Friday, May 14, 2010

Celebrate Avengers Day on Wednesday!! (5-19-20)

Adventure Comics #11
Age of Heroes #1 (OF 4)
Amazing Spider-Man Presents: American Son #1 (OF 4)

American Vampire #3
Anchor #8
Anita Blake: Damned Charmer #1 OF (5)
Annihilation Conquest Book 1 HC
Annihilation Conquest Book 2 HC
Annihilation Conquest Book 3 HC
Archie & Friends #143 – S/O #110
Atlas #1
Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #3 (OF 4)
Avengers #1Avengers #1 Djurdjevic Variant – S/O #19
Avengers #1 Heroic Age Variant
Avengers #1 I am an Avenger Blank Cvr Variant – S/O #3
Avengers #1 JrJr Limited Edition Print
Avengers Assemble 1 Party Exclusive Gatefold Cover
Avengers Assemble #1
Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes vol 1 HC
Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes vol 2 HC
AVP: Three World War #4 (OF 6)
Azrael #8
Batman: The Brave and the Bold #17
Batman: Streets of Gotham #12
Berona’s Hundred Year War Preview Book
Booster Gold #32 – Shortage Replacement
Brightest Day #2
Captain America: Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection – S/O #17
Captain Swing #1 (OF 4) MegaCon Edition
Cars vol 3 TP: Rally Race
Classic GI Joe TP vol 8 – S/O #3, #39
Creepy Comics #3
D&D Dungeon Magazine Annual
D&D HS1: The Slaying Stone TP
Dark Tower: Gunslinger #1 (OF 5)
DC Universe Legacies #1 (OF 10)
Deadpool #23
Deadpool #23 Giarrusso Variant – S/O #19
Deathlok #7 (OF 7)
Devil #4 (OF 4)
District X vol 2 TP: Underground
Dr. Who Special #25
Dr. Who Magazine #420
DV8: Gods and Monsters #2 (OF 8)
Enter the Heroic Age #1
Expendables #1 (OF 4)

Farscape #7
First Wave #2 (OF 6) – Shortage Replacement
Galacta: Daughter of Galactus #1
Garth Ennis’ Battlefields #6 (OF 9)
Ghostbusters License Plate Replica – S/O Haven
GI Joe #18
Girl Comics #2 (OF 3)
Haunt #7
Heroic Age Magazine
Incredibles #9
Invincible Iron Man #26 HA
Iron Man Legacy #2 – Shortage Replacement
James Patterson’s Witch & Wizard #1 Battle for Shadowland
Joe the Barbarian #5 (OF 8)
Kill Shakespeare #2
Knights of the Dinner Table #162
Legion of Superheroes #1
Marvel 1602 MGC #1
Marvel Knights 4 vol 1 TP: Wolf at the Door
Marvel Knights 4 vol 2 TP: Stuff of Nightmares
Marvelous Land of Oz #6 (OF 8)
Muppet Show #5 – Shortage Replacement
Muppet Snow White #1
Neil Gaiman: Dangerous Alphabet HC – 1 Copy S/O #151
Origins of Marvel Comics #1
Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide vol 39 – S/O #28
Punisher: River of Blood TP
Rescue #1
Sarah Palin: Rogue Warrior 1-Shot
Scalped #1 NEW PTG
Scott Pilgrim vol 1 GN: Precious Little Life
Soulfire vol 2 #5
Spider: Chaos Maker 1-Shot
Spider-Man Fever #2 (OF 3)
Spirit #2
Stargate: Vala Mal Doran #1
Submariner: Revolution TP
Superman/Batman #72
Superman: War of the Supermen #3 (OF 4)
Supernatural: Beginnings End #5 (OF 6)
Tank Girl: Royal Escape #3 (OF 4)
Tiny Titans #28
Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #5
Ultimate Comics: Avengers 2 #2
Uncanny X-Men: New Age vol 2 TP: Cruelest Cut
Walking Dead #72
Wall-E #6
Wolverine TP: Logan
X-Factor #205 XSC
X-Men Forever #24
X-Men Legacy #236 XSC
X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #4 (OF 4)
Zatanna #1

Age of Heroes #1 (OF 4) – Eisner-winner & fan-favorite KURT BUSIEK RETURNS TO MARVEL! THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! The Heroes are restored to their rightful place in this new era, and the world is safer for them. They defeated Osborn & his Siege on Asgard, now they have one last foe to face: the Mayor of New York -- J. Jonah Jameson! Also, MI13 come to the US, but one of them isn't leaving--they are defecting to the AVENGERS?! Plus Dr. Voodoo's Sorcerer Supreme duties infringe on 'date night' and how much trouble can Spider-Man get into in one day? The answer: A LOT!

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: American Son #1 (OF 4) – IN THE AFTERMATH OF SIEGE, AN OSBORN FALLS. Where does Norman Osborn's fall leave his son, Harry? In the wake of the Siege of Asgard and the dawn of a new Age of Heroes, the world finally knows what his father is - but what is Harry himself? And who has taken on the American Son armor? And what does GABRIEL STACEY have to do with it?!

Atlas #1 – THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! It's the Agents you love, in an ALL-NEW ONGOING SERIES! Someone has come to ATLAS looking for answers to some very strange questions, and on his trail is a danger of a new level. Marvel's Rat Pack are back to solve the mystery behind THE 3-D MAN. The star team of Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman return to take Jimmy Woo's agents to the weirdest and most fantastic heights yet!

