Thursday, April 08, 2010

Comic Writer/Artist Needs Your Help!

Passed along from CBR's Comics Should Be Good site:

Steve Bryant, creator of Athena Voltaire, a fun, pulpy comic set in the 1930s, has been trying to work on the latest chapter for a few years. With that in mind, he has set up a web site where you can donate money to allow him to work on the book exclusively until it's finished. Plus, he has all sorts of extras for people who donate - you can see what they are at the site (on the right hand side).

You may think it's silly to help fund a comic, but for such a small book, it's not a bad idea. I'm used to this - my favorite band, Marillion, has been doing this for years, and it's pretty keen to think that you're part of the reason why something creative exists. Athena Voltaire is a fun read, with a great main character, lots of Nazis (and Nazi-killin'!), and all sorts of odd monsters and fabulous science. Bryant's campaign to fund the book has a little less than two months to go and he's a little less than halfway there (he's trying to raise $7,000). If you're at all interested, I encourage you to check it out. Here's the web site, where you read (and hear) more about it. It won't hurt to give it a look!

On a personal note, I've met Steve at a couple of conventions, and he's one of the nicest folks in comics (as well as one of the most talented). If you have the ability and the inclination, send a few bucks his way so he can put another Athena Voltaire book on Haven's shelves!


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