Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day Comics!! (5-5-10)

Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost #1 (OF 3) - Reorder
Alias MGC #1
Amazing Spider-Man #630
American Vampire #2 - Reorder
Angel: Barbary Coast #2
Archie & Friends #143
Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1
Astro City, the Dark Age: Book Four #4 (OF 4)
Avengers Origin #2 (OF 5)
Batman & Robin #12
Batman Confidential #44
Boys #42
Brightest Day #1
Back to the Future: OutaTime License Plate – S/O Haven
Buck Rogers #11
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #35
Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of our Fathers #2
Complete Alice in Wonderland #4 (OF 4)
D&D 4TH ED: Quintessential Rogue SC
D&D 4TH ED: Wraith Recon Mission Pack #1
DC Heroes Wave 12: Nightwing Action Figure – S/O #16
Deadpool Corps #2
Dong Xoai, Vietnam: 1965 HC
Doom Patrol #10
Electric Ant #2 (OF 5)
Eternal Descent #2
Flash: Secret Files and Origins 2010 #1
GFT: Inferno #1 (OF 5)
GI Joe Origins #15
Great Ten #7 (OF 10)
Halo: Blood Line #5 (OF 5)
House of Mystery #25
Incorruptible vol 1 TP
Iron Man 2: Public Identity #2 (OF 3)
Irredeemable #13
iZombie #1
JSA All Stars #6
Killer: Modus Vivendi #1 (OF 6)
Knights of the Dinner Table #161
Many Loves of Amazing Spider-Man #1
Muppet King Arthur #4 (OF 4)
Muppet Show #5
Nemesis the Impostors #3 (OF 4)
Nola vol 1 TP
Orc Stain #3 – S/O #11
Pilot Season: Stealth #1
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies GN
Prince of Persia GN
Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk #4 (OF 4)
Red Robin #12
Secret History, Book 8
Secret Six #21
Sparta, USA #3 (OF 6)
Spectacular SpiderGirl #1
Spider-Man: Fever #2 (OF 3)
Star Trek: Captain’s Log - Harriman #1
Stephen King’s N #3 (OF 4)
Superman: War of the Supermen #1 (OF 4)
Talisman: Road of Trials vol 1 HC
Terminator #1 (OF 3) – S/O #98
Transformers: Nefarious #3
Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #2
Uncanny X-Men #524
Uncanny X-Men #524 Heroic Age Variant – S/O #14
Vengeance of Moon Knight #8
Veronica #200
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #706
Warlord #14
Wizard Magazine #225
Wizard: Mark Silvestri – Millennium Ltd Dlx HC
X-Men: Hellhound #1 (OF 3) XSC
Zorro: Matanzas #4 (OF 4)

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1 – THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! Spider-Man and Wolverine! Everyone's favorite wise-cracking web-spinner and ferocious furball come together in their first major series ever! The super-star creative team of Jason Aaron (WOLVERINE: WEAPON X, PUNISHERMAX) and Adam Kubert (ULT. FANTASTIC FOUR, X-MEN) send Spidey and Wolvie to the edges of the Marvel Universe as they face such awful beings as The Czar, Big Murder and Doom the Living Planet! But who is the major Marvel villain pulling the strings? And can Spidey & Wolvie refrain from killing one another long enough to find out.

Brightest Day #1 – BRIGHTEST DAY continues, but in ways you can't possibly expect! What does BRIGHTEST DAY mean to the DC Universe? Is everything from here on out going to be bright and shiny? No, BRIGHTEST DAY means something else entirely, something we can't tell you...yet. But we can tell you our heroes will need to rise up more than ever to combat the forces of evil, and a select few will uncover a secret that binds them ALL. It all begins in the specially priced issue #1!

iZombie #1 – Gwen Dylan is a gravedigger in an eco-friendly cemetery...and a zombie detective. Once a month, she has to eat a human brain - both to keep from going all 'Night of the Living Dead,' and to keep her own memories intact. As a result, Gwen's mind is crowded with the dead person's thoughts. And lately, she feels compelled to fulfill their final requests. Torn between a mysterious mummy and a dashing young monster-hunter, Gwen is set for adventures beyond imagination! A were-terrier, a swinging '60s ghost and a pack of paintball blasting vampires complete the cast of I, ZOMBIE. Written by World Fantasy Award finalist Chris Roberson (CINDERELLA: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE) with art by Eisner Award-winning superstar artist Michael Allred (X-Statix, Madman), I, ZOMBIE is a monster of a tale with razor-sharp prose and powerful pop artistry.

Killer: Modus Vivendi #1 (OF 6) – In Venezuela, the 'sanctuary' where he withdrew from the world, the killer reappears on the scene. What brought him back? Boredom, fatigue, the need for action? His old friend Mariano recommends him for a quick-and-dirty freelance job. Remove one banker and one international oil broker, no problem. But why is his third and final target a nun, Madre Luisa - devoted, selfless, and invested in her ministry?

Superman: War of the Supermen #1 (OF 4) – The Battle for New Krypton! This is it! The storyline the SUPERMAN books have been building to since 2008 has arrived! Superman has never faced such a difficult challenge - how can he stop the two worlds he loves from destroying each other? General Zod has been waiting for another shot at Earth for years, and with 100,000 supermen on his side, it looks like it's his war to win! But on Earth, General Lane has an ace up his sleeve that will level the playing field quite nicely!

X-Men: Hellhound #1 OF (3) XSC – Fighting for the future of mutantkind, the X-Men are locked in battle with Bastion, staving off his forces even by sacrificing themselves. When Magik is gravely injured in battle, she instinctively flees to the sanctuary of Limbo…only to fall into the clutches of a longtime adversary hoping to wrest the powerful Soulsword—and control of Limbo—from her grasp. Now, a small team of X-Men venture in after her, but they are met only by unexpected peril: a horde of demons out for blood, Magik nowhere in sight, and a concealed evil walking amongst them.

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