Avengers #1 – THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! There came a day! A day unlike any other...where two of Marvel's top creators teamed up for the very first time to create a bombastic new monthly Marvel comic that not only ushers in the Heroic Age of Marvel Comics but unleashes onto the world the most blockbuster Avengers team ever! Who will answer the call? And will they assemble just in time...because Kang the Conqueror is here from the future. And wait till you find out why! Bonus back up feature: the oral history of the Avengers, part one. A brand new illustrated look at the Avengers in a way you have never seen before by series writer Brian Michael Bendis.

Avengers Assemble #1 – The Official Handbook continues to soar during 2010's Heroic Age with an update for all things Avengers, featuring Captain America (Rogers) and Thor! In-depth profiles on the good: Bengal, Black Knight (Percy), Komodo, Whiz Kid and Prodigy! The bad: Proctor, Super-Adaptoid, the Dark Avengers & the Ragnarok clone! And everyone in between: Arkon, Trauma, Bova, Young Masters, and the Phone Ranger?! Featuring ORIGINAL ART for dozens of characters! Avengers Assemble!

Berona’s Hundred Year War Preview Book – Cute and cuddly on the outside, but malevolent to the core, the Ele-Alta and Cropones will continue to battle even at the risk of extinction! After two races claim the same piece of land, words turn to rage, rage turns to battle and a battle turns to war. The island of Berona will claim countless lives and lay witness to the horrors that greed has to offer.

DC Universe Legacies #1 (OF 10) – It starts here! DC Comics proudly presents a ten-part history of the DC Universe spanning five generations of heroes from the dawn of the Mystery Men to present day. In this first exciting issue, the Second World War rages on, giving birth to a new breed of hero. Caped and masked urban myths become legends as they emerge from the shadows to earn their place in history. Meanwhile, explore the bizarre new heroes Dr. Fate and The Spectre and learn whether their powers are real├ľor imagined. Join renowned writer Len Wein (SWAMP THING, Incredible Hulk), legendary artist Joe Kubert (SGT. ROCK), his son, the fan-favorite Andy Kubert (BATMAN, X-Men) and J.G. Jones (FINAL CRISIS, 52) as they unearth the DCU's epic history in this event you won't want to miss!

Enter the Heroic Age #1 – THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! The Marvel Universe Starts Here! Five killer creative teams present the dawning of five all-HEROIC ongoing series. Who will answer the call to rise up and defend the world? The answers are in these pages exclusively! You can't miss this first look at these new series that'll have everyone buzzing.

Expendables #1 (OF 4) – After years of corruption, murder of American hostages, and betrayal of foreign policies, the US - with the help of other Nations who secretly put together a squad of their most highly trained military personal - will finally attempt to overthrow the dictator who has caused devastation in South America for over 20 years. This is the story before the story - Featuring the skillful scripting of Chuck Dixon, the masterful art of Esteve Pols and an incredible painted cover by Lucio Parillo, Dynamite's all-original Expendables comic features a story you won't see on the big screen, serving as a prequel to the hottest action film of 2010!

James Patterson’s Witch & Wizard #1 Battle for Shadowland – In a blink of an eye, their world has changed, with the oppressive New Order declaring all magic as evil incarnate! In this action-packed first issue spinning out of best-selling author James Pattersons's #1 novel, sibling teenagers Whit & Wisty Allgood use their newly discovered magical powers to infiltrate into enemy territory of the New Order to gain control of the inter-dimensional Shadowland. Witch & Wizard is a brand-new series taking best-selling author James Pattersons' hit characters from the Witch & Wizard novel on all-new exciting adventures in this four-color comic book series.

Legion of Superheroes #1 – Fan-favorite LEGION writer Paul Levitz returns to the 31st century super team he made supreme with an all-new intergalactic era! This exciting series picks up on threads from Geoff Johns's 'Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes' storyline and creates its own all-new ones, including a Green Lantern Corps tie-in and the destruction of a major planet! Rocket on board here as Levitz and rising star artist Yildiray Cinar (TEEN TITANS) revitalize one of DC's most beloved franchises starting with an oversized first issue with a variant cover by superstar artist Jim Lee!

Origins of Marvel Comics #1 – THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! An all-star lineup of creators brings you the origins of Marvel's greatest heroes! Short, accessible origin stories, all drawn by a roster of the hottest artists, including John Romita Jr., Leinil Francis Yu, Alan Davis and MORE! From the Avengers to the X-Men! From Iron Man, Thor, the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man to Hulk, Deadpool, Black Widow and the Punisher! They're all here!

Rescue #1 – Spinning out of the Eisner-winning INVINCIBLE IRON MAN! When Tony Stark needed to save Pepper Potts' life, he gave her the Iron Man treatment -- with a repulsor chest implant and a suit of armor to call her own! Pepper went on to become Rescue, one of the heroes of the fan-favorite, critically acclaimed arc WORLD'S MOST WANTED! Now see one of Rescue's incredible solo adventures, as Pepper Potts lets loose with her bleeding-edge suit and her astonishing power!

Zatanna #1 – At last - the Mistress of Magic in her own ongoing series! Zatanna Zatara has long made her home in San Francisco, but right under her nose a sinister threat has developed - a crime boss who dominates the criminal underworld with the dark powers of the magical underworld! The terrifying Brother Night is making his play for San Fran, and the police force - including hunky detective Dale Colton - turn to Zee for help. But Brother Night is a whole new kind of criminal and if Zatanna thinks she can backwards-talk him down, then she's in over her top-hatted head! Superstar writer Paul Dini (BATMAN: MAD LOVE) is paired with the gorgeous art of Stephane Roux (BIRDS OF PREY), making his anticipated DC debut on interior art! There's only one thing to say - T'NOD SSIM TI!

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