s], track down monstrous threats as... brave tribal warrior[s], or unearth the wonders of the past as... canny scavenger[s]." It is scheduled to ship in June.

  • In May, Evil Hat Productions will be shipping the Don't Rest Your Head RPG. This sounds like one of those warped settings that appeal to me. It is advertised as "a sleek, dangerous little game, where players are all insomniac protagonists with superpowers, fighting exhaustion and madness to stay alive - and awake - for just one more night."

  • Just in case your Arkham Horror board game isn't big enough, there will be a new expansion released in May, Lurker at the Threshold. It apparently adds Dark Pacts to this popular horror game.

  • Flying Buffalo will be shipping d6 Decision Die in June. This die is intended to be used to determine who is the starting player for any game you're about to play. "For instance, if the elderly man or infant symbol is rolled, the oldest and/or the youngest player goes first."

  • Although I am not so convinced of the usefulness, a Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Token Set will be released by GaleForce nine in June. The tokens are placed next to a D&D miniature to denote various conditions, but I gotta wonder how well this will work when a miniature is surrounded, or has a lot of tokens and you need to move it on the map. The set does look very professional though.

  • Another product whose usefulness I question but whose quirkiness appeals to me is the new Gamemastery Map Pack: Swallowed Whole by Paizo Publishing. It contains map packs "that combine to form a variety of monster stomachs and sticky organic interiors ready to be hacked apart by desperate adventurers."

  • In June, Stave Jackson Games will be releasing a new 19 card booster set for the Munchkin card game, Marked for Death. Not only can it be added to your Munchkin card deck, but it includes instructions on how to use it as a super-quick, programmed demo to teach new players.

  • Wizards of the Coast will be shipping an awesome new miniature in June: Orcus, Prince of Undeath. The price I don't like but the miniature sure looks cool... and I could set it next to my Horrorclix Cthulhu mini.

  • The Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual 3 will also be hitting the shelves in June. That means there will be a Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day in June as well!

  • Not to point to anything in particular, but Wyrd Miniatures' line of Malifaux Miniatures are so disturbing that they are just too cool.

If you'd like to check out the description of these games (as well as the numerous others I didn't mention), you can view the Games section of the magazine online at and then order them from Haven Comics, where Josh is guaranteed to happily giggle when placing a new order!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Comic Writer/Artist Needs Your Help!

Passed along from CBR's Comics Should Be Good site:

Steve Bryant, creator of Athena Voltaire, a fun, pulpy comic set in the 1930s, has been trying to work on the latest chapter for a few years. With that in mind, he has set up a web site where you can donate money to allow him to work on the book exclusively until it's finished. Plus, he has all sorts of extras for people who donate - you can see what they are at the site (on the right hand side).

You may think it's silly to help fund a comic, but for such a small book, it's not a bad idea. I'm used to this - my favorite band, Marillion, has been doing this for years, and it's pretty keen to think that you're part of the reason why something creative exists. Athena Voltaire is a fun read, with a great main character, lots of Nazis (and Nazi-killin'!), and all sorts of odd monsters and fabulous science. Bryant's campaign to fund the book has a little less than two months to go and he's a little less than halfway there (he's trying to raise $7,000). If you're at all interested, I encourage you to check it out. Here's the web site, where you read (and hear) more about it. It won't hurt to give it a look!

On a personal note, I've met Steve at a couple of conventions, and he's one of the nicest folks in comics (as well as one of the most talented). If you have the ability and the inclination, send a few bucks his way so he can put another Athena Voltaire book on Haven's shelves!


Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Birthday, Haven!!

Today is Haven's 9th Birthday! Come on out and help us celebrate!

Wednesday's Comics!! (4-7-10)

