Monday, June 07, 2010

Penny Arcade Descends on Dark Sun!

With the second season of Dungeons and Dragons Encounters approaching, I'm sure that the hordes of D&D players that overwhelm Haven every Tuesday and Wednesday are eager to get their first taste of the second season's setting. The scorched, dead lands of the Dark Sun world are a far cry from the typical elven woodlands and dimly-lit dungeons of most typical settings, and the harsh qualities of the original Dark Sun setting (previously for AD&D 2nd edition, according to wikipedia) are a thing of legend.

What better way to approach the challenges of this brutal landscape than to get a sneak peak at what you'll be going up against? That's where the Penny Arcade/D&D podcasts come in.

Showcasing the DM'ing talents of Jerry Holkins (aka Tycho Brahe), players Mike Krahulik (aka Gabe), Scott Kurtz (creator of PVP) and Kris Straub ( of Starslip fame) throw themselves against the brutal world of Dark Sun with great success. Success being a relative term when a good day includes only one elven raid on your caravan.

The podcasts are hysterical at moments, and if anything else they'll provide you with a good preview of what's to come with the second season of Dungeon and Dragons Encounters. Experienced players can enjoy the comedy and inside jokes, and new players will find the podcasts to be an accessible introduction to the world of Dark Sun.

So go give it a listen! And if you want to know more good, geeky podcasts, check out this one site I know:


Kurai said...

Will you guys be participating in free rpg day this year?

viddyviddy said...

Yes, Haven is going to be taking part in Free RPG day! We'll make sure to post some more info next week!

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