A-Team: Shotgun Wedding #3
Archie & Friends #142
Avengers Origin #1 (OF 5)
AVP: Three Worlds War #3 (OF 6)
Batman and Robin #1 NEW PTG
Batman and Robin #11
Batman Confidential #43
Betty and Veronica Digest #203
Boys #41
Buck Rogers #8
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #34
Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of our Fathers #1
Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love #6 (OF 6)
Codebreakers #1
Daredevil TP: Guardian Devil
Deadpool and Cable #25
Deadpool Corps #1
Doom Patrol #9
Electric Ant #1 (OF 5)
Everybody Cosplay vol 1 GN – S/O #16
Flash: Secret Files and Origins 2010 #1
Game Trade Magazine #122
GFT April Fools Special 2010
GI Joe Origins #14
Great Ten #6 (OF 10)
Greek Street #10
Grimm Fairy Tales #46
House of Mystery #24
Image Firsts: Chew #1
Immortal Iron Fist vol 1 TP
Iron Man Legacy/Black Widow Mini-Poster
Iron Man Magazine #1
JSA All Stars #5
Lone Ranger #21
Marvel Zombies 5 #1 (OF 5)
Mass Effect: Redemption #4 (OF 4)
Moon Knight vol 1 TP: Rock Bottom
Muppet Show #4
Nemesis: The Impostors #2 (OF 4)
New Avengers: Luke Cage #1 (OF 3)
Obama/McCain Election 2008 TP
Paranoia RPG: Mr. Bubbles
Peter the Pirate Squid
Project Superpowers: Chapter 2 #8
Proof #26
Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk #3 (OF 4)
Red Robin #11
Sparta USA #2 (OF 6)
Spider-Man: Fever #1 (OF 3)
Star Wars: Purge, Hidden Blade (one-shot)
Stephen King’s N #2 (OF 4)
Supergod #3 (OF 5)
Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #2 (OF 3)
Superman: Secret Origins #5 (OF 6)
Tank Girl: Dirty Helmet (ONE SHOT)
Turf #1
Ultimate Comics: X #2
Uncanny X-Men #523 XSC
Vengeance of Moon Knight #7
Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #705
Warlord #13
White Tiger: Heroes Compulsion TP
Witchfinder: In the Service of Angels vol 1 TP
Wolverine MGC #66
Wolverine: Weapon X #12
World War Hulks #1 WWHS
Young Avengers vol 1 TP: Sidekicks
Young Avengers vol 2 TP: Family Matters
Zorro: Matanzas #3 (OF 4)

Avengers Origin #1 (OF 5) – The true story of the Avengers is revealed right here! This five-issue extravaganza reveals previously untold details of the historic first meeting of Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp! You only THINK you know the full story.

Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of our Fathers #1 – For the first time ever, see the full story of the first meeting of Captain America and the Black Panther! It's a World War Two adventure featuring a young Steve Rogers, the Black Panther and Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos in combat with the nastiest Nazi villains in the Marvel Universe!

Codebreakers #1 – Busting foreign spies on domestic soil. Cracking the code on drug and human trafficking. Shutting down the mob. They are the elite Cryptanalysis Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, examining manually encrypted documents and records of illegal enterprises, providing expert testimony, forensic assistance, and identification of terrorism, foreign intelligence, and criminal activities in support of federal, state, local, and international law enforcement investigations and prosecutions. Meet the best of the best at puzzling out the truth and protecting all of us from those that would steal information in ways that can shatter the global community and kill. But what happens to the Cryptanalysis unit when one of their own goes missing?

Deadpool Corps #1 – 'POOLPOCALYPSE NOW: CUE ARMAGEDDON The Deadpool Corps embark on the universe-spanning mission that only they can accomplish. Tapped by the Elders of the Universe to gather a crack team of his alternative universe selves for what amounts to an intergalactic suicide mission, Deadpool just can't say no. Enter: Headpool, Kidpool, Dogpool and Lady Deadpool - and it's off to the rescue, right? Not so fast. Turns out another Elder, the Champion, isn't quite sold on this new super-team. If Deadpool and crew want to streak across the universe to face the ultimate enemy, their destiny, and much needed tacos and beer, they're going to have to pass a little test first...

Electric Ant #1 (OF 5) – FROM THE MIND OF LEGENDARY SCI-FI AUTHOR PHILIP K. DICK! Garson Poole had a pretty great life: good job, nice apartment, a sexy, flirtatious assistant. And then he wakes up in a hospital roomÖthe doctors inform him that he's been in a car accidentÖand they can't treat him. Because he's a robot. Specifically, Garson is an Electric Ant, a human-like robot created and programmed to serve a specific function. But what is Garson's function? How will his friends and co-workers treat him, knowing that he's a machine, and not a person? And how much of his world is real, and how much of it is part of his programming?

SHIELD #1 – Leonardo Da Vinci was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. So was Sir Isaac Newton. So were Imhotep and Zhang Heng and Galileo and many other geniuses throughout time. They were the first heroes to defeat Galactus and the Brood and turn Celestials back. They saved the world long before Captain America or Iron Man were ever born, but what does this mean to our heroes of today? What does this mean to Nick Fury? Do not miss this Marvel Comics masterpiece that fans will be talking about for decades to come. All the insanity is courtesy of Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four, Secret Warriors) and Dustin Weaver (X-Men).

Turf #1 – A four-issue hard boiled noir crime thriller with girls, guns, fangs and aliens. New York, 1929. The height of prohibition. The cops turn a blind eye while the mobs run the city, dealing in guns, girls and illegal liquor. But the arrival of the mysterious Dragonmir Family from Eastern Europe with more of a taste for blood then booze co-incides with a series of brutal attacks on the gangsters themselves. As the gangs fall before the fangs, only handful of mobsters survive, but an unlikely alliance formed between tough guy Eddie Falco and a character from a LONG way from New York City - a long way from Earth in fact - offers the humans a glimmer of hope. As the strong willed young reporter Susie Dale from the Gotham Herald tries to survive in the middle of the maelstrom, and an ancient prophecy unfolds, no one can guess who's going to win the battle for this particular slice of Turf.